Mercury enters Capricorn

If the lord of the house is in exaltation, or in a sign he owns, it is positive. For example, lets say Aries rises. That means Mars is the lord of the first house.

If Mars is in Capricorn exalted or in one of the signs he owns Aries or Scorpio it is a positive indication for the first house. If the lord is in debilitation, or in the sign of a planet who is his enemy — it is negative.

You need to know about planetary friendship and enmity , of course, before you can figure out if a planet is in the house of a friend or an enemy.

Because a planet is in more than one sign! The space within a single sign contains many subdivisions where other signs are prominent within it. To learn more about this, start with my article on variations within a single sign.

Luckily, the main sign in the normal zodiac is the most important. You should also at least also consider the sign the planet occupies in the navamsha subdivision when you are assessing if the sign occupied by the lord of a house is positive or negative for that house.

That is because there are other considerations that fall into this general principle. It is a bit beyond the scope of what we can immediately teach and learn, though. First thing you have to ask yourself is, how does one planet influence another? As far as aspects go, to put it really simply and quickly, every planet influences the sign it is opposite from.

Three other planets have additional aspects. There is a very important rule: The lord of a house is never going to be negative towards that house. For example, lets say Aquarius rises. Saturn would therefore rule the first house. Saturn is a malefic, yes. But when you are assessing the first house, if you see that Saturn influences it, you must not think of Saturn as a negative influence, because he is the owner of the house.

The owner of a house will never intentionally damage that house. So whenever the owner of a house interacts with that house, it is always a positive indication — regardless if the planet is benefic or malefic, etc.

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Never, ever make the mistake of thinking that a house with 3 positive factors for example and 3 negative factors is a house with 0 total factors! Positive and negative do not cancel each other out in astrology. Rather a house with both positive and negative factors is going to have some positive effects and some negative effects.

To know which effects will be positive and which will be negative you need to advance further in your study of astrology and know how the various planets and signs and combinations involved will affects different themes of the house under evaluation.

That is out of the scope of this article. We need to stick to the basics, one step at a time. After you have evaluated a house the normal way, you should repeat the exact same process on the house in relation to the Moon. Lets say for example you want to evaluate the fifth house of a chart where Pisces rises and the Moon is in Aquarius.

Then, when you are done, you examine the 5th House from the Moon. So you repeat the process now focusing on Gemini. Saturn occupies the 4th House, which is one of the good ones.

So far so good! Saturn is in Aries, which means he is debilitated, so this is bad. The first lord is debilitated, period. So we can interpret this to mean that the first house suffers as a result of Saturn being debilitated in Aries. The most obvious influence on Saturn is Jupiter, who aspects Saturn in Aries because he is in the opposite sign, Libra.

Jupiter is a benefic. No other planets directly influence Saturn.

10th lord through houses and Career in Vedic Astrology

So we have another positive indication for the first house of this chart because a benefic and no malefics influence the lord of the first house. What does it mean? So for example he will be very happy and successful in religious, philosophical, or counseling Jupiter social roles 10th House which involve the ability to relate well to the common person Libra.

You could also say that his sense of truthfulness and equity Jupiter in Libra is a very positive factor by which he can achieve success and happiness in life. So this person loses happiness and material success as a result of being overly renounced Jupiter is a religious planet, his ownership of the 12th promotes renunciation. In fact this person lost a fantastic opportunity for huge success and fame as a result of becoming a religious renunciate.

If you put the whole thing together, though you see the planet of sound Jupiter owning the house of communication 3rd House as a basically positive influence, and you start to think the the person must be involved in music or in oration as a powerful speaker. Three planets influence the first house in this chart: Mars and the Sun do because they are 7 signs away in Cancer.

And Saturn also influences the first house as a result of his influence on the 10th sign from himself. You might be tempted to say that Saturn is a malefic, but Saturn is the lord of the house we are examining, so his influence on the house is never negative.

Thus the physical being of this person, and his material success benefits as a result of his Saturnian qualities: The Sun is a mild malefic, so there is a mild negativity about this. You can say that the native mildly loses happiness and success as a result of being somewhat too intense or assuming a bit too much authority.

Mars is the strongest malefic, so this person really loses material happiness and successes as a result of lacking because Mars is debilitated in this chart martial qualities such as a competitive spirit, a strong material drive, and a will to fight.

The first house from this perspective is Taurus, which belongs to Venus. Venus occupies the 4th House from the Moon. Again we feel that this person should enjoy happiness and success as a result of his basic inner, emotional makeup. She is in Leo, the sign of her enemy, the Sun. But the Sun is close by so their relationship improves and becomes neutral.

This is a null point. There is nothing to interpret from it, basically. Venus shares Leo with a mild benefic, Mercury.

How to Use the 12 Houses

This means that the persons ability to organize and intellectualize and communicate is a mild factor promoting material happiness and success. She also shares her sign with Ketu — a wildcard.

Since Ketu is with two benefics, it amplifies the benefic power. When there is more than one influence, you should combine them. The only influence on Taurus, the first house of the Moon, is the Moon.

House Rulers: In Houses

But in this case it is worth noting because the Moon is exalted. The Moon and the 4th House have a lot in common, so this further strengthens your interpretation that the power of emotional expression, etc. What I explained in this article was developed in very ancient India. If you think this is complicated, you should hear the insane complexity of the way seasoned astrologers talk to one another.

This article may be advanced or difficult for a non-astrologer to understand. If you follow this simple and basic principle clearly and carefully, not just on the first house but on each of the 12 houses, you will be able to make sense out of the houses and arrive at interpretations of a horoscope which are both useful and accurate.

By focusing on mastering such fundamental techniques insofar as mastery of this subject is possible one can actually become a good astrologer. For you Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and when you see Mercury in the first house you should understand that you like to be very analytical. Venus is all about beauty, arts and love and when you see Venus sitting in your first house, if your first house is occupied by Libra, and then you would be a person who likes to be beautiful.

Peace will be your motto and you may like to keep a good balance in the relationships. For Scorpio ascendants Mars in the first house shows the person is very mysterious.

They also will show the determination like Aries since both signs are ruled by Mars. The Ketu influence is making you more mysterious. Most of your moves will be very mysterious. In natural zodiac wheel, Scorpio means all the mysterious things.

You are being redirected

When you see Jupiter in the first house, you should understand that you have innate spirituality and you like to spread the light wherever you go. You may like to advise and teach others. You yourself will be too optimistic and this extra optimism can bring you some unrealistic ambitions. Saturn in the first house for Capricorn shows that you are a very systematic and serious person.

You may not be quick in actions but when you act you will shut down all the loopholes. You may have to be in an organized environment, so you will be looking at all the details.

For Aquarius, when you see Saturn in the first house means you have very hard working nature. You may be an outgoing person who likes to be among the groups. You may even work or own large groups.

Jupiter represents the spirituality and Pisces also indicates charity and spirituality. You may be naturally indicated towards various shades of spirituality. You may have deep intuitions and you may like to help others with your spirituality. Related Posts Have a delayed marriage in your birth chart?

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June 12, June 12, First house in any chart signifies your identity, physical characteristics, your self-image, outer personality, appearance, health and well-being, the physical body, vitality, attitude, temperament and the way you look upon the world.

This is also known as Lagna or Tanu bhava. The lord of the sign which occupies the 1st house is known as the 1st lord. In a wider perspective 1st house shows, prosperity, general disposition in life, reputation and status, desires and their fulfillment and the body parts — complexion, head cranium and forehead and brain, hair, and pituitary glands.

Have a delayed marriage in your birth chart?

Sun, The ruler of astrology — Explore the significance of the Sun in astrology June 12, June 12,