January 4 Capricorns possess a quirky personality. They are dedicated to acts of kindness on a personal level and acts of humanity on a public level. They are not shy about expressing opinions. They have heartfelt sympathy for the unfortunate and unlucky.

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They feel it is their duty to draw attention to the plight of such people. January 4 individuals are extremely vocal about their opinions, and this can be off-putting.

They don't care what sort of message they send, as long as they speak the truth. Their love life is usually colorful. They are attracted to eccentric types. Settling down may not be in the cards for these fun-loving souls.

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Try to stop letting your own pride get in the way when it comes to arguing your path. Here, what else to expect in January Want to be the best year ever?

Start prepping now with your horoscope! The sixteenth brings up new career opportunities. On January 31, your creativity is cranked up. The new moon on the sixteenth brings up a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you may find multiple stamps in your passport in quick succession.

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Wherever you go, know that relationships are worth much more than sightseeing—consider going on a foreign date in a new country. You may find yourself meeting someone at one of your same-old haunts, so keep looking up and looking around! The January 31 full moon and eclipse urge you to do something for your home.

Spend ten minutes cleaning in the AM—after all, you never know who will be stopping by. What does your soul crave in ?

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Your Vedic horoscope can tell you …. Set up a system, consolidate accounts, consider looking into what the Bitcoin craze is all about. Take charge and be knowledgeable of your finances—a class could be helpful in helping you feel more proactive and on top of things.

The new moon brings people out of the woodwork, and you may find people asking for favors without any reciprocity. Generosity is good, being a doormat is not.


The Cancer full moon, coupled with Uranus going direct, makes you feel like anything is possible. The beginning of the month may be emotional overload, in both good and bad ways. The new moon on the sixteenth is a prime one for love.

Something major may happen, but your heart and mind have to be open. If you do feel scared or closed off, consider working with a coach or therapist. The Aquarius lover is full of surprises. They simply cannot be happy or fulfilled unless they are free to do as they like.

No matter how deeply in love an Aquarius man or woman may be, they are never willing to sacrifice their autonomy. This has doubtless ended many a love affair or marriage , but they always put honesty ahead of romance. Aquarians tend to collect friends the way some people put together an eclectic art collection.

Unfortunately, the typical Aquarian may have so many friends that it is impossible to have an intimate personal relationship with any. Some Aquarians may use this as a way to maintain emotional distance.

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