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Fame often comes to a person with a strong 1st or 10th house, and in her relocated chart, the 10th lord Saturn is doubly strong Retrograde and Dig Bala and angular, and the Ascendant lord Venus is in its own sign and with an exalted Moon. Baker's childhood was harsh, as indicated by the very strong natal Saturn aspecting the two parental houses 4th and 9th and the Ascendant.

She endured poverty, brutal punishments, and molestations. Even though she was an incredibly talented performer, she wasn't well liked in America, and her fame only arrived when she moved to Paris. In Paris, the lord of her house of performance 5th house became Saturn in its own sign, and the sensuality of her dance is clearly indicated by a strongly occupied 8th house which has Dhana-yoga forming Sun and Mercury.

But her real wealth is indicated by the Dhana yoga formed by Venus lord of the First with Mars lord of the Second in the 9th house. The conjunction of these two planets, especially as First and Seventh lords, is also well known as an indicator of deep passion and sensuality e.

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Most important, however is that the 10th lord one of the fame indicators is the Bright Moon in the First House, which made her immensely appealing to her audience. She also was famous for adopting and sheltering a dozen children, her "rainbow" tribe, as represented by the indicator of adoption, Saturn in the 5th house.

The First, Fifth, and Ninth lords are together in both places. And instead of a Raga Yoga formed by the lord of the 9th with the lord of the 10th the Parivartana Yoga between Jupiter and Saturn , in his new location Princeton , he has the conjunction of the exalted 4th lord Venus with the 5th lord Mercury who also has a stellar Neechabhangha Yoga.

All of these are indicators of his great success and fame both before and after his move. Interestingly, after a period of transience, his move to Princeton was his last. He stayed there for the remaining 22 years of his life. Note that Jupiter is in the First House with directional strength Dig Bala and that Jupiter is the great stabilizer, the one who creates steadiness.

Jupiter is also supremely ethical, and after relocation, Einstein joined the NAACP and campaigned heavily for human rights. The sign Sagittarius rose everywhere Marie Curie lived, but the Nakshatra of the Ascendant changed from the very relevant Purva Ashadha of her birth place to the equally relevant Mula in Paris.

There are two ways to see the effects of this difference: Madame Curie definitely manifested the themes of her natal Nakshatra such as perseverance, patience, and constantly applying herself with dedication; and its lord Venus in the 12th house of behind-the-scenes work and service too.

Most people don't know that she devoted her life during the war to helping soldiers by xraying them to locate their injuries; and that it was this exposure, and not her explorations with Radium, that killed her. But her relocated chart shows a Mula Nakshatra Ascendant, and the themes of Mula are also completely germane to her life in Paris, e.

Additionally, the lord of Mula is Ketu in the 3rd house, and that placement, with the Moon and Jupiter, perfectly exemplifies her constant hands-on efforts to find the radioactive sources in pitchblende, and her self-sacrifice in doing so.

Sun or Moon in the First House.

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These major significators indicate greater "at-home-ness" and greater success when placed in the Lagna. Planetary Yogas in or having moved to positive houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, and Benefics in or aspecting the Ascendant.

Without malefic influence on the Ascendant, except a malefic Lagnesa D.

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  5. And aspected only by benefics. Fewer or no planets in the Trikasthanas. Planets having strength in angles or trines. And any other combinations that enhance the chart. Basically, the opposite of the principles above.

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    Planets having significant weakness Combust, in a Planetary War, Fallen in or aspecting or ruling the Ascendant or with or aspecting Lagnesa.

    A malefic very close to the Ascendant. Shri Jyoti Star has an astro-mapping feature that allows you to click anywhere on a World map and instantly see the chart for that location.

    It's perfect for this type of exploration. I was preparing a relocation workup for my client using the Vedic relocated chart, and discovered, much to my initial surprise, that all of the sub-charts aka amshas or Vargas or divisional charts Ascendants also changed.

    This is crucially important. I called the creator of Shri Jyoti Star, Andrew Foss, who has used these methods extensively, and he concurred that the sub-chart changes are significant and accurate predictors of locational differences and since they change much more frequently than the natal Ascendant, they can distinguish between adjacent cities!

    This takes Vedic relocation to a whole new level in its value and effectiveness. Throughout your lifetime you may travel widely, migrate and perhaps settle in a foreign country. You may also feel drawn to a particular place, while feeling an unpleasant dislike for another. You may tend to experience an element of luck in one place and encounter difficulties in another.

    Although it would be considered impractical for many people to move to a variety of places, they may be influenced by connections with these places.

    Individuals may be influenced when matters arise concerning business dealings, relationships with people, or vacations which do not involve an actual move but do involve a different location. It is a system that was developed with the use of computers by superimposing an individual's personal planetary data on a map of the world.

    This type of map reveals geographic locations that gives information by placing the planets from an individual's birth chart on certain angles.

    When this is constructed on a map of the world, the planetary angle will connect up to form a line which will extend itself around the world. Life-changing events may be indicated if several planetary points occur at the same latitude. With that said - if you have a specific location that you want assessed then you can have the AstroCartoGraphy techniques applied to that specific location.

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    You can find out more about an individual AstroCartoGraphy report here. The use of the above methods will produce the same configuration of planets when the date and time of birth is used. However, different areas of life and the circumstances connected with them will change if different locations are used in calculations.

    It is difficult to think of a more practical use for astrology than to move to or become affiliated with places and people that will affect ares of our life that are important to us. This method of discovering your planetary lines around the world is very interesting when it is placed on a map for you to see how it works.

    It would be similar to pointing to any planet at the time of your birth and asking what cities are in line with it. Email Name Then Your email address is totally secure. Voyages of Self Discovery Small groups.