Aries Compatibility by Linda Goodman

The compatibility for Gemini and Libra is extremely high. In fact, with the right aspects, it can even be a soul connection. When it comes to the issue of compatibility for Gemini and Taurus, it may be better to look elsewhere for a partner.

This pairing tends to spark conflicts in love, sex, friendship and business. These two signs shouldn't get together A compatible sign for a Taurus might be different from what you'd expect for an earth sign.

After all, the bull is not your typical, run-of-the-mill earth sign. Compatible signs for Capricorns begin with similar elements - earth signs. If you're wondering whether you and that special someone might get along in a very real way, it helps to take a look at a list of compatible zodiac signs.

Whether you're looking for an intimate partnership or any other Are astrology love matches possible? You bet they are, and when you have a better understanding of how all the elements in your birth chart work to affect your life, you can unlock the secrets for developing lasting, loving relationships The easiest and best way to get a little daily romance guidance and to align your heart with the love vibe for the day is by reading your romance horoscope.

There are many available online, and some are better than A Taurus man is one of the nicest guys out there and a true pleasure to date. This is a man who's always willing to go that extra mile to treat a lady right. What should a woman expect when Do Scorpio men like to be pursued? The answer is a qualified yes.

Scorpio men enjoy being pursued when it's the right sun sign chasing them. Free Love Compatibility Horoscope Calculator. There is nothing quite as risky or as rewarding in life as an intimate relationship.

Everybody wants to love and be loved, whether they are looking for a dating parter, someone to start a family with or simply a close A refined, luxury loving, artsy, easily hurt, commitment-oriented gay Libra man matched with a brash, commitment shy, adventure seeking, sports loving, rough and tumble gay Sagittarius man is a strange mix.

However, it seems to work because of their ruling If you're wondering about Gemini and Aries compatibility, it helps to know a little bit about both signs. Whether you are one of these signs and want to know if you're compatible with someone else or you're just curious about The combination of the elements of air and fire are on full display in the pairing of Gemini and Sagittarius.

The dynamics between these two zodiac signs are clearly seen in the elements that guide them. Learning about the Gemini lovescope means thinking about an entire cast of characters, but what else would you expect from this multi-tiered astrological sign?

Gemini relationships can be challenging for their partners. Mercurial Geminis have deeply intelligent, unpredictable and versatile personalities. If a challenge inspires the romantic in you, then pairing with a Gemini will be your ultimate adventure.

This undertaking will require patience, If you're a person who's smart, clever, independent, self-sufficient, and doesn't need to be in control, if you're someone one who's not overly clingy or easily hurt, or if you're sexually playful and can add some fun and excitement to The Gemini woman and the Pisces man are both full of contradictions.

From the outside looking in, this relationship can, at times, seem confidently eccentric or anxiously insane, but it's certainly never boring.

However, there's a now-you-see-me-now-you-don't, chameleon quality about You can use zodiac information to help you set up ideal dates. Each sign within the four elements, along with the details of a natal chart, serves to craft a finely nuanced individual. You'll want to create dates that take A Sagittarius woman is quick to fall in love and very passionate.

The excitement and thrill of a new love are felt full force by this idealistic woman. For a Sagittarian woman, love is a romantic adventure and her life Variety is the spice of life for a Gemini and they're extremely restless, both physically and intellectually.

They are the friendly social butterflies of the zodiac who always have a diversity of acquaintances. However, when it comes to a friendship Sagittarius, the centaur archer, is the great adventurer of the zodiac, and his adventurous spirit holds the secret of how ot make a Sagittarius man fall in love with you.

This high-energy idealist is always looking for new worlds to No bright lights and city nights for a Cancer man; nor are they into hook-ups. So, if that's what you have in mind, you might not want to waste your efforts on a Cancer man. If, on the other hand, Wondering how to attract a Sagittarius man? If a certain archer has caught your fancy, here are a few tips that should spark his interest in you.

Just keep in mind that while you can encourage an attraction, Have you ever wondered how to attract and win the heart of an Aries man? An Aries man is usually very good looking and has one of the sexiest minds you'll ever encounter. Aries is first attracted to outer All Cancer men are a bit different, but all are self-protective and not quick to commit to any committed relationship, so when there's a breakup, he'll be even more gun shy.

However, whether you can win him back depends on It can be difficult to start a romance with a Capricorn man because these guys don't open up easily. However, the real challenge is hanging on to him once you have him. The following tips will show you how to Want to know how to make a Libra fall in love?

The secret is that this sign relishes being in love. Librans yearn for romance and beauty in their lives and will respond readily to partners who can truly Although the ram is a fiery and passionate sign, it takes a little skill and experience to know how to seduce an Aries. Because this sign likes to lead, seduction is more about inspiring a chase.

Whether you're trying to If you've managed to snag the ram, or one of the most eligible bachelors of the zodiac, the odds are very good that you want to know how to keep an Aries man. Typically, Aries guys are bold and brash, Pisces is the great romantic of the zodiac, and sharing a deep and spiritual connection is what attracts a Pisces man.

These dreamy, detached men may seem like they are more concerned with their dreams than the woman next to Sagittarius love horoscopes are all about an "economy of one's energy". That's because Pluto has been your constant companion for the past fourteen years.

There's no need to worry though; that doesn't mean that love has been boring. Virgo and Sagittarius are the preverbal odd couple match. One is an introvert and the other an extrovert.

One has their eyes on the here and now, while the other has theirs on the future. A Leo and Aquarius love match is an exciting and challenging one, but if both partners are willing to compromise, this romantic paring can be quite fulfilling. Leo's self-image depends on being the best and having the grandest and glorious of everything life has to offer, and that extends to the one they love.

Who better than another charismatic Leo to make a Leo's romantic life the A charismatic, optimistic, fun, friendly, playful, and spontaneous Leo matched with a refined, luxury-loving, artsy, and commitment-oriented Libra?

There're tons of positive energy here, sexual and otherwise, and it's the kind of connection that can make falling in love easy. Both Leo and Sagittarius are fiery, passionate, loyal, and playful. These common characteristics can foster a strong bond between the two; however, some aspects of these two fiery and fun individuals just The caring and quiet Virgo and an outgoing, assertive Leo may seem like an unlikely match; however, the way they can play off each other can create magic in their relationship.

A Leo has a take-charge personality, while a Virgo Conventional astrological compatibility will tell you Leo and Pisces are incompatible. That might be true if you're talking about Leo and Pisces as zodiac signs, or about a Pisces man and a Leo woman.

However, if you look deeply into Leos are assertive, dynamic, generous, playful, and they love to be the center of attention. These bold, "see me" individuals are romantics who are in love with love. Their sense of self - their vitality- depends on being loved and As a romantic match, a Leo woman and a Capricorn man can often be a tumultuous mixture.

However, for those with the drive to make the relationship work, the match can be a compatible one. Cancer and Libra speak different languages and lead different lives. This means understanding each other and getting along can present some compatibility challenges that could easily drive the two apart or lead to valuable growth for both as each pushes Libra and Sagittarius are considered the optimists of the zodiac.

A Libra man and a Sagittarius woman have a natural affinity for and complement each other. Although their methods of behavior differ, the difference can stir the fires of love.

A Libra man in love is all about the romance and beauty of love. After all, it's in his nature since Venus, the planet of love, governs his sun sign. Although not a traditional pairing, the combination of Libra men and Capricorn women can work romantically. The Libra woman is the very portrait of soft, elegant femininity.

The Scorpio man is often characterized as a "bad boy" because he gives off a dangerous yet paradoxically attractive vibe.

So, what can a these two expect when they Libra's Romantic Horoscope Sign Compatibility. The romance horoscope for Libra includes more than just a summary of your personality and traits. Your romance horoscope reveals your compatible signs and how your sign interacts with each one. Let Linda Goodman Love Signs help you better understand the people in your life and make those relationships work.

If you're trying to determine the love compatibility for two sun signs, you may want to first consider the element of both signs. Who isn't interested in learning about their love horoscopes? We're interested too, and that's why we've gathered the big love scoops for all twelve signs of the zodiac for the upcoming year!

Which sign is a good love match for Taurus? Let's take a look at Taurus' romantic potential, and then we'll compare how the Bull matches up with the rest of the Zodiac. The matching love signs horoscope will understandably vary depending on the Venus, Mars and natal aspects.

Loving a Pisces Woman: Tips for Dating and Relationships. Loving a Pisces woman means understanding that this special woman is quite sensitive with a depth of emotion just bubbling under the surface. Pisces is a water sign that loves to share feelings. You can tap into this aspect Falling in love with a Virgo man is easy but seducing him can be a bit of a challenge.

It's not that he isn't interested; he just can't be rushed. As his partner you need to understand that the path A Leo and Cancer love match isn't the best match in the zodiac. Leo is fire and Cancer is water. These two elements are opposite and have very precise chemical reactions to each other.

Marriage, Taurus and Gemini is possible if you respect each other's boundaries, accept one another's perceived flaws and work cooperatively towards solutions. You're in love and engaged to be married to a Leo. What can you expect in the marriage?

Well, that probably depends upon both you and the Leo you're marrying, but Leos usually make wonderful life partners and parents.

Even the most attentive and caring mother can have difficulty knowing what her child needs to become a self-confident adult. However, even a simple understanding of both her and her child's astrological sun signs can help mom tailor her style A Pisces mom is a sensitive and understanding mother with a heart of gold, who's quite liberal with her children.

Looking through the lens of astrological mother and child compatibility, she can tailor her mother traits to motivate, inspire and An Aquarius mom's highest priorities for her children are independence, intellectual development, and self-reliance. How that works for an individual child and how she might have to modify what comes most natural to her in order to give her child An Aries mom strives to be the best at everything she does, and that includes raising amazing children.

She wants to be the mother of champions and will push her kids to be best they can be. A Cancer mom is an archetypal mom who loves to tend to and fuss over her children. A Capricorn mom is driven to make sure her children have everything they need to succeed in life. However, how she relates to her child depends in part on how her "mother knows best" approach affects each child.

A Gemini mother has a light-hearted approach to life and a unique ability to stimulate a child's imagination. However, how she relates to her child depends in part on how her easy-breezy approach to mothering affects each child. A Leo mom is a showy mom, who does everything on a grand scale, and that includes raising her children.

How easily her kids deal with her natural style of mothering and how she might need to alter it for A Libra mom is a "sugar, spice and everything nice" mother.

She doesn't sweat the small stuff and knows how to relax and have fun with her children. How easy or difficult a child will have with her laissez-faire style A Sagittarius mom is a cheerful, relaxed, and free-spirited mother.

How her children will respond to her lenient mothering style and how she can modify her mothering style with what her child's developing sense of self needs can be partially A Scorpio mom is an all-knowing and protective mom who's loving and sensitive to her children's needs.

How well a child can deal with her a Scorpio mom's style of mothering and how mom might have to flex and adapt A Taurus mother is a quintessential traditional mom. She loves her children unconditionally and can give them a firm foundation in life.

How easy or difficult that will be depends on how compatible she is with each of the A Virgo mom is a vigilant and observant mother who knows a great deal about her children's lives. How well a child can deal with her anxious, worrywart nature and how mom will need to adapt to what a specific In order to determine whether you've met your soul mate or are just experiencing sexual attraction, it's important to consider the sun and moon sign compatibility of both you and the person who has captured your attention.

Personality Traits of Compatible Zodiac Signs. It's not always easy to determine whether you and a friend or potential lover will work as a duo, but you can determine whether you have compatible zodiac signs and go from there. Almost any combination can fall in love If you're looking to find the ideal Pisces love match, there are several important factors that influence such compatibility within the zodiac.

Pisces is a dreamer, heavily influenced by fantasy, the arts, and simple pleasures. His perfect matches share these The match between a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman may seem like it was made in heaven. However, there's more to the relationship than just compatible sun signs.

This is one of those rare perfect love matches. A Pisces man and a Cancer woman are emotionally, psychically, spiritually, and intimately attuned to one another. Theirs is a soulmate bond that transcends the physical. They are on the same Discussing Pisces men and commitment is a complicated issue that requires exploring a series of romantic layers.

When it comes to connecting with a Pisces man in bed, he's all about romance, passion, emotion, and sensitivity, and he excels at giving and receiving both pleasure and love. Far from feeling guilt, fear, or pain, he considers sex Pisces men are naturally dreamy, but they are never more so than when they're in love.

Explore their unique approach to romance and learn how to nurture them. Are you looking to learn a little bit more about romance, love and Libra? As the sign of balance in the zodiac, Libra is very focused on romance. In fact, some may consider Libra to be one of the most A romantic profile on Taurus depends largely on the gender of the Taurus as well as the astrological chart of the partner.

Compatibility is determined by comparing the natal charts of both a Taurus and his mate. A Sagittarius and Pisces love match has its advantages and disadvantages. The ultimate outcome of this relationship rests on how compatible each individual's chart is to the other.

Opportunity knocks when a Sagittarius man and a Libra woman meet. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and Libra is an air sign. Fire and air signs are a good mix. When these two interact in a healthy, well-balanced manner, they Can a mutable fire Sagittarius male and a cardinal fire Aries female be good friends?

There is a lot more to an individual's chart than just the Sun Sign, and if there are incompatible elements between them, then that will Are relationships with Sagittarius men really worth pursuing?

You bet they are, but they're not the best match for shrinking violets. You need to be a strong character in your own right to hold your own with the archer. Are you wondering how well Scorpio and Gemini really get along? Learn the pros and cons of this complicated relationship. Scorpios are dark, mysterious, passionate, and intense.

They have magnetic personalities that draw others to them. It's said their piercing gaze can see into another's soul and know their motivations, secrets, and purpose. Of course, this can be a bit A Scorpio lover embodies many of this sign's overall characteristics, including a healthy penchant towards intensity and passion.

Learn what you can expect from a Scorpio partner. When a Scorpio man and Capricorn woman fall in love, they have a certain chemistry that is not easily matched by other zodiac connections, particularly in relation to their compatibility.

When a Scorpio man loves, it is intense. However, there are other characteristics that bubble to the surface when this magnetic man falls in love. A soulmate relationship can be the most blissful relationship you'll ever have.

They can, in fact, be so blissful that initially you couldn't imagine you'd ever hurt or abuse one another. However, when soulmates come together, they have personal karma Unfortunately, couples often don't recognize how incompatible their compatibilities can be until it's too late.

Scorpio and Aries' sexual compatibility is all-consuming and intoxicating, but without tenderness and understanding, their relationship will be very short-lived. Still, no matter how long A Scorpio woman and a Pisces man can share a passion and romantic closeness that's truly rare.

However, when troubles arise, they have entirely different ways of coping that can end the relationship as quickly as it began. Can a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius man find true love? The needs of these autumn signs differ strongly, but they can learn to understand and support one another, developing deeper intimacy and trust with time.

Given a baseline of If you're wondering how to attract a Libra man, it all comes down to understanding his nature. The typical Libra male is easy-going but cautious, which means a female will need to employ all her wiles to win over a Seducing a Taurus can be easy if you strike the right tone.

Below are some useful tips to help you snag the Taurus of your dreams. In astrology, it is not so much your sun sign that influences sexual impulses and behavior. The planet Mars has been the traditional force behind how one asserts himself on the world.

It is true that other major planets such He likes you, he likes you not; the signs a Taurus man likes you can be a little difficult to spot if you don't know what to watch for. If you're not careful, you might just miss your chance to While many people wonder which star signs are compatible with one another, others are curious about which star signs match together on different levels.

Certain star signs go together well as far as romantic relationships are concerned while others are Knowing the different sun signs for lovers means understanding the love natures of each of the zodiac signs.

Taurean love is generous and sensual, so in the beginning, be prepared to be wooed in style. Love and marriage do indeed go together 'like a horse and carriage' when the partners are Taurus and Cancer. These two signs are naturally compatible because they are earth and water element signs, and they share many of the same A Taurus and Capricorn love match is not out of reach since both of these earth signs already have a lot in common.

They only have to do a little digging to see that they are very compatible overall! The Aries was positive that no one could run it as well as himself, and he was fearful of getting involved with someone from whom he might have to take orders, so he responded quickly, with the usual Aries humility.

He waved his cigar in the air in a superior gesture, and asked bluntly, "How do you want your no, fast or slow? For many frustrating months, those who had formerly been behind him one hundred percent were mysteriously out to lunch or in Europe every time he called.

A little tactful diplomacy could have kept his dream from exploding, but it takes the average ram many years to reach the diplomacy of an Arien like Dean Rusk. People who have arrived at the top through hard and patient work justifiably resent an aggressive Aries, who thinks he knows far more with far less experience.

He learns modesty and humility only after many dismal failures. But once he's learned, he can make a project pay off like a gusher, adding stacks of creative ideas, and intuitively making the right moves.

He reaches leadership only by first respecting those above him in credit and stature, yet success, when it comes, is normally gigantic and impressive. Strangely, most Aries people often create wealth for others rather than for themselves. Lots of rams pay rent most of their lives, and seldom own their own home.

It doesn't seem to break the Mars spirit that cash doesn't always cling to him, perhaps because what he seeks is not necessarily in the bank. Though Aries pushes ahead with confidence, caring little for the feelings of others, and his attitude, especially in youth, is "me first," he can be the warmest and most generous of all the Sun signs.

He just honestly believes that he can do anything better than anyone else, and he's psychologically unable to stand by while others fumble and flop. Give him a choice of money or glory, and he'll take glory any time. He's as fond of a dollar as the next person, but he's just a few shades fonder of praise and fame. The ram has a way of making instant decisions without the authority of his superiors.

His speech can be satirical and cutting in invective. Arien anger flashes forth with the speed of sound, but it's usually gone before the victim knows what it's all about, and the happy, child-like smile quickly returns. One can't help being reminded of a t; certain impulsive ram, Nikita Krushchev, who once banged his shoe in a fit of childish temper, on a table at the United Nations, in full view of a television audience, and the devil-take-the-hindermost.

He was being ignored, and what Arien cares about tact when he's being ignored? Yet this same Aries was truly heartbroken when he missed enjoying the magic wonder of Disneyland. Mars people are often accused of having a terrible temper. But they also have a complete inability to remain angry, and once over with, the grievance is generally buried and forgotten.

He's hurt and surprised that you still remember the rash things he said but didn't mean. Given the chance, Aries will apologize to his worst enemy, regardless of any dire threats he made in the throes of emotion.

He seeks acceptance, even while he heedlessly and deliberately courts rejection. Aries people seldom become angry with individuals. You may get the shower of sparks, but the fire is actually directed toward an idea or a situation he finds intolerable.

The ram is capable of trying to tell a small white lie, if it will put him foremost or save one of his cherished rdeals, but most of the time, he has little use for lies, which is fortunate, because he gets caught every time. Blunt candor is quicker, and since the main interest is in getting to the point in a hurry, he prefers to tell the truth.

He has no time at all for gossip. That involves discussing others, and Aries is far too interested in himself to waste any excess energy speculating on the inner secrets, behavior or motives of anyone else.

Besides, people are normally either black or white to him. He doesn't bother with the gray tones. Don't mistake this for prejudice, however. If he has heavy planetary afflictions of his natal chart, the Aries impulsive disregard for the facts may come forth in the form of cruelty or prejudice; but this is extremely rare.

The typical ram will dine with beggars and kings with equal ease and genuine affection. Any reputation he gets for prejudice comes from his tendency to lump people into two distinct camps-his friends and his enemies-and he'll expect you to line them up the same way, if you're close to him.

Despite his shocking forwardness, the ram can also be the epitome of social grace. He can converse for hours in an exciting, interesting manner on subjects he knows absolutely nothing about. There's a lot of surface polish to cover that aggressive Mars drive. Patience with detail isn't his strong point. He'd rather leave the minor, petty sta-.

Someone else would handle them far more efficiently. Time spent pinning down the facts is resented,. Today is his natural residence. This hour and this minute. He's totally consumed in the action of the present.

A realist, yet a decided idealist, Aries often defies emotional description. No one can show such tough, forceful behavior. Yet, few others are capable of such sentimentality, wistful innocence and belief in miracles.

Mars people are literally incapable of accepting defeat. They won't recognize it-even when it stares them in the face. They're incurable optimists about the end result of anything from love to a baseball game.

Being very clever in-fighters, the rams battle best with their heads, meaning their minds. They enjoy opposition because of the challenge it presents, and they'll go out of their way to meet an obstacle and conquer it long before it comes to them-and often when it might have been headed in the opposite direction.

They don't wait around for success to drop in their laps, either, They'll chase it at a furious pace, which is why you'll find very few Ariens on welfare lists.

Just thinking about the energy of the ram wears out most people. But Ariens are also capable of being calm, wise and serious when they choose. Unfortunately, they usually don't choose until youth has passed and maturity has mellowed their rash idealism and sense of driving haste.

They can arouse popular sympathy easily, yet they don't necessarily make good politicians. Thomas Jefferson and Eugene McCarthy are rare exceptions to the rule. Of all the Ariens who have tossed their hats in the ring, most have had comparatively brief or troubled political careers. The field of politics is difficult for the average ram.

For one thing, he's not the very best economist in the world. For another, he's impulsive in his speech and he hates to hedge, both deadly traits for a politician. Most politicians wait to see what people want before airing their positions. The average Aries has his own ideas of what the people need, never mind what they want, and he'll see that they get it, sooner than might be politically expedient.

Still, he's so idealistic that once the Arien has come before the public he fires their imagination and makes them believe in themselves again. The freshness of Mars candor can blow through the smoke of political back rooms like a breeze.

But most Aries people are usually happier in business or the creative arts, where they're so desperately needed. Others may excel in planning strategy. Calmer heads and more practical minds may be better at efficient organization. But without the direct action, energy and originality of the rams, the most desirable projects would fall to the ground or make little headway.

You may find an occasional Arien who is shy, but you'll. It's difficult to express your own individuality around these people. Aries is far happier when he's talking about himself and his plans than about anybody or anything else with the exception of the loved one, when he's caught in the clutches.

Once you get his interest-and lots of luck-hell be an attentive listener, especially if your ideas are exciting and progressive. He'll promote you to the skies, and offer you his time, money, sympathy and loyalty. When you're in the hospital, he may forget to send a card, but he may choose the hospital for you, drive you there himself and refer you to his own doctor who will be superior to Pasteur and both of the Mayo brothers, of course.

Once involved in helping you through a rough time, Aries will walk the extra mile without hesitation. But show your gratitude, please. He'll be deeply hurt, if not downright angry, when you don't appreciate his strenuous actions, which went far beyond the call of duty, and also probably far beyond what you needed or wanted.

He enjoys doing favors; the larger the charitable gesture the better;. If thanks are withheld, however, it probably won't keep him from helping again. His amazing faith in himself is matched only by his naive trust in others, which is why he's almost constantly disillusioned, and complaining that someone has let him down.

Of course, he won't stay down long. He'll pick himself up, dust himself off, and soon be ready, willing and able to blast away again, after a typical binge of violent but brief depression. The ram gives such an impression of sincerity that it's startling to face his sheer audacity when he claims for a fact something he knows-or should know-to be untrue.

Accuse him of dishonesty, and he'll look at you in amazement, with candid eyes open wide in utter horror that you could doubt him. He can wear blinders and ear plugs to shut out anything he doesn't want to believe. Even when his position is completely untenable, he'll bravely stick to his guns and work for the lost cause with earnest conviction.

Still, he can change his mind about an opinion you thought he was born with in a moment of fast decision, and when he does, it's impossible for him to regain his former point of view, let alone remember it.

His urge to toss the past in the trash can and go forward at full speed one of the chief reasons he adapts to new locations and people so painlessly makes him think those who try to reason with him are interfering with his progress. Then he's liable to throw what little tact he has to the four winds. The ultra conservative, who weighs every word and deci-sion, is maddening to the Mars souls, who can communicate their annoyance and frustration with clear and abundant meaning.

So it's easy to see why they sometimes make such bitter enemies of older, wiser heads. Aries has an innocent wistful facet to his nature, and a kind of eternal, joyous, naive faith, blended with the blind zeal of the born crusader.

Like the diamond, his Mars horns are hard, and tough to crack. He sees bright red frequently, but when the sparks have disappeared, he becomes as cheerful and openly friendly as the happy Arien daisy.

His metal is iron, and its un-bendable strength gives him nine times as many lives tc live as others; nine times as many chances of winning the battle.

The fire that consumes his spirit can be a flaming torch that lights the way to courage for anyone who recognizes his great. He is the pioneer, always leading others onward to an impossible goal. His beautiful iron faith is pure-unmixed with the alloys of hypocrisy and greed.

He seldom amasses a fortune, and if he did, he would be too busy to stop and count it. Help yourself to his money, clothes or time.

He always has some to spare, however pressed or poor he may be temporarily. The ram knows that bread cast on the waters not only feeds his ego and returns again increased, but it makes people happy, one of the things he enjoy?

To Aries, miracles are a dime a dozen. If you run out, hell make you some more, wrapped in brave, scarlet dreams. He said, "I go my ways. And when I find a mountain-nil. I set it in a blaze I'll get into the garden,.

That creature over there making a phone call-is it an electrically charged dynamo? Is it a flaming torch? It's an Aries male, which is pretty close. Let's hope you know what you're looking for. Should it be excitement, an Aries man will provide it by the bushel, with seldom a dull moment to blur the sparkle.

But if you're looking for the security and. Aries can overwhelm you with passionate ardor one mintue, and be as icy as a polar bear the next. Insult him or lose his interest-either or both-and that warm, impulsive Mars nature will freeze instantly.

To ignite it again may mean starting all over from Act One, Scene One. Aries men are fairly bursting with ideas and creative energy. Keeping up with him may be tiring, but keep up you'd better. Aries has a way of leaving the snails behind and not glancing back. He'll probably look and act younger than springtime, which is all very delightful, but his youthful aura may carry over into his mental and emotional attitudes until he's matured, which won't be early in life.

The Aries man is impatient with slow pokes, bold and confident, always ahead of others, and sometimes ahead of himself as well. He can be the soul of generosity, giving his time, money, sympathy and possessions by the carload cheerfully to strangers.

But he can also be exasperatingly intolerant, thoughtless, selfish and demanding, when his desires are delayed, or he's forced to be around negative people. When it comes to love, his heedless attitude is absolutely amazing. He'll plunge into an affair, positive that this is the only true love ever known by any two people ever born, with the possible exception of Romeo and Juliet.

When it breaks in half, hell pick up the pieces, and try every angle he can think of to salvage the dead romance. If it's beyond repair, hell start all over again with a new Juliet, and it will be like the very first time. No matter how many romantic mistakes he makes, the ram is sure his true love or soul mate is just around the next dream.

Unless you're a Scorpio female, the Aries man is as passionate as any woman could ask. There's little left to desire. He's so idealistic and susceptible to sentiment, he'll squeeze all the tingles, sighs, ectasies and poetry it's possible to squeeze out of a relationship. Aries isn't capable of going halfway. He gives all of himself to the burning interest of the moment.

You may be involved with one of the quieter sheep. Don't let him fool you. He's still ruled by Mars. He doesn't talk much right away? He's not openly exuberant and pushy?

Aries Man and Taurus Woman

Yes, I know one, too. But take my word for it, if you could see inside that hard head, you would discover that his brain is spinning at approximately two hundred revolutions per second. Any time you meet this kind, one who doesn't at first appear to have the typical Mars drive, check the present record of the business he's conducting.

You'll soon be convinced you're dealing with an Aries. Then ask his ex-girl friends. They'll probably answer with a giggle.

You must mean someone else. That quiet demeanor is a mask for a fiery heart and a tough business drive. Naturally, it's easier when you're in love with a plain, simple ram, who makes it obvious just how enthusiastic he is about everything from potato chips to moonlight and motor trips.

No other Sun sign can be so scrupulously faithful as Aries when he's really in love. His honesty will usually keep him from fooling you, and his idealism will keep him from wanting to.

Promiscuity or even light flirtations are not an Arien habit, no matter what the books tell you. Not when he's deeply involved with all his heart. He's looking for a storybook romance, and storybook romances never include a casual attitude toward love and sex. Those other girls were B.

In fact, I know one Aries who frequently precedes discussions of yesterday with his current flame with, "That wasB. Of course, you must keep alert to future possibilities, because as sincere as he is in his present devotion and promises of complete loyalty which are undoubtedly abso-lutely true , his need for romance is so strong that he's capable of looking elsewhere if you don't keep his illusions alive constantly.

The minute you let your mutual love lose its storybook flavor, he may wander off. In case you're not sure, storybook love, to him, does not include going to dreamland at night with a female who has Vicks salve on her chest to clear up her cough. It also does not include watching your intimate personal toilette, such as polishing your nails, whitening your teeth, brightening your hair with "blondes have more fun" bleach, peeling your sunburn, filing your nails or fighting with your mother for hours on the phone.

Somehow, in his mind, this is not the way storybook princesses behave. And goodness knows, Juliet would never have sat with her feet up, chewing taffy and watching TV. Wear your perfume when he's around, and giggle with your girl friends when he's not.

He finds it difficult to visualize himself as Prince Charming when he kisses you awake and you either snore, or shout unpleasantly, "For gosh sakes, let me sleep, will you? Be prepared to greet him dewy-eyed and breathless each morning, fresh from your dreams, thrilled to find his handsome face so near. And let him know it.

Aries males whose sweethearts neglect romance are heartbroken at first. Then they become angry. Then they go looking for a princess who doesn't snore and things like that.

This isn't dishonest as far as he's concerned. He didn't break a promise. You made him think you were a lovely nightingale, singing in the moonlight, like it says in his favorite song. Now he finds out you're a chattering squirrel or a nagging blue jay and the jolt rouses " him from his heavenly world of angelic choirs and bells ringing every time he touches your hand.

How can bells ring when your hands are always full of dirty ashtrays, and how can he hear choirs when you're screaming at him that he stayed out until after midnight for two nights in a row? Which he did, of course, but who are you to think you can dictate his every move?

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Marriage is not a prison, and you are not his warden-that's his attitude. If you leam how to open your eyes and look at him mistily and all the rest of it, he'll stay with you happily, and ignore every female on earth for you.

The ram is highly unlikely to commit himself physically to more than one woman at a time unless there's a Gemini ascendant or some Venus affliction in his natal chart. It just wouldn't fit his image of one true and lasting love. The decision to break off the old will always be made before becoming too deeply involved with the new.

An Aries man can rarely pretend a passion he doesn't feel. This alone prevents any undue amount of deception. Besides, now you know how to keep him inside the pages of that storybook. Just don't be dull, negative or overly timid.

No one princess will ever satisfy his image of the ideal. It's quite a trick to convince him you're superior to all other females, but it will keep him spotlessly faithful, if you can swing it. It's really worth a try, because, if the Aries plunge into romance is headlong, his race out of it is equally reckless.

He's both an idealist and an egotist, which means he hates to admit he's wrong, or that the love he chose could die. Still, always remember that he's capable of finding situations unbearable that others would consider par for the course.

After a separation, if you catch him in the right mood, you can fire his romance all over again, if you act as if there had never been any previous intimacy.

You'll have to play hard to get, because he loves a challenge. To make it easier to forgive him, if trouble ever arises, remember that any straying was due to a sudden impulse after his nightingale stopped singing in the moonlight, not to a deliberate seeking of casual variety.

Adultery is actually distasteful to his honest nature. Don't fret about the future. You have the magic key to his heart. If you have any ideas about playing games with him by flirting-drop them.

Your first indiscretion will probably be your last. You can lose him with just a whisper or an intimate look at another man, let alone any actual infidelity. He insists on being first in everything, and you can bet your old pressed gardenia this includes being first in your heart. Aries is possessive and jealous in the extreme.

Only a Leo male can get wilder at the thought of a transgression on the part of his beloved. To make it worse, the ram will never give you the blind faith he expects you to give him in such matters. Your Mars lover will glue you to a pedestal, and expect you to stay there. Don't move a single toe. Don't even look as if you want to.

The Aries male is a natural rebel. He loves to defy authority and he thinks he was born smarter than anyone else. Perhaps he was, but most people don't relish being told so. Thanks to his rash way of pushing his superiority, he's liable to fall flat on his face more than once.

Because of his need to lead and refusal to follow, those in more powerful positions will teach him frequent lessons in humility.

At these times, you're way ahead, because he'll run to you for comfort and assurance when his ego is bruised.

Then you'll leam that, beneath his self-confident, aggressive front, lies an inferiority complex he'd rather die than admit having. The woman who handles his shattered confidence with gentle and total devotion has the best chance of keeping his heart permanently.

Never make the mistake of agreeing with his momentary enemy, or trying to be fair and seeing the other side of the controversy. He demands the same fierce and unquestioning loyalty that he gives, in both love and friendship.

Unless you honor it, find another man. There are no subtle tricks in the Aries nature. It's not at all hard to recognize when a Mars man is finished with a relationship. The ice and boredom in his voice and manner will be unmistakable, and will usually be accompanied by a frank statement that makes it crystal clear.

On the other hand, an explosive flame of scorching anger is less serious, signifying that his displeasure is probably just a passing mood, and the romance can be saved.

You have more reason to fear his ice than his fire. Aries males don't like games. Hell be direct in all his approaches. And that means in romance, as well as in business.

He won't waste a second, once the love has been recognized, but be sure to let him be the one to recognize it. Don't chase him, phone him frequently, get starry-eyed or declare your feelings until you're absolutely sure the passion is mutual.

The quickest way to lose him is to make the first advance. He must be the leader here, as elsewhere. If you don't allow him to be, he can lose interest so fast it can astonish you and crush you at the same time. Once you're each firmly committed, however, don't be too cool and casual, or he'll seek attention somewhere else.

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Love with an Aries man is like walking a tightrope between warm interest and aloof detachment. You practically have to be a trapeze artist. Don't run after him. Don't run away from him, either. Stick a penny in your shoe, carry a four-leaf clover and wish on a star. That will get you as far as any normal, methodical strategy.

You have to keep him guessing, even after you're his. At the same time, he needs the assurance that your love is always there.

Learn to live with it-or learn to live without an Aries. On the plus side, although your Aries lover will insist on being first in the relationship, he'll also be the first to say he's sorry after a quarrel, and the first to be there when you need him. He'll be right by your side when you're ill or unhappy.

He'll spend money on you freely and willingly if he's a typical son of Mars. He'll compliment your appearance, appreciate your talents and be a stimulating mental companion. Although he can be bossy and lose his temper over a trifle, he'll seldom let the sun go down on his anger before making up.

You may be the most important thing in his life, but he'll expect you to know that, and wait for affection and attention when he's all excited by some new idea which is consuming his interest.

He wants to be your whole world, but unlike other men, he'll let you share his world, if you're his equal. The Aries male will expect his lady fair to be ultra-feminine and a tomboy at the same time. He wants you to be completely independent, yet willing to stay a few paces behind him.

He'll expect you to praise him and be devoted to him, but never play the role of humble slavey. Are you still with me? There's more to come. He's capable of saying bitterly cruel and sarcastic things to you when his ego has been wounded, things he won't mean at all, but which may break your heart if you don't understand him.

Then he'll expect you to forgive and forget as readily as he does. You'll have to like all his friends, while he reserves the right to. Well, you wanted a man, didn't you? You've sure got one in your Aries mate. If you're a real woman, your love affair can be the envy of everyone in town, just like Romeo and Juliet without the tragedy, of course.

Once you've married him, the Aries male will dominate the home or leave it. He won't stand for being nagged in public or private, especially about bow he spends his lettuce. He earned it, didn't he? It's his money, isn't it?

Sometimes that possessive pronoun can stretch to include the money you earn, too. He may not balance the budget too well-and I'm being kind to put it so tactfully-but don't take it over yourself, even if you made straight A's in math. Never question his financial affairs.

It's essential that he control the purse-strings all the way. He'll be generous with his cash, if he's a typical Arien, and give you whatever you need. You can have that cobra skin handbag after he's bought that alligator brief case, if there's anything left over.

He may be a little selfish, but he's never stingy. Though the ram may change jobs frequently until he becomes his own boss, he won't let you starve. He'll find a way to keep the dollars flowing in, even though they may flow out again just as fast.

Better save a few quarters in the blue china pig and surprise him with it when he needs it most, because he's not likely to salt away much of his earnings himself unless he has a hidden asset, like the Moon in Capricorn or Cancer, or an ascendant which dictates economy.

Each new baby will find him behaving like the devoted, proud papa of your dreams. Later, he may be a little bossy with the children, and try to dictate their careers. He'll be a warm and wonderful fun daddy, but he might have to be reminded that the youngsters need independence as much as he does.

Fatherhood is definitely a role he'll enjoy. Baseball, talks about the birds and bees, football, father-daughter dinners, the whole works. Just don't let him think little Herman or Henrietta is more important to you than he is, however, or his enjoyment of the role may cool considerably. Go ahead and continue your career after marriage if you like.

He probably won't resent it, as long as you don't outshine him. It's easier for him to forgive instant suppers or quick-frozen kumquats than to forgive your lack of faith in his ideas. That's important to remember. Encourage his independence, but try to curb his impulsiveness-tactfully. He must lead or life is worth little to him.

His great and bubbly enthusiasm can die a sad death if you douse it with wet blankets or short circuit his positive energy with negative thinking.

The minute he loses authority on the job or in the home, his refreshing optimism will turn to moody discontent and finally, complete disinterest. It's not his nature to submit.

He's a man's man. Never destroy his masculinity, but never lose your own individuality. Don't try to push him around, and don't let him push you around.

An Aries husband won't put up with a wife who runs around to club meetings every night. Neither will he tolerate a wife who sits home and crochets bedspreads and tablecloths all day. You'll have to aim somewhere in the middle.

If you're successful, just think- you'll be the only white-haired Juliet in your. That's quite a challenge if you're a romantic, and of course you are, or you wouldn't be in-; volved with an Aries man in the first place. So you're in love with an Aries girl.

I don't know whether to congratulate you or sympathize with you. She may think love is her whole existence, but she's too vitally absorbed in the world around her, not to mention in herself, for it to be the beginning and end of her life. She can get along without a man easier than any female you'll ever meet.

Of course, getting along without a man is not the same thing as getting along without romance. She'll always need that hero of her dreams to yearn for in her heart.

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He may be long ago and faraway-or hiding just out of sight and touch, somewhere in tomorrow's mists-but she'll think about him in an April rain. He'll haunt her when the first snow falls, when she hears a certain song or sees lightning flash. However, while she's yearning, if there's no male around in actual physical presence, she won't miss him terribly.

Anything he could do, she can do better-she thinks. The Aries girl will open her own doors. Shell also put on her own coat, fight her own battles, pull out her own chair, hail her taxi and light her cigarette without any masculine help.

Doing it herself is, to her, the fastest way to get it done. Naturally, this doesn't set too well on the vulnerable male ego. The Mars girl is determined to take the lead, to be the first to move to action, and that includes the action of making the first advance in romance.

Aries females are the most likely of all the Sun signs to do the proposing, especially if the man is slow about naming the date. And that's about as early as you can safely show your feelings-when she proposes.

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Before that you're taking a chance. Be very careful about moving in on an Aries girl. She wants to be the leader in the love affair. Better be sure you have her heart safely in your pocket before you try to grab her around the waist and kiss her goodnight.

The reason for her running isn't maidenly modesty. She's not afraid of your passionate intentions. Those she can handle. Her flight is based on the fear of getting tangled up with a worshiping slave or a lovestruck puppy dog, either one of whom would bore her to tears. Be casual, keep her guessing, and the chances are shell chase you into a comer instead.

A man who resists her impact always intrigues an Aries female. She can't understand why she isn't overwhelming him with her obvious charms. Then her Mars ego will leave no stone unturned to prove she's desirable, even when she has no lasting interest in him.

Scariett O'Hara is the very epitome of the Mars-ruled.

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Like Scariett, the Aries girl will gather every available male for a hundred miles around to her feet, while her willful heart yearns for the one man she can't have for one reason or another. Like Scariett, the Mars woman can quickly adapt for survival if necessary, without whimpering.

Both the O'Hara and the Aries characters are tough enough to defy convention, face an advancing army, or even shoot a man through the head with icy calmness,: Never was Scariett more Mars-like than when she was starving, alone and friendless, and without waiting for a man to come to the rescue, she clenched her fist toward heaven and shouted, "I'll survive this.

If I have to lie, cheat, steal i or kill-as God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again! There's never been a man I couldn't get, once I set my mind on him. After all, tomorrow is another day. A careful study of Scarlett's character can give you an excellent understanding of what you're in for with an Aries woman-and naturally, also the rewards you can look forward to after you've been brave enough to claim her.

Her aggressive drive may be hard to take, but her shining optimism and faith in tomorrow can be mighty uplifting. The Aries girl is rather a pushover for flattery, if it has an honest base.

Let her know you admire her, but don't be too flowery or sugary about it. Her loyalty in love is gigantic, as long as you keep the sentiment alive, for she is deeply sentimental. There's the typical Arien contradiction in her: She doesn't want a completely domineering male, but neither will she warm up to a man who sits adoringly at her feet.

Before love can bring her happiness, the Aries woman must meet the eternal Mars challenge-her strong desire to control the lover, conflicting with her secret wish to be controlled by him. Unbelievably idealistic, sometimes she. Since he exists only in fairy tales and the myths of King Arthur's court, the Aries woman often walks alone, without a star to guide her.

Her days are bright and full of excitement, her nights are sometimes dark and full of longing. Yet, when her defeated dreams become smoldering ashes-just as you think the flame is dying, Aries leaps up to build another fire.

She must be proud of you to love you. But don't be so important that you neglect to notice her talents and abilities. Though she'll demand a lot from you, she'll give double measure in return. The Aries girl can be generous to a fault with her time and sympathy, cheerfully sharing her possessions and money, but when it comes to love, she's downright stingy.

Don't admire your favorite movie actress in her hearing, or pay too many compliments to her girl friends. The man with an Aries wife is safer with a male secretary. If she's not first with you in every way, you'll soon wonder where all the intense passion and thrilling emotion went so fast.

When the Aries woman has been really hurt, she turns from fire to ice. Her fire bums hot and dies quickly. Her ice can be eternal. Memorize that, if you care deeply about her-and it's doubtful that she'll stand for you caring about her any other way.

Aries plays for keeps. She puts the loved one on a pedestal, expecting him to live up to an impossible image of perfection, stubbornly refusing to look at his clay feet, until they become too muddy for even her to miss. Never criticize the lover, husband or children of an Aries woman unless you're wearing an asbestos suit.

She's capable of being demanding, selfish, and making cutting remarks when you dampen her hopeful plans. Yet, she can also be gentle, devoted and cooperative when she's met halfway. Since she prefers the company of men to women, and solicits admiration from every male she meets, be he nine or ninety, you'll have plenty of chances to feel the stabs of those little green monsters of jealousy.

As fiercely possessive as she is of you, she won't put up with your possessiveness of her for an instant.

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The Aries girl insists on complete freedom, before and after marriage. You'll have to trust her wherever she goes and whatever she does, though she won't have that kind of faith in you unless she's learned the hard way to keep her emotions under control if it kills her, which it almost will.

It's not as bad as it sounds, because she'll be faithful, once she's really yours. An Aries girl is seldom able to love two men at the same time. She's simply too honest for such deception.

Barring unusual circumstances, she'll let you know clearly that love is dead before going ahead in total commitment to someone else. This woman is capable of deep passion and mystical idealism, woven together in strange patterns. In any relationship she feels is real and forever after, there will be no holding back, no feminine wiles, coquettish tricks or silly games.

Her love, like her speech and actions, is direct. There's something clean and fresh about the utter simplicity of her emotions, but even so, they often get her into waters way over her. You may have to tame her a little, but she'll accept It with surprising docility if she really loves you.

Mars females are often career girls. They can handle almost any profession a man can handle, from stockbroking to real estate. They can also turn a nice ankle or profile in strictly feminine occupations like modeling and acting.

It may be difficult to get her to give up her job for you, if it's a real career or profession. She may toss it overboard for a period, while she's suffused with the glow of romance and picturing a storybook cottage for two beside the sea typical of the Arien imagination that leads straight to the happy part and ignores the dull part.

But when the cottage begins to need a paint job, the roof starts to leak and the first fine rapture dims slightly, she may be anxious to dig out her social security card again. She'll be far happier and more loving-even more gentle-if she's allowed to fill her idle hours with something that interests her.

Mars emotions, unfulfilled, can look for molehills of frustrations to build into huge mountains of trouble. There's practically nothing this woman won't tackle. If it's a challenge or just something she thinks she wants to brighten her life, she'll make some kind of a stab at it whether it's practical or not.

I know an Aries woman who was forced for financial reasons to live for several years in , two rooms with a husband, five active children and a dog.

That kind of an arrangement can get a little cramped, and just contemplating it might give a woman with any common sense a few doubts.

Not a Mars female. This one coped somehow, though she may have let it goad her into a few tantrums. In the middle of the situation, when an astrologer read her natal chart and pointed out that her planetary aspects showed a long period of great hardship in her life, she was puzzled and intrigued.

This same impulsive Aries woman got a sudden urge one day to add another dog to the group camping out in two rooms. She felt the family's male pet needed a female companion. Besides, the children thought it was a rollicking good idea. The discovery that the second dog wasn't housebroken threw her only temporarily. Like a determined drill sergeant, she assigned every member of the family their turn at scrubbing the carpet.

After she saw that it would never be the same again, she surveyed the situation and made a decision. To get rid of the second dog? She was secretly hoping there would be puppies someday soon. The money would just have to come from somewhere to get a new rug.

As for the puppies, she was sure some miracle would happen to move the entire crowd into a new apartment before the happy event. Miracles have a way of happening to those who believe in them.

Aries women certainly believe. Sometimes to the point of foolishness. Her rash ways can get her into some complicated pickles, and she may have a few gray hairs before she leams how to avoid the same pickle twice. Aries is not noted for learning from experience. The spirit is willing, but the disposition is headstrong. There's no use to try to caution a typical Aries female with the biblical warning, "Pride goeth before a fall.

Her interpretation of the phrase, since she first heard it in Sunday School, is "When your pride goes, you fall. Never worry that your Aries girl will succumb to the charms of a wolf. She's immune to wolves and playboys, and in far more danger of being seduced by an idealist with a cause, preferably a lost cause.

But even with him, she'll assert her individuality frequently. It will never be completely conquered in the Mars woman, though it can be subdued by the right man. She'll buy you gifts, loan you money, nurse you through illness, and help you get a job.

And she'll expect the same from you. She'll deny it vehemently she does almost everything vehemently , but when she's miserable, you should be miserable.

When she's happy, you should be happy. To Aries, love is equal sharing. She'll expect to share your razor, your bank account, your friendships and your dreams. In return, you can share hers. Of course, her razor may be broken, her bank account a little overdrawn, her friendships slightly scattered and her dreams too large for you to swallow.

But she's not selfish with them. Keeping a secret from her can drive her wild, and it's not a good idea to drive an Aries wild. Don't ever embarrass her by your grammar, clothing or behavior in public.

She won't embarrass you, at least not in these matters. To injure her pride or dampen her enthusiasm will almost break her heart. Others will constantly be doing just that to her.

The world resents a female who talks back to it, and who thinks she's smarter than everyone else. When she discovers she really doesn't run the universe after all, she'll come running into your arms in tears, her world all dark and dismal. Then you'll have a chance to see her as she really is, defenseless and vulnerable in the extreme, for all her outer confidence.

She's not really Tugboat Annie. She'd just like to be. She admires strength and tries to imitate it. The Aries idealism and optimistic faith in human nature is often dashed to bits by reality. Comfort her with tenderness at these times, and you'll probably never lose her. Always defend her against her enemies.

She can never forgive you if you fail to fight for her or take her side. But be prepared to make up with them when she does, which may be quickly. At least she's layabout it. She'll also defend you. An Aries woman will throw away fame or fortune defiantly right in the face of anyone who hurts a friend of hers.

If she loves you, her indignation will have no bounds. These women are nothing if not loyal. As a wife, she may be quite a handful. There will probably be outside interests, because home will seldom be enough for her creative energies.

Don't expect her to be a happy little cricket, chirping away contentedly by the hearth. She'll be a competent enough cook, and she'll keep the house spanking clean-at least the part that shows. Still, she'll do it when it's necessary.

An Aries 'oman can do almost anything when it's necessary. Her re is more like that of a glittering diamond than like the?

There's undeniably brittle side to her nature, and she may agitate you more ften that she soothes you. But she's exciting and certainly. Then there are always those moments of oftness that belie her strong drive-for a man who has tie patience to bring them out. Mars women are always ofter inside than any but those who have been really close 3 them ever know.

Her conversation will be very intelli-;ent and very frequent. Don't hide behind the newspaper. She'll expect companionship from you, or you. You'll rarely find her complaining of illness or fatigue. This is not the woman to call and tell you'll be working ate at the office, unless you enjoy creating Fourth of July ireworks in the middle of February.

The Aries wife will probably make an ixcellent impression on your boss, if you can keep her from: She won't mind going: If she has a rare spell of letting herself go, the first word of disapproval from you will send her flying back to the mirror and perfume bottle.

In this way, she's as feminine as Eve herself. A flattering comment about your secretary's new hair style will do the same thing, but it's more dangerous. Besides, you were warned to hire a male secretary. There's a vain streak in a Mars woman which makes her sensitive about everything from her age to an innocent remark about how tired she looks, which she may take as a hint that you think she looks like an old hag.

Keep the passion and romance alive in your marriage, or she'll be miserably unhappy. Aries will waste little time changing any situation which causes unhappiness, and that can lead to a hasty separation or an impulsive divorce. In most cases, letting her handle the family checkbook would be unwise, but you can try it, if the bank is game.

As a mother, she'll see that the baby is clean, happy, healthy and loved. But her children will get lots of warm, impulsive kisses and bear hugs.

An April mother will teach her youngsters to believe in leprechauns. She'll take them for walks in the park, and point out the sparkling necklaces left on the lawn by the fairies when they danced under the moon where others might see only the early morning dew on the grass.

Aries women create a magic world of fantasy for their children. It's where they live themseves. She won't be a permissive parent, she'll insist on strict discipline, and will probably be very fortunate in raising her offspring to be independent adults. Her favorite weapons of child psychology are: This woman can be unreasonably temperamental, and create some violent scenes.

But her quickly aroused temper will splatter like summer hailstones and soon melt away. She'll never hold a grudge, seek revenge, indulge in self-pity or bitterness.

After an emotional storm, her optimistic, April nature will return like the rainbow suddenly appearing after a shower. Lots of people will tell you an Aries woman is completely masculine, but don't you believe them. She's all woman underneath her flashing, forceful exterior, perhaps too much woman for the average man.

But, of course, a knight in shining armor isn't an average man. Are there any lonely, courageous knights out there? This is the fair lady of your dreams, worth all the dragons you'll have to slay to win her. Don't forget that she bruises easily, in spite of her bright, brave smile.

That's just her shield against hurt. If you can turn the ram into a lamb, you'll have a woman who is honest and passionate, loyal and exciting-though she may be a little impulsive, bossy and independent.

Well, you can't have everything, you know. The Aries girl will help you find your lost illusions and she'll have a fierce faith in all your dreams. You don't have any? Borrow some of hers. She has plenty to spare.

If you believe in her just hall as much as she believes in you, you could make some miracles together. While Papa is passing out the cigars, the crimson-faced little Aries baby will yell for attention in the bassinet. How dare you ignore him and talk to the nurse?

Who's the boss around here anyway? You won't any more than get him in the taxi on the way home before that question will be emphatically answered.