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Why is working with the Venus Cycle such a great way to deepen our personal experience of the Feminine Archetype? Comment on Venus retrograde conjunct Fixed Degree Wealth Star Regulus heart of the lion which is where Archangel Raphael angel of healing is stationed?

Are their any notable differences for men and women for how to work with the energies of the divine feminine? From a Shamanic perspective is this considered a blue moon?

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My next Conversations to Enlighten and Heal webinar show is on Wednesday July 29th with Mo Abdelbaki who will talk about Venus retrograde from the perspective of Vedic astrology and Tarot. Have a beautiful day everyone, a warm Mahalo, much love to you!

Wishing you Happy Days always! What you will learn: Please join me in welcoming to the show Cayelin Castell. Welcome to the show, Cayelin!

The study supported the conventional wisdom that children exposed to reproductive and environmental risk factors experience more problems than children who were not exposed. I was one of those problem children, born to a girl who was barely 14 years old who had been molested by her step-father.

I know - your head is swimming!

There is always the need to carry on. Synchronistically, the autobiography, Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Voice of the River , lay next to my computer, which I had been using as a reference and for inspiration.

Having attended Florida schools through college, Marjory Stoneman Douglas was more than just a familiar name or historical figure. Anthropology can be a pretty heady subject, but fortunately I was introduced to the British social anthropologist, Sheila Kitzinger, and her work as a childbirth activist and author at the beginning of the natural childbirth movement.

She had a way of bringing this subject to life and was fabulously witty, progressive and fiercely independent.

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We met in when Sheila was promoting her new book, Women as Mothers: My son was a nursing baby on my lap when I first heard her speak. Of the more than 20 books she wrote about childbirth, pregnancy and parenting until she passed in , this one stood out to me as the most culturally significant.

Women birth the world and how we see ouselves and are supported in the process directly affects how empowered we feel as mothers to nurture human potential, thus insuring our collective future. Fast forward 30 years.

Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine. We cover a lot of ground and it was a great interview. She has always been a Wild Woman and a Priestess of the Goddess. Her travels have taken her to many wild places, from Alaska to Egypt.

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She is the author of numerous books. The Warrior Goddess archetype is emerging strong and for good reason. Learn more with Cayelin Castell, co-founder and a lead teacher and facilitator of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

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    Spiritual Aspect of Shamanic Astrology

    As another reveiwer commented, this is not a good book for a beginning astrologer. It is an excellent resource for anyone who has studied long enough to see a chart as a whole interactive energy system and not just a combination of parts.

    One of the major issues for someone new to astrology is the lack of emphasis on the Sun sign as more than a vehicle for strong moon skills previously acquired while seeking experience and knowledge in the areas of Venus and Mars. While the book discusses various combinations, it does so within the context of case histories and a working knowledge of planets and signs is needed to get much out of them.

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    Since all the positions are not discussed, the reader is expected to extrapolate the system to those, this takes a good deal of prior knowledge. Parts of the book appear as lectures with questions.

    Sometimes the answers to those questions dift off onto a side subject giving less than precise information or repeating themselves. Not simple and not for Astrology beginners.

    About Tami

    I was very excited to learn about this type of Astrology. The product description said it was a simple way to learn Shamanic Astrology, however this book is by no means simple or written for an entry level enthusiast.

    Instead this is written as a supplementary guide for someone who already possess a large understanding of astrology, and chart reading.

    It also requires other tools or software that are not included in the book in order to identify your readings. I am sure there is some good information contained within the book, unfortunately I was unable to decipher the code in a "simple" manner. A must have For those who want to be a participant in their astrological journey through life.