Love and Compatibility for January 29 Zodiac

There is a tendency for people born on January 29 Zodiac to hold back or withdraw from confrontations in a relationship; this will have a negative impact both on themselves and on their partner. Once in a secure relationship they are generous and giving, and they need to make sure they are in a relationship where they are able to take as well as give.

Although relationships can be intense when they are young, they tend to find true love later in life when their sense of self-worth has been allowed to flower to its full potential. People born on this day are sensitive not just to others but to the environment they are in.

As a result they may be prone to unexplained mood swings, fatigue, headaches, or allergies or food sensitivities. They need to be extremely careful about their diet, because digestive troubles may occur; they thrive best on a wholesome, down-to-earth diet rich in natural produce and low in meat, dairy, and refined, sweet foods.

Regular exercise will benefit their circulatory system as they may be prone to stiff muscles and joints, particularly in the lower body.


Time spent catching up with friends or stimulating their mind with a good book will bring them much pleasure. Regular cups of cinnamon herbal tea may help their circulation and their digestion, and reading, meditating or surrounding themselves with shades of blue may help calm their mood.

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The compassionate, sensitive nature that marks out these people leads many to politics, law, and humanitarian and social reform; since they are intellectual and artistic as well, this could lead them to a career in the media or entertainment world, or to lecturing, teaching, or writing.

When inspired, these people also make excellent campaigners and negotiators, and their strong people skills could also attract them to people-related careers, such as sales, marketing, personal relations, or advertising. January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Normally, you are a fun person.

Lucky color

You take great care in building and maintaining relationships. As a November 29 birthday personality, you are ambitious, honest and you have an exceptional business mind.

You sometimes let yourself go physically if you are sad.

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  • You feel and look better when you are happy. Staying on top of things wards off depression. Famous Birthdays For This Day.

    Birthday Horoscope for January 29th.

    Your ruling planet is Jupiter that symbolizes the God of Luck and Fortune in astrology and stands for your ability to judge between right and wrong. This card symbolizes good psychic abilities that will help you in making the right decisions.

    This love match is filled with fun, adventure, and excitement. This love relationship can be strained and ready to explode. Number 2 — This number signifies your need for love and harmony in life. Number 4 — This number signifies security, foundation, knowledge, and order.

    This color stands for faithfulness, calmness, truth and practical thinking White: This is a color known for virginity, peace, oneness, and freshness. Thursday — This is the day of planet Jupiter and is a day to socialize and have fun.

    Monday — This is the day of planet Moon that asks you to become aware of your moods and feelings. Turquoise gemstone signifies knowledge, creativity, grounding and better interaction. A gift voucher from an athletic equipment shop for the man and tickets to the circus for the woman.

    As an Aquarius born on the 29 th of January, you are a very compassionate person. You are able to step into the shoes of other people and feel their pain. You are able to do this. Unlike other Aquarius people who tend to go overboard as far as idealism is concerned, you are more practical.

    You understand that there are limits to charity.

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    You understand that the best way to help people is not to harm yourself as you try to help them. You are also very aware of the fact that there are emotional vampires out there. You know that you have a lot to give and there is always the danger that people would try to use you. Not surprisingly, you have an eye for detecting deception and backstabbing.

    Aquarius Horoscope Today -

    Other than that, you are a very supportive person. Lovers born on the 29 th of January are very compassionate people. This is what makes them good lovers. The reason why some people are great in bed is because they are able to read the signals being sent by the body and emotions of their partner.

    That is real love making. People born on January 29 th understand this. They are ready, willing, and eager to give of themselves not just in the physical way but in ways that matter more like emotional support.

    They are very supportive people. They are often ready to sacrifice whatever time and money is needed just to help people out. Do yourself a favor and polish your ability to detect deception and avoid betrayal.