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I was told that these remedies would take place on a particular date in the month. Suddenly difficulties that I had been experiencing for months lifted and I felt like a new person. To say the least I was surprised a couple of days later to receive an email explaining that the Nadi remedies had been performed earlier than scheduled and in fact they were completed on the day that I experienced this profound change of being.

It has been over 9 months now since the remedies were done and the difficulties I was experiencing before this time have not returned.

How Naadi Shastra Astrology can help you to unveil the mysteries of your life?

Dear Ganesh, I am feeling really good the last few days. The best I have felt for ages.

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The phrase that keeps coming to mind is that "my heart is singing". Please pass on my deep appreciation to the Pundits involved. I actually went to all the Navagraha temples. What an amazing experience.

I was in bliss, in extreme pain, up, down, sideways and GOD only knows what else Oh yes, I also had previously 4 yagyas done in Sringeri, and I honestly feel that I am not a person I used to be. After all of that, Ruslan and I went and got another Nadi reading done.

And you know what, my second reading was similar to the one that I got through you in Australia, but it was even more extreme compared to the first one.

I honestly think that my 'destiny' has been already changed due to all these yagyas that I got done a few weeks ago. I just think that the fact that you provide this service of nadi readings in Australia is just wonderful and amazing. If not for you, none of these things would have happened in my life.

Our focus is on a presentable way of classical ancient astrology and its propagation with an integration of the best possible minds ,methods constant research and scriptural spiritual exploration. We constantly upgrade our methodology and do intensive case studies for the benefit of humans and also spread the knowledge of astrology to better lives of billions of people.

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Because it is pure ancient vedic science. This world will be yours forever. Love is our true nature and we tend to develop special feeling towards some people in our interactions or meeting in office, social gatherings and professional places. We unknowingly develop affection and strong attachment also which is normal and happens often.

Shree Agastya Rishi Nadi Jyotish Kendra, Udaipur, Jyotishi, , Sec. 13, Udaipur,

However our feelings are sometimes reciprocated and sometimes mistaken or misunderstood or not reciprocated. Astrological Love Compatibility Report helps us to avoid any.

All the remedies for improvement and relief, work when you work the remedies. Does your home gives negative feeling and drains your energy or you feel to get out of your home as mostly there are out bursts , strong verbal exchanges or unease in your home.

In India and the world where Indians live, Vaastu consideration is imperative not optional. It is a compilation of over 82 hundred verses by Achyut of Kerala, that is why it is called "Deva Keralam". But these divisions are unequal; largest division being of half a degree, and the smallest division is 36th part of a degree.

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Another school of thought assumes that all divisions are equal; the value being 12 minutes arc in length. In ancient history, this universe and earth were created by the cosmic God of Knowledge, Sri Brahma, who is a higher consciousness of every human being, and the entire universe is controlled by three powerful cosmic Gods, as the Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Athman is the 'real' you with no body, no mind or no desire. Athman is immortal, and characterises the real you. Changes apply only to the physical bodies. Common stages are birth, childhood, teenage, adulthood, oldage, and death.

Let the sacred leaves of the past unfold your future

The real you the Athma then enters into a different body depending on your Karma and takes form relative to the good or bad deeds you have done. Athman can neither be created nor destroyed. Athman manifests in a physical body as per applicable karmas. In Karmic terms, a transition like this is like a person working in an organisation getting promoted when he or she works sincerely, honestly and efficiently, or demoted if he or she is a bad worker.

Naadii Astrology is like a mirror of your karmas in the previous birth s. While this is not entirely accurate, for simplicity's sake, let's say there are two options associated with your Karma.

You either live out your mistakes or you can overcome them by performing corrective actions in a proactive manner - this goes for all living beings.

All beings, irrespective of species, nationality, religion, social class, aggressiveness, etc.

The Nadi Shastra of Agastya Mahamuni

The Navagrahas are very sincere in their duties as cosmic public servants and never deviate in performing their duties. They cannot be bribed.


They affect individual beings as well as entire societies as per the Karma thoughts, words and deeds of beings in this world as well as other worlds applicable. The current life path of a person is determined by past Karma.

It is like a person who has saved a lot of punyas in his or her account cashing it in when the need arrives. Birth, death, rebirth and moksha are all controlled by our karma.