Gemini Daily Horoscope

Relationships can be consuming now, in a mostly positive way. Today's Gemini Horoscope by Patrick Arundell Gemini 22 May - 21 June Friday 28th December You may find that it is easier to compromise at times than to stick to your plans, especially with a potent focus in your sector of relating.

Rather than go solo, this is a time to be a team player, and to assist others in manifesting mutual goals. You can also take greater interest in business and financial matters, with a view to restructuring or streamlining your affairs. More Cafe Astrology horoscopes are below.

Click for Yearly Forecast Specials. December Monthly Horoscope Summary for Gemini: There is a special focus on both relationships and ambitions this month, dear Gemini. Where there were feelings of being in limbo, confusion, or delays in recent weeks and even months , you'll enjoy forward movement, corrected courses, and clarifications in December.

For you, areas most affected by slowdowns have been relationships, work, routines, and health. Clarity comes to these areas of life this month, as well as some second chances to work things out.

December eases you forward, and January is set to excite and encourage you further. December features some very supportive influences for your practical affairs and partnerships. Mars brings extra muscle and motivation to your career, image, status, and responsibilities up until the last day of the month and the year !

Daily Planetary Overview

You are more ambitious than usual and focused on accomplishing something important to you. You're not in any mood to be told what to do, preferring to lead the way yourself or to set your own pace. You're enterprising and innovative.

Your ruler, Mercury, turns direct on the 6th. December is no exception. The chances of smoothing over a disagreement or attracting the support you need are high. Relationships and negotiations are in focus for you with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter moving through your opposite sign. You're working on making your connections stronger and happier, and you have cosmic support for this task.

Even with some backtracking, you're coming out ahead. In the first week of the month, you can experience some tension as your career or long-term goals may seem to clash with a partner or your relationship goals.

Gemini! -They’re waiting to hear from you - January 2019

This kind of strain is ongoing although on-and-off for you, but with Mars in your career section all month, these theme is aggravated in spots in December. Clearing the air may be necessary. With Mars at the top of your solar chart, you can be especially dynamic and creative with business, career, and life plans this month. Your work is taking a more creative direction in general, but this month you are revving up in this regard, readier than usual to put your plans into motion or to push things along.

It certainly helps that you have boosted charisma at work with Venus moving through your work and health sector all month.

Gemini Horoscope

Your ambitions are certainly stimulated, and you can be in the position of being in charge and at the lead of things. While much of your December astrology points to improving partnerships and a focus on companionship, this seemingly contradictory Mars trend is an independent one, and it's about career, life path matters, and your relationship with people in authority.

Ambition and the desire for recognition of your performance can be stimulated for many of you, and for others, there can be a sudden surge of motivation and energy for coming up with a workable, results-oriented life plan. This month you need to be very careful when it comes to making investments. You should look at options that are low on risk as there are chances of your suffering some losses.

Guard your financial details carefully or they could be misused.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

You will do best to take the advice of a financial expert, in case of any doubts. It is an excellent time for all you businessmen. You will get excellent returns from a past investment of yours which will make your situation quite strong.

Try not to go over your budget as you are prone to overspending. You might have to make quite a few adjustments financially as there are some unexpected developments that might take place. You might be frustrated with the slow pace of things.

Do not worry as this is a temporary phase only. Try and postpone making any investments for the moment.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Those of you who deal with overseas clients will see an increase in your profits. This is the best time for you to review your budget and determine the best way to save some money. Those of you who deal in property and real estate will do exceptionally well for yourself.

Some of you could find yourself getting annoyed due to some recurring skin problem.

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Yet some others could find themselves suffering from insomnia. Do not get into medication; instead, follow some relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga. Diabetic patients need to be very choosy about food to keep the ailment under control. Avoid all that could increase your sugar-level. It is advisable for you to immerse yourself in some creative work to divert your attention.

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Blood pressure patients must abstain from taking alcohol. There are chances that even a drink could cause you some health problems besides upsetting your routine. Avoid exposed or junk food especially all that is sold on the roadside. People suffering from digestive problems are likely to find a remedy for their problem. Do not ignore even minor health problems and take the help of a good doctor to get cured from your ailments.

Ask for nothing during the full moon on December 22 and receive more than you might imagine. Concentrate on what needs to be done. What you need and want - plus some - will be given to you. Ask an experienced psychic. There's something you still need to know!

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  • Friday 28th December.

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