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Read your Rising Sign if you know it, for even more accurate guidance. Your Image and Self Zone. In some ways, this is just one Giant Opportunity coming your way.

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More of that in a moment. For one thing, Mercury going backwards in your sign is like having someone play your thoughts and your speech backwards. Do you know what I mean?

Scorpio December 16th - 31st 2018

The good news about this cycle is that you get a chance to rethink, revisit, review. Expect the info you need to make a decision to come to you — consciously create it.

Venus will be moving forwards as She moves into the sign of Scorpio. Venus is the Goddess of the skies. Venus is the feminine principle, in a different way than the Moon is all about the feminine. Kali is Shakti in radiant warrior form. On a more earthly level, Venus in Scorpio is a time when love can get down and dirty, in an underhand or a sexy way.

Sort of depends on who you love, right? Venus is now moving through your first house of self and image. This is a wonderful Venus cycle for you — Venus is the planet of love, luxury, beauty and all things gorgeous. Singles can expect to have more admirers than usual. Those in problematic relationships are not promised an Instant Cure but a you should find more time to work on your relationship and b you should find it easier to negotiate your way to at least some kind of agreement.

Appearance-wise, this is The Moment Of The Year to invest in a haircut, some new clothes, whatever it takes, to make you feel more worship-worthy. Venus, planet of love and beauty, passes through your sign but once a year — make the most of her visit.

You are currently, officially, The Sign Most Gorgeous. Earlier this year, Venus went backwards — reversing as she does about once every 18 months. There have been so many big planetary changes affecting us all one way or another recently. Last month alone we had the move of lucky Jupiter into Sagittarius which is hopefully going to help deliver us all a happy silly season and into next year.

The next big planetary move of December is the Sun into the sign of Capricorn. You can think of the Sun as a sort of spotlight and whenever it changes signs, as it does once a month, it shines a spotlight on a different part of your chart. For example, it could be on your Love Zone or your Career Zone.

Expect to be extra busy over the next four weeks as the Sun goes through your solar 3rd house. You can also expect the phone to be ringing off the hook and for your email inbox to be calling for your attention — how well you communicate is going to be an issue now.

Do you need to brush up your skills? The Sun in Capricorn of course goes with the end of the year and covers Christmas Day.

If Jesus really was born on December 25, he was a Capricorn not a Pisces, as people often assume, since Pisces is the super-spiritual sign and the mystical last sign of the zodiac. The lead up to Christmas is bound to be a bit weird. There is a strange Mercury square to Neptune which could mean some confusion around —- everything!

We will be in the waning cycle of the Moon, which is more of a yin time. In the northern hemisphere, it will be time to hunker down during the dark months, in the southern hemisphere, time to unfurl from the year. Boxing Day parties should be fun! The New Moon this month takes place in the middle of Sagittarius and on December 7. If you want changes in any of these parts of your life, this New Moon is the ideal time to start to make the changes you want to.

Remember that money is energy and it responds quite quickly to our thoughts of abundance or lack. Click here for the times around the world. We are all learning lessons all the time. So use this mighty end of year Full Moon and forgive yourself and anyone you can, in all directions of time, as I sometimes say.

Read it to yourself or out loud, alone or with friends around the time of the Full Moon when your emotions will be really close to the surface. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. Are you ready to allow yourself to transform? We must remember for change to occur we need to release old patterns and habits along with any old attachments.

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Particularly with all these retrograde about, telling and showing us the old beliefs that needs transforming. This Full Moon is going to urge us to do something, to create something wonderful, something physical or birth something new in any of the areas I just mentioned.

Uranus the planet of eccentricity is sitting on top of Taurus stirring the pot for unexpected, radical excitement and unexpected change.

This along with Venus retrograde will help illuminate you with all those twisted desires and energies that will results in physical manifestations and actions that in no means would you normally act on. This Full Moon being in the sign of Taurus, will feel comfortable and safe. The Moon likes sitting in this sign, as we know the Moon represents our feelings and inner world.

Taurus is about solidity and sensuality in aspects not only physical but in our taste, our touch, or views, using all the senses. Taurus is about if you can sense it and touch it, than it is real. The Moon in Taurus wants us to take a change, get rid of the feelings of old, the feelings that weigh you down and blur your vision of the beauty that is around you.

Take all that stagnant, emotional energy and stomp it on the ground. Awaken your senses be alive! This transformational Full Moon combined with the Sun in Scorpio is really guiding us to in touch with our own complexity and how we respond in any relationship.

On the 10th May , we will experience a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. The Full Moon as we Know happens once a month. The Moon is at a completion point and reflects the light and showers its energy on us. The Full Moon always has an effect on us no matter who you are. The Sun in Taurus will be at 20 degrees. Taurus is a very practical, earthy grounded sign.

In numerology 20 breaks down to 2 and the number 2 is all about relationships and love! The Sun is experiencing this energetically along with all the other Taurus energy which also happens to be about love,relationships, practicality, finances and appearances. So this Taurus energy is also being thrown onto the Moon. The Moon is sitting in the sign of Scorpio, which is also sitting at 20 degrees.

The Moon will shower down on us Scorpio energy. Scorpio is a water sign, its intuitive, creative and emotionally intelligent. Scorpio is not afraid of exploring the dark side, its ruled by Pluto who is about transformation. Scorpio loves going were no other star sign dares to go. It holds extremely powerful and potent energy.

We will be facing and confronting some fears during this Full Moon.

What you need

Scorpio energy is all about transformation and reaching higher levels of consciousness. So we must awaken, open up our eyes and soul. As I have mentioned this Full Moon is at 20 degrees and, the number 2 is all about relationships, and deepening and strengthening the connection, for all my single friends out there this is a good time to date and meet new people, use the full moon energy and meet new people, have a drink with the stranger at the bar, Scorpio energy is very intelligent so you will pick up who and who not to give your time to.

Scorpio energy is very much sexual, so for instance you and your partner who once were intimate very regular when you met and have now things have decreased, and well you may not of had the courage to bring this up and talk about it. Use the Scorpio energy to help bring any and all issue to surface.

You will become open-minded and listen. So make the time, make an effort, wine and dine each other and bring out your inner god or goddess.

This Full Moon in Scorpio you will be feeling an intense emotional energy, you may feel you understand people for the better , life may click, emotionally reasoning will just make sense a lot of Ah Ha moments. Scorpio is very intense emotionally , it very deep and connected.

This Full Moon is going to represent a turning point in the year for most of us and an opportunity to really embrace and accept any recent changes yes changes as much as we dig our heals in if its unwanted. See the failures or mishaps as a blessing, accept that there is a bigger plan and just breath and go with the flow.

It going to bring about a powerful transformative shift that will really allow you to move forward. Fun fact, many ancient cultures and astrologers have always believed that the Scorpio Full Moon is one of the most powerful for reaching out to guardian spirits and ancient ancestors.

Meditate under the light of the Moon, re charge your crystals, and with so much magic energy circling around what no better time to create your own Moon ritual and manifest your dreams. Today the Lunar Cycle reaches its pinnacle point.

Today we have a Full Moon in the powerful sign of Scorpio.

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The watery sign of Scorpio holds extremely powerful and potent energy. Its sassy, sensual, deep and very intuitive.

This Full Moon will help uncover many mysteries and truths about us and others. I have written a post all about this full Moon in Scorpio for more in-depth look at what to expect. All this energy is transformational and healing in a wonderful, positive and beautiful way, especially when it comes to love and romance.

Today you will find you have the courage to be brave , you will dream bigger, you will take action, and its all about making your dreams come true along with finding opportunists to make your dreams happen. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open! What seeds of intention and manifestations did you plant at the New Moon in Taurus two weeks ago?

How has that process developed? What obstacles have you faced? What intensity and resistance has developed? The Sun in Taurus opposes the Moon in Scorpio. Finding balance and comprising will be the key for the day, as neglecting either will surely backfire on you.

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Remember Full Moons make the energy around very intense and affects people different in all sorts of ways. Today and over the next few days be kind to yourself and others, be understanding, have patience and retrieve if needed.

Have you tried a Full Moon ritual? This is an action packed Full Moon, it is igniting the Cardinal Grand Cross this energy will continue until This Full Moon energy is about putting yourself and people first.

We have the first Full Moon of happening this week on Thursday and it is at 22o in the lovely sign of Cancer. I wont lie this will be very intense with the cardinal grand cross and the Moon in Cancer it makes for a very intense, emotional, sensitive and intuitive time.

The Full Moon is fully illuminated and the Sun and the Moon are o apart. Its power will be strong as it is sitting in its ruling sign. The Moon is ruled be Cancer so its energy will be heightened, it feels at home in this sign. Cancer is a cardinal water sign so we need to be taking charge of our emotions , loyalty, family, intuition,feelings, bonds and connections with our self and others, creativity,all the intangible aspects of life.

This week we will be flooded with all these aspects and all the emotional things surrounding us. This week we will really feel what life is about , this includes really feeling what our relationships truly are both personally and business.

This week we are going to be forced to feel our feelings so those of you in denial will not have a good week. Take note if you are an earth sign as you may struggle! However we are all human beings, we all have feelings and sometimes we need to have a massive surge of emotions to get it all out of our system, clear the emotional decks and most importantly, it is how we go about change.

This First Full Moon of is in a sign that is all about self-care. Cancer is all about taking care of you, nurturing you. This month self reflect and ask yourself..

Do you make sure that your needs are meet? Do you have enough sleep? The Calling of this month is to focus on extreme self-care. The Full Moon is at 22 degrees. Now 22 is the master number of the builder, so all this emotional upheaval does have a purpose.

This Full Moon will force you to do something, so take some time , think things through this week it is not a great time to make plans and take action. Instead it s a time to go deep and sit with your feelings, hear them as this will help us create change. So take some time, be in this present moment and figure out what will give you security?

What will give you joy? What patterns need to be broken order for you to grow? What habits need to be released in order for you to better nurture yourself? The New Moon is in Sagittarius. As we know New Moons and Full Moons have significant influences on us as the energy is so powerful.

The question you are going to ask yourself here is how can i express myself creativity and what new beginnings can i make in my creative life. What new doors could potentially open in your life? Today Venus is in Capricorn , Venus the planet of beauty and creativity and Capricorn is earthy and practical, so Venus is ready to work! This square aspect also brings a wake up and shake up vibe energy into our love life, money situations and to help us create more beauty in our life.

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This Luna cycle is all about pulling in extra energy and getting ready for the next monthly cycle and starting a new again. New Moons are about planting seeds of intentions and really focusing on what you want to create for this month ahead. The moon is dark and makes us reflect inwards on what we really desire and require in our life.

The energy we are pulling in this month is Sagittarius energy. We might want to focus on some of the positive traits of the sign of the Archer , this includes being optimistic, enthusiasm, adventurous, honest, outspoken and independent.


Optimism, passion and positivity is a main feature to focus on this month when creating your intentions. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and that relates to life purpose and creativity.

Not to mention the New Moon happens in 7 degrees and the number 7 is all about creativity and mind-set. So take time to do a simple New Moon ritual. You will want to try to complete the ritual after the exact time of the New Moon or within 24 hours.

Let go of what you no longer need in your life or any aspect of yourself that you may have outgrown.

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The moon, being the closest astronomical mass to Earth, has a profound effect on us. When the moon is full, it is at its high tide of power, amplifying energies. The moon traditionally represents the emotional, nurturing, creative and feminine aspect of our lives. When the energy is intense and as powerful as this, it enables you to take action, have you ever felt a pull or an urge leading up to the full moon?

Many people feel this intensifying energy, it is a sign that you may need to release energies that no longer serve you, and you can do this by performing a Full moon ritual. The full moon period is a great time to take action towards your new moon intentions you made two weeks prior and is a great opportunity for some self-reflection.

A Full Moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke the intention of releasing and Letting go. You can purge yourself of any old identities, frame of mind, attitudes, behavior and situations. You may wish to take an inventory of thoughts and beliefs no longer serving you, clean out your possessions. Remember, you can release anything emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.

You can also seek guidance from your spirit guides or angels to help highlight what is ready to be shed from your life. Tools to help you connect with your guides include oracle cards, journaling and automatic writing, or mediation.

Trust the guidance that comes to you, your gut instincts are usually right.