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You need to find a way to get people's attention that does not rely on words. Be creative — and outrageous too!

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Just because something worked for you in the past does not mean it will work for you in the future, or even today. Bear that thought in mind before applying the same old answers to the same old problems. Maybe something new is needed.

There is no need to be cautious over the next 48 hours but watch out you don't go too far and leave yourself open to accusations of recklessness. If that happens the results won't just be embarrassing, they will be financially costly as well. By all means go out of your way to help someone in need this weekend but don't go so far that you leave yourself needing assistance of some kind at the end of it!

Cancer Daily Horoscope

There is only so much you can give of yourself. You may have complete and utter faith in your own abilities but it would appear that some people need to be convinced.

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Ask yourself, what can you do to show them that your plans are practical and your promises have substance? Don't make a big deal of solving what is essentially a simple problem.

January 6th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Identify what the central issue is and then find an answer that works. Others may want to drag the situation out longer but you are in no mood to play games.

Try not to let everyone know what you are thinking this weekend, and certainly not what you are feeling. You need some time to get your head together and you won't get it if friends and family are constantly questioning what you are up to.

You may think you can get away with doing less but even if it works out okay for you in the short-term you will end up doing more later on.

Take care of the things you are responsible for — not tomorrow or the day after but right now. It might not be easy for them to heal the opposition they carry within, but love will follow them every day on their path.

Surprises will keep on coming, leading to many changes in the emotional world, often pushing them in and out of several marriages, or bringing on the pressure so strong that they wish to divorce their life-long partner when already in their nineties.

There is no usual Capricorn security here, not unless a romance is based on honest and pure friendship first, only to become everything else later.

Horoscope for January 6 for Cancer

The ego battle in the energy of this date will lead to their inability to prioritize and set their focus on themselves and others in appropriate times. When their partner needs them, they will be preoccupied with their own chase for profession or financial security, and turn towards them when they are already gone.

Still, life will give them many chances until they get their timing right, and we will see that the future always has new romantic surprises in stock for those born on this date.

People born on the 6th of January have an incredible creative force to them, hard to come by in many other people. They will show to work well in fields of art, talent search, and fashion, having a strong motivation to build a certain image through their career.

Status will be reached in unusual ways, and modern, eccentric things will guide their way towards success. They can be extremely successful as designers, architects, or if they choose any form of artistic expression that seeks modern solutions.

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Tremolite is the perfect stone for those born on January 6th as a crystal to help activate new pathways in their brain and find solutions to problems that a person is stuck in for years. It liberates one from their rigid or dogmatic views on faith and religion, opening their views towards a new state of spirituality and life outside of their common realm of existence.

The best gift for people born on this date will be a surprise itself.

Cancer daily horoscope January 6, 2018

Being a positive parent. This horoscope is not ready yet, please come back again. Check the horoscope for the other astrological signs: Horoscope for January 6 for Cancer - 0 comment.

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