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Mercury goes stationary direct today, too. Go slowly and let any retrograde dust settle.

February 25th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

The moon conjoins Saturn on the eighth. The background noise should drop, so it will be easier to work on something complicated.

The Venus-Saturn sextile on December 16 helps you connect with an older friend or relative who can make a manageable task simpler and easier. Love may be strongest close to home with the full moon on the twenty-second.

You are not being overlooked or underappreciated. Feel secure in how great you naturally are, and let your light attract the exact kind of love that you want. Talk to a psychic now to know more. Also, you already may feel a bit depleted: Aquarius time comes after the Capricorn time of year, a sober period when we feel conscientious and work very hard.

We began January with four planets in heavy duty Capricorn, and by mid-month we had two more for a total of six.

Makara Rasi (Capricorn Horoscope) - February 19th - February 25th Vaara Phalalu

You can plan your life with astrology by building in time to pause. Each month, the planets bring regular times that favor slowing down and reflecting:. This month brings several key dates to watch as you plan your month.

Love and Compatibility for February 25 Zodiac

Mark your calendar and take action or rest as recommended on the dates listed here, as your efforts can bring impressive progress now. Make time for your spiritual life: The "cross quarter day" called Groundhog Day, Imbolc, or Candlemas.

Get out and meet new people. Greenwich time , lovely Venus moves into Pisces, a sign she adores visiting. Go to a dance recital, concert, or art museum or pull out your art supplies to create a dream-inspired masterpiece. Meditate on the meaning of love, connect with your muse, or meet with someone in the arts.

Venus graces this place for a full month, so fill your social, cultural, and artistic calendar for the coming weeks. February 11 — The balsamic Moon arrives at Greenwich time on February 11 and lasts until the new Moon on February 15 at 3: February 13 and The Sun in a helpful angle with Uranus favors help at work from family members or new solutions to helping a parent financially.

February 25 Zodiac is Pisces - Full Horoscope Personality

New Moon in Aquarius at 3: Greenwich time —with solar eclipse a few minutes before that—plus planetary harmony involving Mercury and Uranus as well as Venus and Saturn. The next week and a half supports new beginnings in everything related to your income and how you earn it as well as your values and how well you live up to them.

The Sun meets Mercury, just before the messenger planet moves into Pisces at Greenwich time on the 18th. The Sun moves into Pisces at Pause around that time and see if you can feel the shift from airy, intellectual Aquarius to watery, sensitive Pisces.

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Venus meets with Neptune in Pisces, a heavenly pairing of human and spiritual love. Be a force for loving kindness with everyone you meet. Mercury meets Neptune, so let your mind wander a bit today and pay attention to dreams or connect with your muse.

Daily Planetary Overview

Also, the Sun links with Saturn in Capricorn: February 27 and Venus on the 27th and then Mercury on the 28th make the same helpful alignment with Pluto. Follow through on ideals from February 25 to bring spirituality, dreams, or artistic projects to earth in powerful yet practical ways that uplift everyone. Your email address will not be published.

Your Month Ahead Your mind can fill with genius and new ideas because of strong Aquarius energies that come at this time every year.

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Read on to see how. The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 25th of a leap year and a year preceding it:. The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 25th of two years following a leap year:. Although these two symbols speak of things that don't seem connected, the first one being of militant character and appearance, and the second of secluded spiritual value, they share the glow of the moment with one another.

This is exactly what we must acknowledge when we approach a person born on February 25th, for their world is illuminated and shiny, it is a parade and a lighted path, and both will be taking them in only one direction — towards personal faith. The main task in lives of those born on the 25th of February isn't to find their religion, but to find their sense of faith and trust.

First off, they need to believe in their own personality and abilities, to learn to stay close to the outer world and other people, avoiding misunderstandings and treason. They will be disappointed and pushed from emotion to reasonable judgment and back, trying to be rational about their relationships while at the same time idealizing those who stand in front of them.

It is their mission to find balance between the intellectual world and the world of faith and devotion to higher causes, however they might perceive them. When it comes to love, there is a constant dilemma in the world of Pisces representatives born on February 25th.

On one hand, their need for love and idealism of closeness is always present as their guiding light, but on the other, their brain always kicks in to show the faults in those they choose to be with.

Attraction has really nothing to do with this, and they could remain in an unsatisfied state for as long as they don't find their equal, and someone to talk back and jump into fiery conversations when necessary. In general, they need someone to talk to, and this separates them from other Pisces representatives who need someone to share silence with as a form of talking.

Although silence plays a big role in their bonds, it is still the openness of heart they wish to achieve through healthy dialogue. Their personality is divided into separate wholes that intertwine, and while one of them might be satisfied with one partner, the other will search for something else.

This can lead to parallel bonds that are opposed to their moral values.