Saturn in Pisces zodiac | Shani in Meena rasi

He is a well mannered person who has endless good quality. He has huge wealth but he suffers in later stage from misfortune. He may expenses more than his earnings. His profession may belong to foreign matters or having outcasts profession. But he may suffering from humiliation in his professional life.

He may be suffering from disease.

Saturn in Pisces

His body may has more temperature in comparison of general. He may be lazy. He may be suffering from sleeping problems such as less sleeping or dreaming or head pain. He may be suffering from eye sight. He may be spiritual. He may doing charitable acts. He has to expense on government. He has good social behavior and very practical.

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He has friendship with foreigner. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Saturn In Aquarius Sign. His element is the wind vayu.

Annual horoscopes

He is lord of the 36th year in horoscopy though in hoary astrology his affect is perceived after one year. He rules over the 10th and 11th signs of the zodiac, known as Makara Capricorn and Kumbha Aquarius.

In any horoscope, Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra in the 1st house gives good characteristics, health, wealth and leadership. Venus is the bosom friend of Saturn and hence he becomes very powerful in Venusian horoscopes, i. Just as Jupiter is famous for excellence, fame, honor good effects, so is Saturn planet of terror, notorious for all evil effects, defamation and scandal.

Saturn in Sagittarius in Astrology (All about Sagittarius Saturn zodiac sign)

Just as Saturn and the Sun are diametrically opposed to each other, Saturn also does not agree with the Moon. That is why Saturn is allotted Capricorn and Aquarius, the signs just opposite those of the two luminaries. Capricorn and Aquarius have different traits. When the Ascendant lord, Mercury ruling discrimination and the Moon governing reactions are placed in these signs, they take on their traits.

Magnificent Saturn

He is stoical to the miseries of life. Being an earthy sign, his main concern is success. Aquarius is perhaps the most philosophical sign. It makes the native a deep thinker, reserved, sympathetic and also generous. Being an airy sign, his main interest in the upliftment of mankind. The native is prepared to make the most of any kind of sacrifice.

But benefic or adverse influences falling on these signs heighten or suppress their traits; consequently each chart must be considered individually. Since no planet works in isolation, it is essential to examine both natural and temporal types of relationships that our planet, Saturn, is likely to form through.

Saturn In Pisces Sign

The position, ownership and aspect he receives from other planets must be studied very carefully. Saturn aspects the 7th house from itself like others, but has a special aspect on the 3rd and 10th houses from itself too.

To be strong, Saturn should occupy a kendra or trikona an angle or trine house , his own sign, or Libra his sign of exaltation. He should not be combust in close proximity to the Sun. Natural benefics positive associations should aspect him together in the same sign , and he should be in the middle part of the sign he occupies.

A powerful Saturn in any horoscope stands for wealth, fame longevity and leadership qualities. Powerful Saturn in his period gives the native great courage to do hard and difficult jobs and gives him energy and fortitude to meet the arduous struggles of life.

He is well known among donors, is a man of principle, a labor leader who may earn much in business. His business commodities are those of interest to the general masses or labor class. If he receives any benefic aspect, especially of strong Jupiter, Saturn will act quite on the positive side.

For example, if he is positioned in a sign of Jupiter Sagittarius or Pisces and is well aspected by Jupiter, the native becomes a ruler or will hold some important office. He may become a significant political leader or achieve or status in some form. Saturn is privileged to be a yoga karaka a planet having special power to raise one in life for Libra and Taurus ascendants by owning a kendra and a trikona.

This honor is denied even to Jupiter, the preceptor of the gods. Strong and unafflicted Saturn in such a capacity is expected to confer financial propensity, fame, political success, honor, and joys in a greater measure.

Saturn in the signs - Pisces |Bright Star Astrology

The only problem is that when a yoga karaka is weak or afflicted, the native suffers in equally great measure in respect of the bhavas house positions. If Saturn and other malefics are located in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and he 11th houses in a horoscope, he occasions a Raja Yoga a planetary combination which brings power, position, and authority , and brings royal honors and power to the person.

In the case of ordinary individuals, a positive Saturn will cause him to command some kind of influence and respect in society. Frequently the person will work in departments that deal closely with the public. In some horoscopes it is seen that the native experiences both kinds of result. For instance, Saturn in the 2nd or the 7th house is good for popularity and fame, but at the same time may cause a lack of family comfort, domestic disharmony and financial strain.

Weak and badly placed Saturn gives fear of imprisonment, lack of courage, lethargy, heavy losses in business, missed opportunities by lack of vigilance, scandal, notoriety, and debauchery resulting in a bad name. The transit of Saturn over planets, particularly the planets whose cycles are presently running, delays the results likely to be exhibited by them, sometimes nearly beyond toleration.

The transit of malefics the Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu over natal Saturn is decidedly a time of great suffering, if it is his sub cycle.

It would be erroneous to judge transits without reference to the dasa planetary cycle and bhukti sub cycle in operation. Saturn is the chief planet in producing diseases, being cold and contracting. He is also the karaka of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses, which are connected with short or long ailments and hospitalization.

He is opposed to the Sun, the planet of vitality whose blessings it is difficult to have a sound mind and body. We cannot ignore its influence in a serious orlingering disease. The parts of the human body governed by Saturn are the left ear, joints, spleen, spinal column, teeth, knees, the lower portion of the legs, ribs, bones, hair, nails and pneuma, and the gastric nerve.

He also rules the waste materials, urine, stool and phlegm. When Saturn is weak and afflicted by the Sun, Mars, Rahu or Ketu, the native is likely to suffer through some of these parts. Likely illnesses include rheumatism, nervous disorders, epilepsy, tumor, cancer, paralysis, accidents, ear trouble and constipation. People under the influence of malefic Saturn frequently have bad teeth and they may lose them early.

Generally, ailments take a long time to heal, as Saturn always delays results. Because Saturn is the planet of democracy, all elected leaders draw strength from the position of Saturn in their chart. He is closely connected with the masses, the common man and the democratic process.

Democracy is a fundamental attitude, a scale of values, a definite conception of man and his place in society. Though the institutions and forms of democracy differ widely, the are certain pivotal values that determine the democracy differ widely, there are certain pivotal values which determine the democratic way of life. The method of democracy is one of discussion, of open minded critical inquiry, and finally and frequently of compromise.

It is by and large the most humane form of government devised by civilization.

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Since it basically implies that the government is a moral trust dependent upon the free consent of the governed, the liberty, dignity and happiness of the individual form its cornerstone.

All these broadly come under Saturn who denotes the masses, liberty, fair play and humaneness. Saturn ruling the populace assumes importance in the chart of democracies and their leaders. At one time when power passed on from father to son as in monarchies, Jupiter, the putra karaka indicator for children , featured significantly in the charts of kings and princes.

Jupiter was intimately linked to the 10th house. Thus we find Jupiter, even if reluctantly, making way for Saturn.

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Just as Jupiter supports the traditional values of monarchy, the Sun itself represents the king. It may help one stand out in the political field. Saturn should be given due attention in judging the range of political influences, as he plays a greater role than the Sun in this field.

So we see at this moment in world history, the role of Saturn is enhanced owing to the nature and issues presented to man at this stage of the evolutionary process. If we examine the chart of any elected leader, we will find Saturn occupying a prominent position.