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We will also tell you which celebrities are born on January 10 and which historical events took place on that special day.

First of all we have to say that the planet that is ruling Capricorns born on January 10 is Saturn. Of course, it is known that all people born between January 2 and January 11 are influenced by Venus as well.

The influence of Venus we can see in the sensuality and passion of people born on January But, it is also important that Mercury has influence on this sign, too. Mercury is the planet responsible for communication skills and intelligence of people born under January 10 zodiac sign.

It is also known that astrological symbol for Capricorn zodiac sign is Goat. It is the astrological symbol of all people who are born in the period between December 22 and January Also, it is interesting to know that the zodiac sign that is opposite to Capricorn is Cancer.

When it comes to numerology, it is important to say that the number typical for people born on January 10 is 1, which is a symbol of leadership and self-confidence. If you are interested to know more about January 10 and its symbolism, you should continue reading this article.

January 10 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

We are sure that you will find something that will be useful and interesting for you. It will certainly help you understand your own life better and also the world around you.

If you are a Capricorn born on January 10, then you must be a very disciplined and loyal person. Also, we can say that you may be a little shy sometimes. One of your best qualities is your determination. It means that you are a determined person and you never give up from your goals. People born under January 10 zodiac sign are very practical and also generous.

They are also realistic about what they can do and what they are not able to do. They always keep their word and they never disappoint people around them. People who celebrate birthday on January 10 are also very charming and they have self-control in everything they do. For them it is important to have balance in their lives and to learn new things.

Although people born on January 10 have many positive traits, there are also some negative things related to them. Capricorns born under January 10 zodiac sign are usually very sensitive and they love to take control over every situation. Also, sometimes their lack of emotion can make them selfish and manipulative.

Now you will have the opportunity to see something more about love life and love compatibility of people born on January When it comes to love, it is interesting to say that people born on January 10 are very romantic and also dependable.

They love to have balance in their love life and to find someone who will be loyal and trustworthy. They usually think well before they commit, because they want to be sure that they have chosen the right person.

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The astrology says that people born on January 10 are most compatible with someone who is born on 4th, 6th, 13th, 17th, 24th and 31st. When it comes to zodiac signs that are compatible with Capricorns born on January 10, we have to mention Virgo and Taurus.

These zodiac signs have similar views and opinions as Capricorns, so they get on very well with each other. It is also interesting to say that Capricorns can have great relationships with Cancer, even though these two signs are completely different. It is not unusual for Capricorns born on January 10 to choose partners who have different personalities from them.

They love partners who are hard to understand and who have unusual behavior. Very often people born on January 10 love something extreme and unusual. It is known that people born under January 10 zodiac sign are usually weak and sensible, so they usually choose strong and self-confident partners.

Sometimes they also choose partners who have destructive tendencies, because it helps them discover their own dark sides. According to astrology, people born on January 10 as well as all other Capricorn people should avoid Sagittarius zodiac sign.

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Now when you know how the love life of Capricorns born on January 10 looks like, we will tell you something about the purpose and career of this zodiac sign. When we talk about the purpose of people born on January 10, we have to mention their constant need for change. If you are born on January 10, then you must be a very intelligent person and you may be successful in many different fields.

As we have already said, people born on January 10 have many communication skills and they are very successful in law and teaching.

Also, it is believed that January 10 people can make great success in economics and finance. There are also many great politicians who are born on January One of the most famous politicians who was born on this day was Grigori Rasputin.

It is also important to mention that many musicians are born on January As you can see, there are many different careers that are typical for people born on January Springtime is all about love for you!

Mars continues in your marriage house until May There is no way you can avoid confrontation with any bad behaviour within the union now. You have to decide whether this issue is really worth fighting for however, because things could turn quite ugly if the other is used to your backing down.

If not, then this is one of those times when confronting the problem is actually about severing ties with it all together. Both malefics in your 7 th house of relationships during this period will have you working hard on keeping them confrontation free. But sometimes a good row is what you need to bring festering frustrations to a head for healing.

A marriage break up is the traditional interpretation for Saturn in your marriage house, but only if your relationship had been left to rot anyhow.

At least Saturn here can reconstitute any stinking residue to fertilize the romantic soil for new growth. The 7 th house is one of the foundational houses of the chart, so this is one of the most important Saturn transits. Commitments made in partnerships over this period, wether to fix or finish them, will impact all other areas of your life.

Jupiter continues in lovers and pleasure zone and has been there since the start of the year. On its own however, Jupiter in this playhouse might just help generate a fling and a great deal of romantic yearning.

Taking things too seriously will not be too easy right now anyhow. At the very least, the lover could be the perfect muse for wonderful art or music.

This character could also inspire the writing of a passionate love story. Most of all though, you will have the courage to just be yourself, without the need to wear awkward-fitting masks.

This natural behavior is very appealing. It seems that short time flings are more likely than serious long-term relationships.

Or so much pressure is put on your marriage that the temptation to have an affair is great. To cap it all Black Moon Lilith is also in your 7 th house, which creates more potential for triangular relations there. If Lilith should hit any afflicted planet on its journey, the consequences of playing with fire could result in severe burns.

Jealousies between rivals could erupt and their revenge could wreak havoc in all other areas of your life. Lilith the mistress could also come from the outside and interfere with your relationship. Stalking someone unobtainable is also a real possibility.

The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse in your very own personal 1 st house is very much like a rebirth. This is a seed moment where you can really make some powerful manifestation magic in your life. Be careful what you wish for because any strong intentions make at this Solar Eclipse will really grow!

This is the dawn of a new cycle for you. A reboot from the cosmos, that will shake you up so much that you will also find a domino effect on other foundational areas. The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse falls in your taboo 8 th house.

January 10 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

Debt and death are not the coziest topics for an eclipse to flood into your consciousness. But the inky black sea of squid that flushes out of you just shows what has been building up in your psyche for some time.

You might find you have quite a perverse desire to watch gory movies or post-mortem shows at this time. It can feel quite gut-wrenching, but at the same time cathartic as all the angst is wrenched out of you.

Yes, vomit is the word.

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Mars retrograde started Jun 27 and will last until Aug 2 also in that shadowy 8 th house. Prepare to start amputating any nightmare brain cells that have been messing with your psyche.

You get to be your own psychologist as you become very well acquainted with the dungeons of your soul. But Mars inverted has a real Plutonic feel to it and the 8 th house is just plain creepy, so this experience is hardly going to a summer stroll in the park. No, instead this transit will drag you through the woods backwards, kicking and screaming.

It could be more like Alice falling into a rabbit hole, because you are just so darn curious, and it will just get curious and curiouser. The universe can speak to you in quite spooky ways and feel quite supernatural.

Mars re-enters your marriage house on Aug 3 and goes direct there on Aug It is VERY unlucky to initiate any court proceedings with mars in retrograde. If you are after a large settlement from your ex, forget it if you initiate proceedings.

However, if the other party starts the ball rolling then you should be fine. Indeed, if it is they who had done the dirty, then you can secretly smile to yourself that divine retribution will take care of everything… Wait until Aug 11 if you really must go ahead with dissolving the union.

The same day Mars went direct in Aug 11, Lilith entered your 8 th house. Lilith here carries that possibility of becoming involved with a lover who is taboo to your friends and family. They could be a criminal, a junkie or just an arrogant, aggressive control-freak! The taboo may also be due to differences in race, religion, age or class.

Cancer January 2019 Astrology Horoscope - Joyful New Year!

Venus Retrograde on Oct 6 in your house of lovers. Wooo, more hot stuff! If you are single and do happen to begin a relationship under this transit, bear in mind that when Venus goes direct there could be a change of heart. This might be because, the romance got the better of you both, but a harsh reality ends it.

Another possibility is flirting madly with someone online, only to find there is no chemistry in real life. Make the most of this extra-long period of Venus is such a fantastic position.

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During the first half of this period from Oct 6 to 26, Venus is in her prudent phase will be more likely to gain pleasure watching others horse around, while during the second half from Nov 1 to 16, Venus as Lucifer moves back into your 4 th house and gets restless with the urge to furnish the living room with glitzy gold paisley wallpaper. Do get a second opinion!

Ceres has also now moved into your 5 th house of lovers where Venus has been running amuck. An old flame could be just a reminder of some of the dreams you had, before reality slapped you in the face! Ceres the counsellor helps us look at any potential affairs psychologically, can see the bigger picture and nip them in the bud.

Take a cold shower! It is very likely your schedule will be jam-packed for the next year, but whether it is reflected in your wage is another matter.

In terms of work experience though, this period is invaluable, so think of this as an apprenticeship. If you have been employed for a while and starting to feel enslaved by your job, Jupiter will really exaggerate the whip-cracking.

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This is not the right time to actually leave and try for a better position however. Next year would be better in terms of finding benefactors , so be patient and work on a leaving strategy.

The backdrop for your decan is the Saturn opposition from Jan 1 to Dec Unfortunately this a tough transit no question, but just quite how tough depends on how Saturn is configured in your natal chart. The battle that ensues can make or break you, but fear not, for those with a strong Saturn it will surely be made, so get in shape!

A healthy body means that the mind will also be fit and less likely to fall into a defeatist mindset. The blues can only hit badly if you are already in a weakened state, through addictions, bad relationships, lack of exercise or a bad diet. The Lilith opposition from Jan 1 to Feb 6 will show up where you will need to really put up firm Saturn boundaries.

This is where those bad, forbidden temptations will show up in the form of seductions and tests of will power. This temperance is rewarded by the Venus trine from Feb 11 to 18 which will bring out the more positive manifestations of the Saturn opposition.

A relationship could become more solid and dependable or you could find commitment where you never expected it. On the other hand, the Venus square from Mar 7 to 14 heralds a challenging phase where any new partnerships will call for more commitment on your part.

It will demand that you accept responsibility for your actions and behave in a more mature manner. It might be the case that you actual inspire respect from those people you have been co-operating with. The Mercury Retrograde is in your sign from Apr 4 to Apr 15 which will help you review any collaborations that are not working well.

Saturn is about discernment so during the retrograde is when you have to get really fussy about who you choose to work with. The Venus conjunction from May 20 to 27 will show you who your real friends are. Take this time out to go and have some fun after the stress of the last few hard aspects. Everyone needs a break at some point! The second half of the year Saturn continues to give you some hard knocks, but some of them are useful and educational.

This transit is the planetary equivalent of going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, you will get knocked down by life more than a few times, but you will get up again and again, and again….

This boxing match only happens every 29 years, so it is helpful to prepare a year in advance. If you have seen this coming then you are a wise Cancerian indeed. If you have made it this far and are still standing then you will have built some solid psychological muscle at least.

This muscle will really help you with the Saturn square in 7 years time. But back to and the Venus square from Aug 7 to On its own it is just a little glitch in your social life and you should be able to sail through it well enough. The Ceres square from Sep 6 to 27 might be a little tough to chew as in-laws or female authority figures become irritating and pile on the chores..

Again there is this repeated theme of having to accept more responsibility and in the process having to say no to temptations and distractions that sap your energy. You have limited energy resources so discernment is the key. The rest of the year has a beautiful sequence of harmonious aspects.

You are lucky enough to get a double dose of the Venus trine the first one being from Sep 9 to Venus retrograde this year ensures that Venus will be deeper and richer with her slower action and this will work in your favour.

Venus will almost work like an outer planet, so almost as ethereal as Neptune.

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This takes love relationships to a higher, spiritual level which is a nice balance to the Saturn opposition reality check that is working in the background. The Venus Retrograde trine from Oct 12 to 31 can bring an old flame back from the past, or at least an old friend returns from their travels.

The sensual and earthy Ceres trine from Nov 12 to Dec 4 is perfect for getting in touch with the ancestors or connecting with mother earth.

If you want to do any home entertaining then now until the end of the year is perfect. No bumps for Cancer decan 1 and you should easily sail through the final Saturn opposition which ends on Dec 20 , just in time for Christmas! The passionate Mars trine from Nov 16 to 30 gives you a boost of energy and helps lift you from any Saturn melancholia.

The light is at the end of the tunnel with the gorgeous Venus trine from Dec 3 to