Interestingly, your spiritual life may be about to become enriched, as the eclipses this year shift your attention to your innermost realms of healing and closure.

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You could find you finally break a bad habit, or learn when enough is enough. That healthy balance and sense of routine will be easier to work with as you know your limits — particularly around those you work with or the way you go about your day to day activities. Growth planet Jupiter is bringing a boost to your zone of creativity — what will you make in , Leo?

Perhaps a baby is on the cards, or perhaps your sense of childlike playfulness is awakened through dating, hobbies, or special personal interests.

A Fresh Forecast Taking You From November 2018 to December 2019!

See important dates during Jupiter in Sagittarius, here. Work, health, wellness and your usual routine and rituals are getting a once over from structured Saturn.

Powerful Mars will help you get where you want to go - and fast. As Mars starts the year in energetic, ambitious Aries, you're able to cross some things off your to-do list right away in January.

The competitive vibe of Mars in Aries gives you a positive sense of accomplishment from the start. The cosmic year isn't complete without mentioning the three pesky Mercury retrograde periods, so look out for them in March, July, and November.

Leo 2019 Horoscope Month by Month

All three cycles are immersed in emotional water signs, so struggling with feelings will be the norm. The key to getting through a Mercury retrograde this year is to follow your intuition.

If it feels right, it probably is right. Small but significant Pluto is also visiting hardworking Capricorn this year. It goes retrograde between late April and early October, then ends the year direct.

Rebuilding from the ground up is the focus of this transit, giving you the belief that if you want it badly and try hard enough, anything is possible.

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Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are driven by excitement, and there's no shortage of that this year. With expansive Jupiter in outgoing Sagittarius until early December, you enjoy a mix of fun and adventure. Travel and learn from other cultures as much as possible.

Leo January 2019 Horoscope - Gregory Scott Astrology

This year the eclipses finally give you a breather from rebooting your arse, but there are still changes afoot now that Uranus is embarking on spending seven good years in an angular house.

You will be feeling rather itchy if your work thus far keeps you constrained with a limited scope and surrounded by glazed eyed robots.

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  7. Not only that but Saturn is getting serious, in your 6th house. Uranus enters your 10th house on Mar 6.

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    Prepare to put some wellie into as Saturn cracks the whip in your house of daily grind and routines. This period can be hard to manage in terms of energy consumption. You need to be sowing seeds for your future, but at the same time, you cannot afford to suffer from burn-out.

    Any other distracting or draining dark cupid style relationships must be put aside since doing both will give you extra stress and could make you ill. Remember this is also your health zone too, so Saturn will test your immune system and strength of constitution.

    Leo Horoscope 2019 Keywords

    As you go through this period, you might find you come down with more colds and flu than usual. If this happens, do not try to work over it and make sure you get the rest that Doctor Saturn prescribes. This is because you have Jupiter blossoming beautifully in the house of pleasure and creativity from the beginning of