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You want to express the depth of your feelings to all around you. And they are responding in kind. As we head towards the solstice you feel a deep sense of belonging and also when you look back over the past year, a sense of achievement which comes from doing the right thing.

Look back at your choices and you should experience the soul satisfaction that comes from staying true to your heart.

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Venus puts you in the perfect company this week sending the love far and wide across your social circle as it aligns to Neptune. Deep soul connections with those of like-minds is promised as is attracting the means to attain that goal or dream. As to have far you have yet to go — look to the way ahead as Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 8th on the same day.

The full Moon this week highlights neighbours and siblings who may play a role in the ongoing festivities. If you have had a falling out recently, then allow the holiday spirit to help patch things up.

There may be the feeling of having to be in two places at once due to unexpected invitations, so once work is done, kick up those heels. The love you feel is a gift — share it. Fabulous cosmic fated connections happen if you mix and mingle this festive season, Gemini.

The Sun remains in your sector of lasting love and partnerships right up until the solstice on the 21st. Uranus has moved back into its ruling 11th beaming you stimulating and unusual connections and social opportunities. There could be a true meeting between hearts and minds this week as for the first time in 12 years Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 7th.

Others could be looking at heading into the festive frolics on a high note buoyed by news around work. The following day sees a full Moon illuminate your money house. This has you ho ho humming over our beliefs around what you believe you will receive.

Again, this is more about gifts of the season but the material, emotional and acknowledgement you receive. Your intentions are set to reward and receive when it comes to your money and career. Jupiter and Mercury could be acting as Santa and his little helper with some of you receiving a significant boost or bonus in your income — or hearing of one for You are being given the gift of glimpsing where the future is taking you — and who is travelling with you into it.

Dynamic duos of all descriptions light up the solstice season for you, Gemini. Love is your gift — give freely Attract someone — or something, lasting Break free from routine. Feeling the love, finding the love is what this festive season is all about for you. This is your cycle of maximum attraction now so this holiday season and right on into the New Year, look to who or what is opposite you.

Although the year is drawing to an end you are in the process of attracting something new to you — new friends, opportunities, pleasure, outlets for creativity, gifts it is the season! You are in the mood to create pleasure for those you love — and also to seek it out.

Indulge yourself and radiate that feel good spirit. The more you do, the more you will attract in kind. Mercury in its ruling 6th meets Jupiter in here for the first time in 12 years creating opportunity for you when it comes to your work. This happens as the Sun arrives in your partnership sector boosting those feelings of connectedness.

Who or what is being reflected back at you as the Moon your ruler, waxes to fullness in your 1st on the 22nd, allowing you to look at what you need to prioritise and what needs to be let go of in the coming year. This includes satisfaction from both your work and your relationships.

Give the gift of love — and the present of your presence, this solstice, Cancer. Step into the gift of attraction this solstice season. And as you give love freely watch what is reflected back at you in return. Love is the greatest gift — and the great attractor now.

Work that gift of the right words Follow the star of insight. Ruler, the Sun is set to offer you a taste of freedom or a stellar opportunity this week.

It remains in your 5th of romance, good times and shining recognition until the 21st when it switches to your 6th. Until then, enjoy a period where surprises and unexpected delights and pleasure feature.

Shrug off any cares — at least temporarily, and allow the festive spirit to flow through you. You should be feeling at your most creative and expressive now and seeking outlets for this. Combine this with the first meeting in 12 years between Jupiter and Mercury in your 5th and this is more than just a party — this is a festival!

I could say be camera ready and by this I am referring to more than just selfies. Being photographed or just being in the spotlight is a distinct possibility. As for romance, that sexy banter heats things up. The Sun moves into your 6th on solstice day but remember, Jupiter and Mercury remain in your 5th.

Your psychic and intuitive abilities are about to receive a boost from the full Moon on the 22nd in your 12th. This is not a time to suppress your feelings or ignore your intuition.

This is also your house of the past — and your past lives. Look to who is around you now as chances are you may have shared more than one solstice together in more than one timeline. This full Moon allows for envisioning the future based on what your insight is telling you about it.

Work with tis energy not against it — even if it is telling you something you would rather not know. Step into the spotlight. That sexy banter is your superpower! Feel at one with the world — and who you are with Get a new sense of belonging.

If you were 18 or over back then think back to what happened around these issues — anything from where you were living, to help from family members, to your career. Something is set to expand for you, opportunity and potential come door-knocking, moving to a new home, property and career decisions or news around one of these could light up the solstice season for you this week.

You feel especially generous now and others — especially female family members or friends, show their generosity in turn.

What grounds you, what you can build on and makes you feel safe and secure is where you need to send those roots down deep. News of something you have wanted for a long time could accompany this meeting. The Sun arrives in your 5th on the 21st — the same day as Mercury and Jupiter meet indicating that what arrives has the feel-good factor attached with the potential to have you celebrating more than just the holiday spirit.

What makes this time special is the love that surrounds you which is the gift that just keeps on giving. You realise just how much of that you have to share now — and have others share love with you in return.

You could approach the end of the year celebrating good news along with the feeling of being one with the world, your surroundings, the people you are with and your future. What needs to be let go of for renewal to take place?

Contracts can be signed and agreements reached Step into a new cycle of opportunity and growth. Your ideas flourish and whatever it is you are selling now — people are buying. This is a week like no other to sell yourself in, negotiate and let others know what you can bring to the table.

You have a fantastic line-up in your house of business, commerce and communication — the like of which you have not had in 12 years. Contracts, agreements and paperwork of all kinds feature with the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury which rules this house, all in here.

The 21st sees a meeting between Mercury and Jupiter and if you have all your ducks in a row, this could herald the arrival of positive news around these themes. Stepping into a new cycle of growth in terms of your job, career or business is one likely outcome as draws near. In fact, sometimes when we receive what we want this can push a few of our buttons in unexpected ways.

Ruler Venus is in its ruling 2nd in your chart and trines Neptune in your work sector. Working with spiritual insight and creativity could form part of your rewards package.

The Sun moves into your 4th of stability, home and roots on the 21st indicating long term, security enhancing decisions will be made that build on your future. Like Leo, you are very much a sign which prides itself on its dignity, so I should not need to advise you to guard your image and reputation during the party season.

You are in a position to make an impression now and you need to ensure it is the right one. People are watching you — from potential lovers, partners or even bosses or those in a position of influence. Ensure you remain mindful of how you are coming across now at all times.

Along with Uranus this week, you have the chance to liberate yourself from a long term situation which has turned into a dead end. To kick start a new cycle we must release something to step into the future. This week tells you to let go — and enter into something new. Positive news could propel you into a New Year where all limits are off, Libra!

Time to sell yourself in. Do I have your attention now? Santa says you can be naughty and nice — and bank the benefits this week, Scorpio. Both your rulers ancient and modern are intent at the start of the week on boosting your mojo.

Mars in your 5th powers you will confidence and passion, while Pluto in your 3rd ignites ideas and your desire to succeed — at any endeavour. The result being you are pretty well unstoppable this week. You have the confidence to take the initiative in any situation.

What you say transforms the landscape especially when it comes to work and business but also your personal life. You can reach people on a primal level and they want what you are selling! This of course includes YOU. A sizzling romance could begin or intensify now — perhaps fanned by your ability to be candid about your attraction and what you want!

This week sees the Sun join Pluto in your 3rd on the same day 21st as Mercury its ruler meets with Jupiter in your money house. Business could just be booming as news of job or work success reaches you, which has the potential to put you in the black for This week also brings us a full Moon in your 9th under which to paradoxically set sail — to travel or explore something new.

This could be connected to work, ideas and business transformation and also seeing this as creating your base of operations to support further expansion. If you are going to expand your horizons, it makes sense you have a port to set sail from and return to.

Hence the emphasis on your base, security and long term plans even as you step into something breathtakingly bigger. Take that first step on a larger journey. Passion and power money are yours to explore this week. Take the initiative when it comes to getting what you want.

Prepare for a personal breakthrough Say goodbye to restrictions Make a commitment to your wellbeing. This week sees Mercury planet of ideas, communication and commerce, collide with ruler Jupiter in your 1st.

This represents a personal breakthrough moment that says you are going places! Travel is one possibility as is good news around business, work or any venture that involves writing, publishing or communication.

You are the key ingredient in your own success. Part of this involves a breakthrough or break-away out of a rut or something that has confined or restricted you lately.

Celebrate the return of confidence and your signature daring attitude. The Sun in your 2nd on the same day this occurs joins Saturn and Pluto pointing to a shift in finances or your personal circumstances that goes along with this.

The following day we see a powerful full Moon stride across your 8th of deeply intrinsic soul values, salary and shared resources. This promises the opportunity to enter into a new situation which transforms your money, standing and self-worth. Your ruler simply wants to deliver you good things and gives you the freedom to enjoy them as you watch the stars revolve around you this week.

Breakthroughs and break-outs are possible this week. Ruler Jupiter brings an opportunity your way. Work that brand, Sag as YOU are the hot ticket item this week!

The secret to your success? Dreams which take you away from the mundane and perhaps show you a life you could and perhaps should be living feature. People from your past or past lives may offer help, assistance, benefits or gifts as Mercury and Jupiter meet in your cosmic 12th on the same day as the Sun arrives in your 1st. Yes, your fresh start could well spring from the past or something you are not yet ready to reveal to the world.

Explore the ideas or directions your subconscious mind wants to send you in. Secrets, confidential matters — even signing confidentiality agreements or an opportunity which involves you working behind the scenes are doors you need to be prepared to walk through and which could lead to success now. It is a time for new beginnings, renewed optimism and you actively wanting to start a fresh phase with the Sun now in your sign.

You need to know what it is you want and also to believe in your ability to attain it. There should be no room for self-doubt now. Because the world will mirror that — not just for the month the Sun is in our sign but often for the duration of the coming year.

This week also delivers a full Moon in your partnership sector. They could have a major role to play in the upcoming year as your connection just got deeper and more meaningful.

So, be true to yourself and your ideas, beliefs and dreams and the world and the people you encounter will reflect this back at you. Your birthday season could begin with you planning something you are not yet ready to reveal.

Secret loves, plans and ambitions feature. Get lucky Who you know plays a role in where you go next Follow that inner voice towards your goals. Freedom , discussions and paperwork are all interlinked this week.

Signing something, an offer or reaching some kind of agreement could quite literally liberate you from a situation that has grown confining and stale.

Circumstance could just conspire to unshackle you from something that has been preventing you from moving forward. Your 11th is a house whose energy you are all too familiar with as you are of course, the 11th sign of the zodiac. So, you are well aware this is your house of individuality, friends, connections and also your goals.

Someone you know may provide the catalyst for this change or you could benefit from their help, expertise or generosity as Jupiter and Mercury meet in here for the first time in 12 years. Who you know plays a big role now.

This is also your week to take a chance and follow those hunches. The Sun enters your intuitive and insightful 12th on the 21st which is the same day as Mercury and Jupiter have their meet-cute. If you recall, I told you to make three wishes when Jupiter entered your 11th.

This week could just see it deliver on one of those if you are willing to follow through and do your part. The full Moon which hits your 6th on the 22nd asks you to take a close look at your daily routine, workload and wellbeing.

How are you supporting yourself in other words? This is the season of over-indulgence if we are not careful. Make a radical and possibility long-term commitment to caring for yourself a lot better than you have been under this Moon.

Call it your pre-New-Year-resolution-resolution to putting wellbeing first. Good times and embracing success require you to be at your best to enjoy your rewards. Break those chains and embrace freedom this week, Aquarius. Someone you know could be the catalyst for change.

Embrace opportunity and step into something new. Love gets bigger and bolder Get ready to receive rewards Unexpected invitations put you in festive flow. The Sun leaves your 10th this week and arrives in your 11th — putting you in full festive flow.

This week sees a status-and-reputation enhancing meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 10th. This could bring news of a raise, promotion, bonus or career opportunity for the coming year. Your professional stock is about to soar as you have not benefitted from an aspect like this for 12 years.

Jupiter and Mercury may have you working until the last possible moment but all this means is there may be just that much more to celebrate when you stop.

Good times and good companions are promised by the Sun in your 11th and for some, romance could just be the icing on the Christmas cake thanks to Venus in your 9th making a fabulous aspect to ruler Neptune in your 1st. Love could be extravagant, bold, outgoing and even come from far away.

However, you feel an incredible spiritual bond and also share the same sense of humour and ability to see the world the same way. This is your full Moon under which to express yourself, to dance, have fun and to flirt. Recognition and rewards could be part of your holiday season gifts, Pisces.

Get in the party spirit now. Fancy a bit of psychic inspiration? This Tarot reading intends to stir your own psychic ability. Are you trusting your intuition at the moment? Do you have a question that is unresolved?

Choose one of the three Tarot cards to see if there is a psychic message for you. I love this card. We are often caught in a situation where we struggle to see the full picture.

We can become so focused on what we perceive to be the only choices, that we miss the treasure we seek! It is an illusion to think there are only one or two answers or options.

We train ourselves and can be conditioned by the Patriarchy, and life, to limit our perception. We are also natural control freaks who want to hold tight to the reigns of our destiny.

The 4 of Cups is telling you that there is a cup being offered that you cannot see. You are so busy trying to work out the outcome that you are blind to the possibilities which are being dangled in front of you.

Open your mind and your own psychic intuition, there is so much more waiting! Unravel the mystery and embrace new dimensions. Can you feel the power surging through your being? You are about to channel vast creativity, sensuality and wonder. Perhaps others see you as a mother figure or you are enquiring about a woman who stands in her magnificence?

In either case, this is a majestic card. Even if you are a natural Empress is can be easy to be worn down by the responsibilities of life. If this card is you, you probably naturally nurture and care for those that cross your path. In the immediate future expect a surge of energy that reminds you of who you are and how far for have come.

You are glorious in your domain. The two of swords whispers that you have a decision to make. Or maybe you feel that neither is quite right? The Two of Swords is asking you if you have to answer the question now? Can you wait until the solution becomes clear? What is to be gained by deciding in this moment?

Go forward when you are SURE of the direction you want to go. Before you pick the stones up close your eyes and ask your question. Sit with the choices. With your eyes closed feel which stone feels heavier.

This may enable your intuition your mind and your heart to deliver you the enlightenment you seek. Eat, drink and be merry. By all means enjoy yourself but try to avoid too many processed foods.

Does your body really want that 10th mince pie? You know the answer to that. The perfect gift for someone may not be something that costs a lot of money.

In fact it might not cost anything at all except for your time. That single parent friend of yours might appreciate you offering to babysit more than that expensive bottle of wine or perfume.

Instead of a games console that child might like you to take them on a day out for a real experience instead of a virtual one. By all means if you know someone has set their heart on something and you can afford to give it to them, then we know that the expression on their face when they unwrap it is the best present you could have given to yourself.

Some people need more downtime than others. And have an exit strategy planned if you need to leave early. Some traditions are worth keeping and they give us a sense of belonging and something to look forward to.

By doing so you allow the universe to send through something new — which may become your next holiday tradition. Is it merry or is it just mindless consumption thinly disguised?

Remember, traditionally this time of year was all about giving thanks for what we had and focussing on the solstice and the start of the new year. What better gift is there than that? Very warm wishes to one and all, and welcome to the Wiccan Oracle for this week.

This week my own experience was pretty magical, for I for the first time in years found myself embracing Christmas. And now my home is Yule ready. I have had some fun with your activities this week as well, requiring some of you to connect with your inner child.

Welcome back again, you had last week the very beautiful Queen of Elphame. Was your world more magical, did you find time to frolic, did you get back to nature? Sagittarius when you think of the crystal ball do you see a fortune teller? Who is foretelling of handsome and beautiful strangers?

Think again, crystal balls are used to connect your 3rd eye, and enhance your psychic ability, and are fashioned from a variety of semi-precious gemstones, and they each have their own energy and purpose.

They all serve the common purpose of divinatory vision. In modern day terms I would translate it as a new pair of glasses for your third eye, and intuitive energy will be strengthened.

The veil of anything false or fake is removed now. Your dreams will be present with messages, from the past, to help you in the now.

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It is now a time for growth, change and movement, even if we are still under the influent of astrological influences, you are being assisted to proceed through such blockages. Another time where in conjunction with your previous card, you will be feeling isolated and almost hermitized in this process, you can still combine the activities of the last reading and continue to commune with nature, never stop exploring your world.

But you will soon be moving to a more sociable and connective time with other people in your life. So, with great vision, knowledge and planning comes decision making. Whatever decisions you make, they will if made honestly will be made wisely.

You may also find yourself among new friends, resonating new aspects of yourself. Do you fancy yourself a crystal ball or a scrying stone, a hand-held palm stone black obsidian is a lovely stone to work with? The true scrying is done by relaxing, gentle meditation and allowing yourself to see whilst you close your eyes.

A 3rd eye chakra mediation will achieve this. If you find this a little difficult to do, ask that you are guided in your dreams and day to day thoughts during your quieter moments.

Make some time each day just for you, A good habit to get into anyway, along with your walks to get fresh air , to just be you and escape from whatever else is going on in your world. Five minutes before you get out of bed, and when you are done with your day, before you go to bed.

Taking time out for you is so important to take stock through your day to see what you need to see and deal with issues that arise. Capricorn hello to you, last week you drew the familiar, tell me did you connect with people, animals and feel their love and support for you?

Please if you did share here! The connections you made last week were important, and will continue to be so for you. By drawing the cloak, you are now being given a gift that has practical, mental and magical properties.

Ensure you use it well. The cloak was the garment of choice in days gone by, our ancestors used to wear them to protect themselves against the elements. A cloak also serves as a disguise, their hoods veiling its wearer, until revealed by a closer look if you dare, or the wearer turning the hood down. It can also serve to give its wearer a sense of purpose, appropriate to the task they are carrying out.

Worn also in mystical, religious and secret ceremonies by Freemasons, modern day witches and wizards, druids, and fans of the supernatural. Harry Potter uses his cloak of invisibility, gifted by Sirius Black, to help him on plenty of occasions to move unseen, in order to carry out his heroics.

Whilst that is very interesting what does it mean to you? If you have plans or any ideas you are advised to keep them a secret for now.

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Think very carefully, are you really ready to make your announcement? Or do you have to tweak your ideas a little more?

Are you rushing a project? Is everyone involved on the same page. So, hide under your cloak, be enigmatic. By holding back, this will be a time to find out more information about them, and their intentions. You are dear soul, the traveller on a journey, on which you are guided and steered towards your destination, protected by your cloak, listening, watching and waiting for your time to drop down your hood, and speak.

But it does involve you making time for yourself, as all these activities do. Think like the afore mentioned Mr Potter. You have been given a cloak. What kind of cloak is it? Close your eyes, take in its colour, material, and texture. What is its purpose? Think about the situation it relates to, the people concerned therein.

Information will come to light that will serve you well. Good luck, enjoy, this is your time Peaks — Timing and wisdom Troughs — Patience, patience.

How was last week with the cone of power? Which element or aspect of your life did you visit and resolve? Remember if you ever need to visit a problem, visualise the cones of power and use the right one for the situation in hand. This week you draw the book of shadows this is a very important and private book, that a worker of wiccan or witchcraft will keep.

It can be any book, that belongs to a witch will keep through their lifetime, and beyond.


Think of it as a diary of magical thoughts, and wonderings. This could also be called the book of your life, as a whole, what spells are inside you, that you can help manifest into your outer self? What did you learn? What did you change as a as a result? If you are confused about a situation and cannot see a way out, look into yourself, for you have your own answers.

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Guess what it is going to be? Yes, go out and buy a blank journal, treat yourself, and a new pen reserved for writing in it. Write in it, your thoughts, reflections and if you do practise spell work, I am sure you already have a book of shadows already.

I would also write in it your activities, and your thoughts and feelings on as you work your way through them. Did you bathe well in the holy water, and are you refreshed and renewed?

I hope you found the ebb and flow and new energy. It is a modern word for enemy, arch enemy, the worst thing we dread. She may also be likened to the energy of water, or a mirror for she is a reflective goddess, asking us to look back at ourselves, our actions, and the part we play in our lives, and the lives of others in all situations, social, career and personal.

So, you are in fact continuing the theme of water energy in your life. She stands with a bowl in her right hand and an apple in her left. She is an earthbound goddess, barefoot, simply dressed, wearing a humble crown of leaves.

Nemesis offers you the bowl as an opportunity to literally come clean with yourself, true deep reflective honesty, to cleanse yourself by admitting things that are hard to accept.

She then offers you an apple, this is wisdom, what your decisions could or should be to correct the results of such actions, words and thoughts, and how to get back on the right path.

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But you are being warned, that if you are harbouring negative thoughts or actions against someone or about a situation, you should reconsider as you could find Nemesis having a little word in your ear sometime in the future. She offers you protection from others who are emitting such energy towards you at this time, so you are cleansed from the consequences of their actions, and given the wisdom to make the right decision on how to handle it.

It could also be a time when you are seeing karma dealt to someone who has caused you deliberate or thoughtless harm in your life. Get comfy, quiet and cosy.

Peaks — Release and movement, the truth can be faced now. Troughs — Tough lessons may be faced. Representing masculine energy, or attributes we traditionally associate with the masculine. Ike the wand it is a direct, focussed force.

Are you ready for a work out of your life? Which you are being helped with by the Sword. Imagine the knightess, or handsome prince making his way to the castle, cutting through the forest of thorns, or the sharp-witted Queen of swords, who can silence enemies, end arguments and slice a lie with her tongue. This is you right now. Slick, quick witted, and wasting no time.

Not everyone will appreciate your honesty, and laser beam ability to spot and deal with lesser mortals. So be gentle, and kind with your words, maybe throw in a little patience too.

Whilst I do not profess to be skilled with reading Rider Waite tarot, I know the presence of the knight of swords, can mean a messenger arriving with short, sharp and to the point news.

The fact you are receiving the sword means you are this knight, and that carries great responsibility. The first bit requires some truth and honesty with yourself.

What do you want to do, with your life? Are you where you should be? Doing what you want to be doing? With the people you want to be with?

How does it make you feel? The issues that scare you and may be blockages in achieving your dreams can be scary, but you now have your sword, you can find a way to cut your way through with a sense of purpose. Imagine yourself living that dream or hope filled scenario. If you find this dream is but that and not realistic, your gut will tell you and you can use the sword to cut it out of your life plan.

You will not feel its pain, for this blade is swift and quick. And you can focus on what you need to doing. Ding Dong Taureans, did you ring the changes? Talk to some folks? I hope your week was productive and reflective.

So, this week you have the snake, which follows so nicely from the bell, why? Because you created movement you now have the chance to let your imagination and artistic flair loose this week Taurus, apt if you are putting your decorations up , creativity is around you now.

This is an energy linked to all areas of your life. For example, when it comes to resolving problems and issues, you will more than one, and possibly an interesting solution. In dire situations where you feel all is lost, a resurgence with fresh energy is about you.

You will rise up ready to deal with anything that comes your way. You will find yourself generally more in touch with those you hold dear, and find yourself hugging and wanting to be near them. Embrace this sense of vibrant vitality, apply it to your whole life, for the serpent is also very knowing, and very sharp minded.

This is your conscious activity this week. Peaks — High energy to be used with wisdom. Troughs — You may be nervous expressing yourself in any creative way. The next phase is reflecting this new rejuvenated you to the world.

This version of yourself is natural honest and pure. You will also find that you are able to connect with your deeper self via all of your senses and calling upon your spirit guides. Mirrors are found in nature, in water, in ice, and of course from sand transformed into the loveliest reflective surface that we adorn our homes with to create a fresh self portrait every time we gaze into it.

The instant selfie, and most honest and accurate one at any time. This is how the world sees you. You will be shining, and your senses and chakras will be at their fullest potential. If something feels off, trust your gut, it probably is. Take time to consider, reflect, and think about situations.

Be honest with yourself about situations in your life, and others, and be kind too. Gemini what can you do this week? In your most natural form, make-up free , stand before a mirror, do not rush this. Have a really good look at yourself. Now you can look at your face, but if you are able your real naked self.

This is not about pinching an inch or two, or imagining yourself with a face life. What is your favourite feature? Do you need to adorn this lovely body and face with make up and clothes that do not suit your true personality?

Is it time to reconsider the outward image you convey? I know this is not a comfortable one for everyone to do, but we wash and bathe every day, so use that time to have a 5-minute chat to yourself in the mirror. Did it go well for you? This week is about nature, and the Green man who guards it.

The week ahead for libra

It is lovely card, for me the epitome of nature, I have a wall ornament in my garden, folklore says promotes growth, and fertility. I like to think he helps my planting projects succeed. The Green Man stands for, facing fears, courage in self-expression.

He also represents an opportunity to look at money earning potential and growth in financial areas. Where there is conflict either socially, romantic, professional or socially you are being told this is a good time for communication, and respect.

This is a time of union, reunion, and growth in relationships. There may be decisions to make as to which way you need to go but however you decide it is for the best and will result in growth for you.

Your strong energy may be called upon, to act as a guardian, and protect those around you. You may also find yourself the centre of a networking situation, socially or professionally. It is suggested you show respect and honour to the feminine to develop deeper, more harmonious connections in relationships.

You may also be focussing on your family and regain your connections with them. If you have the intention you will understand your world and the people in it much more deeply, reaping great results and movement.

December 15, 2018

If you identify as a woman reading this — Be bold, have courage, assertiveness is called for. By going forward with conviction, firmly believing in your actions, you will achieve results.

If you are looking at relationships in your life, now is a time to take action, not wait for things to happen, go out and claim what you need. This is a brilliant activity, and somewhat mocked by the cynical, which we are not.

Get out and about, explore nature a hug a tree. Take some quiet time, feel the air, have some fun. If you can listen to the noises the trees make. Give thanks for nature. Dear Leo welcome, last week you drew the mirror, a time of reflection, rejuvenation and being yourself.

I really hope it went well for you. How are your connections with creatures and your fellow humans? Any creature from the animal kingdom that is mutually attracted to us. A powerful friend to have around, a guide, and guardian. Emitting their own vibrant magical energy, they promote healing.

I have two adorable cats who are very, very magical and I cannot imagine a home without them. You may already have creatures in your life that you are particularly connected to, enjoy that relationship.

It maybe you find that he or she is fussing round you more, urging you to rest and relax, talk to it. There are humans you can relate to, and get support from. In keeping with the theme of love, happiness and healing, now in reaching out to the world, and looking at your current friendships and support network. Is it time to let people know you are, let people get to know you?

If you have one already, take a look at it, resolve any conflict in it with the help of your familiar. Your familiar will be with you as you encounter the world now, you have a spirit animal, so know it is with you, with the power to protect and guide. Maybe you are thinking of getting an animal companion in the coming weeks, if so, you will be drawn to one particular, and feel as if it is actually choosing you.

This week, you have a meditation. You need, a quiet comfy space, not to be disturbed for about 20 minutes. Get comfy, imagine you are walking.

Peak — Companionship, support Trough — Finding out who your friends are and admitting you need support. Beautiful grounded Virgo hello, well last week you drew The Owl, what did it say to you, what did you learn, how do you feel? It seems that the Queen Elphame is moving through the signs at the moment, and I have wondered at the significance of this, it is especially important for those born on the cusp, and may mean the lesson needs to continue.

The Queen of Elphame lived in Thier-na-Oge, the land of eternal youth, deep in a forest so get thee back into the woods again dear Virgo, it seems nature is really calling to you. Work that new swagger, feel that connection with the ground. Feeling much surer footed and marching to your own beat.

If you have found relaxing and mediation difficult lately, please know it will flow more easily now your spirit could feel freer. There is a sense of being able to breathe clearly.

How beautiful and magical is your world right now, open your eyes, notice the beauty of nature in your surroundings and others people.

Look at the wonder in the faces of people you meet, and you will find they will respond to your glow with a lovely warm smile. On a slightly down side, it could also be that by drawing this card you may be thinking more one dimensionally, and may need to rethink your deeper feelings on what you consider to be attractive.

Release any ego or negative thoughts about yourself and others, and acknowledge too that you are beautiful inside and out.