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For all these reasons you are usually the one leading the pack, but when you start doubting yourself it can be hard to recover. You must remember that everything you feel — the good, the bad and the ugly — is what makes you so strong.

Do not let anyone make you feel otherwise.

A perfectly put together mess. Sagittarius, you are generous and charismatic with an immense love of freedom. So much so nothing and no one can hold you down. Your strength lies in the light you shine on this world.

Capricorn, you are a master of self-control. In other words, you usually have your shit together. When things get tough it can be a shock to your usually-confident-and-organized demeanor. You love fighting for causes you believe in, are highly independent , free spirited and love to use that intellectual mind of yours.

While the future is usually so clear for your visionary mind, it suddenly feels bleak. Your selfless nature makes you a valuable ally and friend. But sometimes your intuition and empathy for others can take a toll.

17 Aries Quotes That Only Aries Signs Will Understand

So much so it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. No one can show such tough, forceful behavior. Yet, few others are capable of such sentimentality, wistful innocence and belief in miracles.

While Ariens are independent and love their freedom, they do not enjoy being alone. Aries individuals need to be first, but they will want you to be a passenger on their adventure ride.

Rams must be allowed to express themselves through their own Mars patterns, which must contain certain amount of violent ups and downs, in order to eventually learn that impulsive, rash behavior usually brings regret. Aries represents the East, the Day Forces - which is why most of them fight sleep, tranquility, rest and resignation to Fate with such vigor.

You may find an occasional Arien who is shy, but you'll never find one who's uncertain where he stands. Although Aries is the firebrand, who forges his way through life with daring, initiative and enterprise, there's a strange quirk to his bravery.

An Aries must be put first. You will do good to remember this. What an Aries wants, an Aries gets.

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  • 38 Quotes and Sayings About Aries You'll Totally Relate To.

Aries needs a quest that will challenge their courage and help them to create a more ideal world. For Aries God is within, waiting only to be called. Aries enjoys doing favors; the larger the charitable gesture the better. Aries are often a step ahead of us.

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A life that is too predictable makes them antsy. Likewise, the Aries "Infant" soul has a natural trust and a touching faith in the unseen force of goodness which will miraculously grant all its wishes.

Quotes about Aries in Love. In the heart of an Aries you'll find the soul of a Knight of the Round Table: To the Aries soul, Love is a necessity of life, which is taken for granted; for in it's infancy of awareness, Love is synonymous with existence itself.

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Aries demands Love, for like the infant, without Love, Aries dies. Aries possess childlike faith that a quarrel can somehow be made up, a relationship can be repaired each time it's broken. Aries isn't always adept at expressing his feelings, but don't let that fool you.

Quotes about Aries Woman. Aries woman has a deep, hidden desire to be protected and defended by her man. Aries females invariably get all soft and squishy inside at the mere thought of True Love, their idealism in affairs of the heart being eternal as Spring itself.

The Aries female will open her own doors. Their spontaneous tendencies frequently cause them to be daring and brave, setting them up to be police officers, doctor, and other everyday heroes. An Aries can also make a remarkable entrepreneur, soldier, or a politician.

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Time to take a bow with this Aries quote all you lucky people! The natural stars they are, they dazzle everyone around them with their charisma and easy appeal. They shred you of your defenses and leave you exposed in your aching need for them.

Aries usually are the trendsetters and trend spotters, the ones who get the party started and the crowd pumped up. One can count on them to initiate a winning idea or plan. Yes, that Aries quote is absolutely true. Arians believe in positivity and hence know how to have a good laugh.

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An Arian has a very silly and physical approach to humor. They are extremely witty and are some of the funniest people in the Zodiac family. Aries tend to have a lot of energy which they apply to everything from tackling supersized projects to being crazy adventurous. Aries people are eternally young at heart. On one hand, this means they have seemingly endless energy reserves and are always up for anything.

Befriend an Arian, says this Aries quote! Having an Aries best friend means that you are going to have an exciting time with them as they are very playful and adventurous.

The most monotonous and boring day will turn into something amazing with them. They are highly attentive; nothing can ever get past an Aries, so do not mislead or betray them. Befriending an Arian means that you are in store for a lot of sarcastic, witty humor and though they may joke around a lot, an Arian will always respect and understand you.

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They enjoy if people take notice of what they need. Aries absolutely hate a routine and dull life and will do whatever it takes to transform it into something adventurous. They will often switch jobs to stay away from living a repetitive life. This Aries quote describes how their energy can be stubborn and headstrong.

It causes them to dig in their heels, stand their ground and refuse to be pushed around. They will fight against the same obstacle until they break it down— often with the sheer force of their will.

The confident Aries energy prepares them to believe in themselves and champion others. The essence of Aries energy shows up as cheering, inevitable, bold, loyal, heroic and caring.

This zodiac sign plays to win. It is the Aries people who throw themselves enthusiastically into both their work and passion projects. They take pleasure in not only being the first ones to try something but in being the ones who did it the finest way, too.

More often than not, this sign of Aries is dealing with an internal sense of competition. An Aries is not afraid of taking bold risks. If you are an Arian yourself, you will absolutely understand the above Aries quotes and sayings.

Aries is the first of the zodiac; the sign of the self. Those born under this sign powerfully project their personalities onto others and can be extremely self-oriented. These individuals tend to go out in the world and leave a lasting impression on others who perceive them as tremendously exciting, lively, and talkative.

Similar to young children, an Arian often tends to be impulsive, blunt and open, but also self-centered and stubborn. Just like a child, they move towards the world with a hopeful innocence.

Identified as natural adventurers, Aries will, at all times feel a strong desire to explore. They are also very fond of being the center of attraction wherever they go and shine brightly in social gatherings.

Aries are likely to resist analysis or attempts to explain them. They represent ego and free will in its purest form! They are inclined to live exploratory lives and are natural, confident leaders.