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Saildrive Oceanvolt SD6 electric motor with folding propeller

Sail drive with a folding two-blade propeller

Rated power: 6 kW

RPM: 2200

Weight: 46,5 kg

Operating voltage: 48 V

Battery: a Valence set of four lithium-ion batteries, total capacity up to 5.6 kW/hours

Total weight of battery: 63.2 kg

Battery full charge time with a 1 kW charger - 5 hours

Cruising range on fully charged battery with boat speed of 4.5 knots:

- on flat water - 21 NM

- on the waves - 16 NM

- maximum speed on flat water – up to 8 knots

The system allows for using the motion under sails to charge the batteries from propeller rotation

Solar panels can be installed as an option

oceanvolt throttle-lever
oceanvolt display 1
minimal maintance
folding props