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Leonid Fakeyev

Leonid2Leonid Fakeyev, L30 One Design LLC., Partner
How I’ve got involved in sailing and why I’ve become a partner of L30
Starting from naval and card modelling, trough canoeing and windserfing, years of sea-related hobbies culminated in sailing in 2007, when the first sailing yacht was bought and enjoyed. Charters in Greece, sailing school in Kiev, RYA career from Day Skipper to Yachtmaster Offshore in Portugal, crossing Biscay and Adriatic, extended Baltic cruises and storming our way from the Azores to the continent - all followed in happy succession.
Racing single-handed in local Cups has inspired a quest for speed and competitiveness, which summoned in going for Kiev Racing Yacht Club (KRYC) events. It's there I've met a Silver Olympic Medalist and sailing legend Rodion Luka who's passion for sailing simply overwhelms. Several seasons in KRYC revealed great success of amateur racing idea, both between those involved and those who has invested in it. Despite several teams owning racing yachts, buying one was not an option for me, as Platu25 was purely a racing boat, with all that limitations making it useless for having time on the water with family and friends. Hence when Rodion introduced me to the concept of L30, which pulls KRYC success to the highest technical level with an increased comfort and versatility, there was little hesitation to dedicate my skills, finances and passion to such an outstanding international project.
25 years in finances taught me ways to introduce, elaborate and implement various options of how to make work this great idea of breathtaking racing experience for people of very different background. Together we are building the future of a new international sailing class, enhanced with an affordable luxury of one-design club fleets in the most impressive parts of the Mighty Ocean.