When it comes to making festive plans with the family, you should leave your options open. Someone could come along and make you a more exciting offer and you will wish you hadn't made previous commitments.

Unexpected circumstances force you to take a long hard look at your life path. There are some things you must decide for yourself and you will need some time alone to consider your future.

You have more options than you realise. A friend's behaviour leaves you feeling as if they have let you down. You trusted this person to carry out their promises and now you know they aren't as reliable as you had thought.

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It is important that you continue to look on the bright side. There may be a need to dip into your savings to pay a few unexpected debts relating to the home. Unfortunately, a friend who owes you money is refusing to pay up. Falling behind on your work could have unpleasant consequences so do your best to stay on top of things.

This may mean getting up an hour earlier each morning or putting in extra time over the weekend. You're searching in the wrong places if you are looking outside yourself for happiness.

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True joy comes from enjoying the blessings that currently grace your life and many of these are within your home and family. Helping out a relative with their home or garden keeps you grounded. This is a good time to catch up on laundry, go grocery shopping and do household chores. People appreciate your sensible advice. They know you offer guidance from a practical standpoint.

Are you looking for love? Steer clear of aloof characters who might take a long time to get to know. You will be far better off with someone who can express their emotions.

If you have a touchy topic to discuss, approach the subject over coffee in a relaxed setting. You can understand how it feels to be in someone else's shoes and you may have to use this ability to the full to bring harmony and accord into a working relationship or close friendship.

A turnaround in your finances along with some exciting developments at home will give you a new sense of achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back. Any problems you have this week will be linked with people who have too much to do and too little time for you.

Friends are unable to fulfil promises they made you, and although they have some good excuses, you still feel disappointed. Eventually you will just get on with most things yourself.

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Some aspects of your life are changing but as one door closes, another will open. Benefits are coming your way in the future so be on the lookout for new opportunities. Involvement in projects with a festive flavour will keep your spirits merry and bright.

Your positive outlook makes you a popular figure and people know they can achieve anything when you are around. You have a natural ability to bring out the best in every member of your team.

Special news received towards the end of the week will have something to do with your partner, a child or a family member. Arranging a family celebration will take up a lot of your time and energy. You are thinking about trying to track down a friend you lost touch with many years ago.

You're not a materialistic person but this gives you greater emotional security. You're determined to get ahead but there's a hint of potential problems you don't feel prepared for.

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Be respectful of other people's feelings as you aren't the only one who has been taken by surprise. Even so you know there is no turning back as you have reached the point of no return. Issues and hassles that have been occupying you lately will come to an end very soon. As a result you will feel less tense and anxious.

Take time off in the weekend, for some much needed relaxation. Your partner or someone who is equally as special is in for a small financial surprise.

They will expect you to help them celebrate and this should put some much needed fun back into your life. It's a great time to attend parties, workshops and conferences.

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If you are single, you could meet someone special at a gathering and suddenly you will be making plans for the future that will include this person. Even though they have just stepped into your life. You've been wavering over a decision you need make.

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A friend might accuse you of being indecisive. Let them see you can make a definite choice. Contrary to your expectations, they will be delighted to see a flash of spirit and grit and you will be relieved to have their approval. Resist the temptation to take your work home with you.

Strike a better balance between your personal and professional lives as you need to devote more time with the people you love most doing what you love most. You wonder whether some of your dreams are prophetic or are they just wishful thinking? You would love to know what the future holds and whether your hopes and dreams will come true.

Be patient and don't wish your life away. If something is meant to be, it will happen when the time is right. Financial and business transactions will need some careful thought. Don't drop your guard as this is not a good time to take risks with money. Keep your hard earned cash in the bank.

An important decision will need every ounce of common sense and careful thought. Once you've made your mind up you will know you've made the right choice. So don't take it too much to heart if someone dislikes what you are doing. Instead of letting negative comments put you off, continue without their support.

You will welcome the chance to earn more money. This may mean postponing social plans already made but this will be an opportunity you can't afford to pass up and won't want to turn down. A workmate will resent your secretive attitude but you won't tell them all your plans. If you're going to get ahead, you will need to be discreet.

It might be easier to stay in the background and this will give you a better perspective on what is going on and what your next move should be. Someone is starting to look at you through romantic eyes but you don't share their feelings. One or both of you will get hurt if you continue in a relationship that is one sided.

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Let them down gently. There's a strong spirit of togetherness in your closest relationships.