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Rowling 's Harry Potter book series, Cal Quidditch was founded in and competes in national tournaments, recently earning a ranking of 24th at US Quidditch Cup 10 , held in Kissimmee, Florida. The UC Men's Octet is an eight-member a cappella group founded in featuring a repertoire of barbershop, doo-wop, contemporary pop, modern alternative, and fight songs.

They are one of only two multiple time champions of the ICCA , having won the championship in both and The California Golden Overtones, founded in , have a very similar repertoire to the Octet. Noteworthy competed in Season 5 of America's Got Talent. It is a tradition for every Berkeley a cappella group to perform under the campus' Sather Gate each week at different times during the week.

In addition to a Capella, Berkeley is host to a myriad of other performing arts groups in comedy, dance, acting and instrumental music. A few examples include jericho! Since , students and staff jazz musicians have had an opportunity to perform and study with the University of California Jazz Ensembles.

Under the direction of Dr. Tucker, who was hired by the Cal Band as a composer, arranger, and associate director, but was later asked to direct the jazz ensembles as it grew in popularity and membership, the group grew rapidly from one big band to multiple big bands, numerous combos, and numerous instrumental classes with multiple instructors.

The festival later included high school musicians. The jazz ensembles became an effective recruitment tool. Many high school musicians interested in strong academics as well as jazz found that the campus met both interests. Numerous alumni have had successful careers in jazz performance and education including Michael Wolff and Andy Narell.

UC Berkeley also hosts a large number of conferences, talks, and musical and theatrical performances. Many of these events, including the Annual UC Berkeley Sociological Research Symposium, are completely planned and organized by undergraduate students.

Cal is also a member of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation in several sports not sponsored by the Pac and the America East Conference in women's field hockey. The first school colors, established in by a committee of students, were Blue specifically Yale Blue and Gold. Blue and Gold were specified and made the official colors of the university and the state colors of California in In addition, Cal athletes have won numerous individual NCAA titles in track, gymnastics, swimming and tennis.

On January 31, , the school's Hurling club made athletic history by defeating Stanford in the first collegiate hurling match ever played on American soil. California finished in first place [] in the —08 Fall U. Cal finished the —08 competition in seventh place with points.

This is California's highest ever finish in the Director's Cup. However, in June news surfaced that the university has had trouble selling the seats. In , Cal instituted a strict academic standard for an athlete's admission to the university.

By the academic year 80 percent of incoming student athletes must comply with the University of California general student requirement that they have a 3. The Golden Bears' traditional arch-rivalry is with the Stanford Cardinal. The most anticipated sporting event between the two universities is the annual football game dubbed the Big Game, and it is celebrated with spirit events on both campuses.

Since , the winner of the Big Game has been awarded custody of the Stanford Axe. Other sporting games between these rivals have related names such as the Big Splash between the water polo teams. One of the most famous moments in college football history occurred during the 85th Big Game on November 20, In what has become known as "the band play" or simply The Play , Cal scored the winning touchdown in the final seconds with a kickoff return that involved a series of laterals and the Stanford marching band rushing onto the field.

Gordon Moore , BS , cofounder of semiconductor company Intel. Natalie Coughlin , BA , multiple gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer.

Mostafa Chamran , Ph. Harold Urey , PhD , Nobel laureate and discoverer of deuterium. As of [update] , 34 alumni and 40 past and present full-time faculty are counted among the Nobel laureates associated with the university. Shiing-Shen Chern , a leading geometer of the 20th century and a faculty member of the Berkeley mathematics department, co-founded the renowned Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at Berkeley in and served as the founding Director until Robert Oppenheimer was the scientific director of the Manhattan Project that developed the first atomic bomb in the world during World War II , and was the founder of the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics.

Seaborg discovered or co-discovered 10 chemical elements at Berkeley and served as the Chancellor of UC Berkeley from — Pardee ; Hiram W. Alumni have made important contributions to science. Some have concentrated their studies on the very small universe of atoms and molecules.

Nobel laureate William F. Nobel laureate Glenn T. Seaborg PhD collaborated with Albert Ghiorso BS to discover 12 chemical elements, such as americium , berkelium , and californium.

Nobel laureate Yuan T. Lee PhD developed the crossed molecular beam technique for studying chemical reactions. Carol Greider PhD , professor of molecular biology and genetics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering a key mechanism in the genetic operations of cells, an insight that has inspired new lines of research into cancer.

Harvey Itano BS conducted breakthrough work on sickle cell anemia that marked the first time a disease was linked to a molecular origin. Tryon PhD is the physicist who first said our universe originated from a quantum fluctuation of the vacuum. Berkeley alumni have developed a number of key technologies associated with the personal computer and the Internet.

Alumni such as L. In particular, the Alto used a computer mouse , which had been invented by Doug Engelbart B. Simonyi later became the first repeat space tourist , blasting off on Russian Soyuz rockets to work at the International Space Station orbiting the earth.

Joy, who went on to co-found Sun Microsystems, also developed the original version of the terminal console editor vi , while Ken Arnold BA created Curses , a terminal control library for Unix-like systems that enables the construction of text user interface TUI applications. ViolaWWW was the first browser to have embedded scriptable objects, stylesheets, and tables.

Alumni collectively have won at least eight Pulitzer Prizes. Pulitzer Prize—winning cartoonist Rube Goldberg BS invented the comically complex—yet ultimately trivial—contraptions known as Rube Goldberg machines. Alumna and professor Susan Rasky won the Polk Award for journalism in Alumni have also written novels and screenplays that have attracted Oscar-caliber talent, including The Call of the Wild author Jack London.

Stone also wrote The Agony and the Ecstasy , which was later made into a film of the same name starring Oscar winner Charlton Heston as Michelangelo. Collectively, alumni have won at least 20 Academy Awards.

Ferguson BA have each [] [] won an Oscar for documentary filmmaking. Alumni have collectively won at least 25 Emmy Awards: Elisabeth Leamy is the recipient of 13 Emmy awards. Alumni have acted in classic television series that are still broadcast on TV today.

Alumni have also participated in the world of sports. Matt Biondi BA won eight Olympic gold medals during his swimming career, in which he participated in three different Olympics. Berkeley alumni—often generous benefactors—have long been among the billionaire ranks, giving rise to many of the campus' eponymous schools, pavilions, centers, institutes, and halls, with some of the more prominent being J.

Haas , Bob Haas , Hearst, and Bechtel families. There are at least 18 living alumni billionaires: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. History of the University of California, Berkeley. University of California, Berkeley Library System. List of companies founded by UC Berkeley alumni.

Campus of the University of California, Berkeley. University of California finances. Student financial aid in the United States.


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The inputs for its equations — temperature, moisture, wind, etc. This visualization was compiled on Aug. Swirls of sea salt indicated by blue reveal typhoons Soulik and Cimaron heading straight towards South Korea and Japan. A haze of black carbon indicated by red suffuse from agricultural burning in Africa and large wildfires in North America.

And clouds of dust indicated by purple float off the Sahara desert. With nearly a hundred fatalities, hundreds of thousands of acres burned and billions of dollars of damage, the world watched in horror as Camp Fire grew to become the most destructive California wildfire. This image was captured on Nov. It consolidates both visible light and shortwave-infrared light in order to highlight the active fire.

Strong winds and dry conditions literally fanned the flames and spread this wildfire like a rash. This image has not only become the iconic portrait for Camp Fire, it is also sobering representation of how quickly a fire can grow out of control in a short amount of time.

Even from space, you can almost smell the massive plumes of smoke and feel the heat of the fires. Whether you realize it or not, our Earth satellite missions are collecting data everyday in order to monitor environmental changes and prepare for natural disasters.

If your interest is piqued by this list, head over to the Earth Observatory. The Earth Observatory updates daily with fresh, new content — brought to you by none other than our eyes in the sky. Likely caused by a meteor, it was uncovered in Greenland by a team of international scientists using radar data. In this case, the crater is near Hiawatha Glacier, covered by a sheet of ice more than half a mile thick.

The meteor that created it was likely half a mile wide. The meteor hit Earth within the last 3 million years, but the impact could have been as recent as 13, years ago. While it was likely smaller than the meteor credited with knocking out the dinosaurs, this impact could have potentially caused a large influx of fresh water into the northern Atlantic Ocean, which would have had profound impacts for life in the region at the time.

Go here to learn more about this discovery: IceBridge uses a suite of instruments to help track the changing height and thickness of the ice and the snow cover above it.

IceBridge also measures the bedrock below the ice, which allows for discoveries like this crater. Welcome to our 6th annual annual Black Hole Friday! Check out these black hole deals from the past year as you prepare to head out for a shopping spree or hunker down at home to avoid the crowds.

First things first, black holes have one basic rule: Some black holes form when a very large star dies in a supernova explosion and collapses into a superdense object. This is even more jam-packed than the crowds at your local mall — imagine an object 10 times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere with the diameter of New York City!

Some of these collapsing stars also signal their destruction with a huge burst of gamma rays. Our Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory continuously seek out the signals of these gamma ray bursts — black hole birth announcements that come to us from across the universe. Scientists are still figuring out some puzzles about these types of wind.

Where do they come from, for example? And do they change the way material falls into the black hole? Every new example of these disk winds helps astronomers get closer to answering those questions. At the center of nearly every large galaxy lies a supermassive black hole — one with the mass of millions or billions of Suns smooshed into a region no bigger than our solar system.

Those black holes will have a lot of gas and dust around them. As that material is pulled into the black hole it will heat up due to friction and other forces, causing it to emit light. A group of scientists wondered what light it would produce and created this mesmerizing visualization showing that most of the light produced around these two black holes is UV or X-ray light.

Models like this could help scientists know what to look for to spot a merger. It also turns out that these supermassive black holes are the source of some of the brightest objects in the gamma ray sky! But not only that, some of those AGN have jets of energetic particles that are shooting out from near the black hole at nearly the speed of light!

Scientists are studying these jets to try to understand how black holes — which pull everything in with their huge amounts of gravity — provide the energy needed to propel the particles in these jets.

If that jet is pointed directly at us, it can appear super-bright in gamma rays and we call it a blazar.

These blazars make up more than half of the sources our Fermi space telescope sees. Our colleagues at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory actually caught a particle from a blazar 4 billion light-years away. IceCube lies a mile under the ice in Antarctica and uses the ice itself to detect neutrinos, tiny speedy particles that weigh almost nothing and rarely interact with anything.

When IceCube caught a super-high-energy neutrino and traced its origin to a specific area of the sky, they turned to the astronomical community to pinpoint the source. Our Fermi spacecraft scans the entire sky about every three hours and for months it had observed a blazar producing more gamma rays than usual.

But when the alert from IceCube came through, scientists realized the neutrino and the gamma rays came from the same patch of sky! Get more fun facts and information about black holes HERE and follow us on social media today for other cool facts and findings about black holes!

Here are a few: Mythical monsters of Earth have a tough time of it. Werewolves must wait for a full Moon to howl. NASA Blueshift offers some handy tips on transforming yourself into a powerful space telescope before hitting the sidewalk to trick-or-treat. The unofficial pumpkin carving contest gives engineers a chance to flex their creative muscles and bond as a team.

The rules are simple: Scientists think a large space rock that zipped past Earth on Halloween in was most likely a dead comet or an asteroid that, fittingly, bore an eerie resemblance to a skull. As with a lot of spooky things, the asteroid looked a lot less scary upon closer inspection.

Not to be outdone, the Sun—our star—has been known to put on a scary face. This image blends together two sets of wavelengths at and angstroms, typically colorized in gold and yellow, to create a particularly Halloween-like appearance. The team held its own elaborate pumpkin carving competitions for many years.

The mission also shared whimsical Halloween greetings with its home planet. The brightest stars embedded in nebulae throughout our galaxy pour out a torrent of radiation that eats into vast clouds of hydrogen gas — the raw material for building new stars.

This etching process sculpts a fantasy landscape where human imagination can see all kinds of shapes and figures. Turns out the human mind—including space scientists and engineers among us—find spooky shapes in many places. This infrared view of the Helix Nebula reminded astronomers of a zombie eyeball.

What is it and what does it look like? The trick-or-treat tradition is still—so far—pretty much confined to Earth. Our education team offers a bunch more Halloween activities , including space-themed pumpkin stencils, costume tips and even some mysteries to solve like a scientist or engineer. A few months into its seven-year mission, Parker Solar Probe has already flown far closer to the Sun than any spacecraft has ever gone.

The data from this visit to the Sun has just started to come back to Earth, and scientists are hard at work on their analysis. The fine structure of the streamer is very clear, with at least two rays visible. Parker Solar Probe was about The bright object near the center of the image is Mercury, and the dark spots are a result of background correction.

Using a satellite view of human lights, our scientists watched the lights go out in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. They could see the slow return of electricity to the island, and track how rural and mountainous regions took longer to regain power.

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Our scientists who study Antarctica saw some surprising changes to East Antarctica. Our ICESat-2 team showed some of their brand new data. From the changing height of Antarctic ice to lagoons off the coast of Mexico, the little satellite has spent its first few months measuring our planet in 3D.

The laser pulses even see individual ocean waves, in this graph. Penguins are too small to be seen by satellites, but they can see large amounts of their poop which is pink!

This is a boon to ground-based radar astronomy since this is our first validation of the accuracy of the method for an asteroid! Now the team will make further observations at closer ranges to more accurately assess where a sample can be taken on Bennu to later be returned to Earth.

Over the second half of the prime mission — science flybys 17 through 32 — the spacecraft will split the difference, flying exactly halfway between each previous orbit. This will provide coverage of the planet every The Mars team had a workshop to discuss the newly announced landing site for our next rover on the Red Planet.

The landing site…Jezero Crater! The goal of Mars is to learn whether life ever existed on Mars. But after Jezero Crater formed billions of years ago, water filled it to form a deep lake about the same size as Lake Tahoe. And surface water disappeared from the planet. Humanity now has two interstellar ambassadors. Scientists are especially excited to keep receiving data from Voyager 2, because — unlike Voyager 1 — its plasma science instrument is still working.

It took thousands of people to come this far. Get to know a few members of the team: University of Arizona, Tucson Expertise: Since before there was a mission Age: Up until that point, it can be anything. University of Arizona, Tucson Job Title: Visual Communications Time on mission: Origin-of-life Chemistry Time on mission: I got in touch with … a pioneering scientist in origin-of-life research and asked for advice.

He was worried that I would accidentally injure myself, so he invited me into his lab … that helped set my career. Aerospace Engineering Time on mission: When I was in high school, I really liked math, science, and anything having to do with flight.

I looked for a field where I could combine all those interests and I found aerospace engineering. Science Communications Time on mission: New York, New York. This means that my children and grandchildren, if they decide to go into the sciences, may have an opportunity analyze the Bennu samples.

Electrical Engineering Time on mission: Chemistry Time on mission: I even went to Florida with the spacecraft to make sure it stayed clean until launch. Mechanical and aerospace engineering Time on mission: Anti-Contamination Cleaning Time on Mission: This was because they have amino acid-based polymers in them and would have contaminated the spacecraft.


I even had a special bucket for mopping. Business Time on Mission: These engineers are doing their dream jobs, so you feed off of that positive energy.

We sent the first humans to land on the Moon in Since then, only of 12 men have stepped foot on the lunar surface — but we left robotic explorers behind to continue gathering science data. Establishing a sustained presence on and near the Moon will help us learn to live off of our home planet and prepare for travel to Mars.

To help establish ourselves on and near the Moon, we are working with a few select American companies. We will buy space on commercial robotic landers, along with other customers, to deliver our payloads to the lunar surface.

Through partnerships with American companies, we are leading a flexible and sustainable approach to deep space missions. These early commercial delivery missions will also help inform new space systems we build to send humans to the Moon in the next decade.

Involving American companies and stimulating the space market with these new opportunities to send science instruments and new technologies to deep space will be similar to how we use companies like Northrop Grumman and SpaceX to send cargo to the International Space Station now. These selected companies will provide a rocket and cargo space on their robotic landers for us and others!

So who are these companies that will get to ferry science instruments and new technologies to the Moon? We are thrilled to be working with these companies to enable us to investigate the Moon in new ways. The Moon helps us to learn how to live and work on another planetary body while being only three days away from home — instead of several months.

The Moon also holds enormous potential for testing new technologies, like prospecting for water ice and turning it into drinking water, oxygen and rocket fuel.