Chinese New Year's Day vs. The First Chinese Zodiac Day

Do not be too discouraged in this Tai Sway year; focus on work and self-improvement, and do the adjustments to mitigate or even alleviate negative effects. Remember everything rises and passes away.

This is the brilliant way. Since Snakes are in an oppositional relationship with both Pig and Tiger, it is recommended that you carry or wear a Combo Charm. This year will be a time of illumination, enlightenment, and celebration. Be a light for others. Be sure to re-read your favorite books of wisdom. Career luck is good because you work hard and it will pay off.

Horses also have a Helpful People star in Your boss and colleagues will assist you in your endeavors. Showing appreciation is always a good idea, and it will also help maintain optimal luck. Relationship luck is good, and your Peach Blossom is strong.

People will be attracted to you. Romantic possibilities stampede your way! This is good, but you might have a challenging time deciding who should be the focus of your attention.

This could damage your Peach Blossom effect. Money luck is good due to the influence of helpful people, and also your hard-working attitude.

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Side money is also good. This year you really need to control your expenses or money will come and money will go.

Be sure to budget and be reasonable. Put a crystal on your nightstand or on the left side of your desk. Health luck is okay — but be careful around sharp and pointy objects. Adjust any knife-edges in your environment. Spiritual message for Horses this year: Be mindful among the mindless.

Be awake while others dream. The Goat is in a three harmony relationship with the Pig, and so Goats should have an easier year.

Mars enters Aries

Career luck is good. You have a Helpful People star shining over you. When facing challenges, be patient. For business, luck will be good. You will have the opportunity to have bigger orders and be more in demand.

Note that quality control must be a focus. Pay attention to that and your customer base will grow. You could have a tendency to spend more money than you should. Prepare to budget, and prevent this from happening. This is a great year for Goats in relationships.

Your Peach Blossom luck is good, especially for single people. For married couples Peach Blossom is good. Be mindful of your relationship. Your metaphor for dealing with others this year is the mirror.

They do not judge.

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  8. Health is good or fair. You still might have some little issues so pay attention and get check-ups.

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    This is especially true for older Goats. Not only should you get regular check-ups, but be sure to take care of ongoing things like high blood pressure, etc. Create a space to exercise, or join a class.

    Remember, one cannot shake a mountain. Therefore, it is especially important to show integrity in all you do. Do not compromise yourself out of fear. Claim your good and never settle for less; honesty will pay off in greater dividends than expected.

    Monkeys are intelligent — you realize this yourself. Maybe give other people a chance to recognize this for themselves? Try this even if waiting for others to discover your smarts confuses or frustrates you a little.

    If you get too anxious you may lose opportunities. Plan for your financial future. Relationship luck is okay. Let things flow in their own natural time and way. Married monkeys might have some little issues but not big problems. Always beware of third party interference.

    Monkeys would do well to carry the Mandarin Duck Charm. Health has a lucky star. Use the element of water to increase your intuitive flow.

    Your spiritual message for year: It is better to conquer yourself than to win battles, because then the victory is yours ; it cannot be taken from you.

    Not by angels, not by demons, or heaven or hell. Since Monkeys are in an oppositional relationship with both Pig and Tiger, it is recommended that you carry or wear a Combo Charm. This year will be much better for the Rooster. Overall luck is improved; no issues. The spirit of generosity and receiving surrounds you.

    Be wary of withholding, and address the concept of withholding.


    If you see this aspect in your life, it is time for a change. Peach Blossom luck is good! Single Roosters may get to enjoy a long-term relationship. Married couples just need to communicate a bit more with their partners and that will smooth out any little bumps along the way.

    Side money luck is good too. Get some advice from financial professionals to enjoy more income. In your health luck can be affected by a Sickness Star.

    Do more exercise, get plenty of rest and strengthen your immune system. Older Roosters especially need to pay attention. Accent your front entrance. Make it more appealing and keep it that way.

    A spiritual message for Roosters is one that is in the zeitgeist this year. Better to conquer yourself than to win 1, battles. Endeavor to work on yourself; in any type of self-improvement will pay off for years to come.

    Overall, career luck is good. Dogs who work for an employer will find their relationships more in harmony. Dogs who own businesses might have some new opportunities to make a bigger profit so their business can expand.

    This is a year of strategy and trust. When you meet someone, really sniff them out, otherwise you might not meet the right person.

    For a married Dog, relationship luck is okay — stable, but you need to pay attention to the bad Peach Blossom effects to stave off third party influence. Be sure your relationship area is in good order, especially the relationship area within your bedroom.

    Be kind and thoughtful. Throughout the year shower your beloved with more flowers, gifts, and treats as an expression of your love.

    Money luck is okay, both side money and regular income, but be aware of expenses that will come up this year. Be sure to create a budget and stick to the plan, otherwise money will come and go.

    Health luck is okay, do regular check-ups, do all the basic maintenance. Get exercise, eat right, and rest. A message for Dogs: By being attuned to the present moment, all will rejoice in your existence.

    Overall luck will be up and down because it is a Tai Sway year. The argument star is on you, making it easy to get involved in disputes. Be really careful about friendly-seeming people who approach you with what looks like a good thing. In reality they might be harmful to you. Pigs in business might experience some kind of insider backstabbing from someone inside their own group.

    Take care with your words; choose them wisely. Relationship luck is okay, yet there is a big impact from the Peach Blossom. Single Pigs should focus on something other than trying to get a relationship this year.

    Money luck is okay, but Pigs are going to have expense issues.

    Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

    Be careful, especially with people who come to ask you for a loan. There is a good luck Health Star in your area, still you need to have good diet, get exercise and rest. Remember to get in for your regular check up! Throughout the year remember that asking for help will bring the right people to assist you in any challenges.

    A wise person will give you sound advice, and people will come to your aid to help lighten your load. Throughout this year, be sure to have an awareness of lighting. Allow more of your inner radiance to shine on your routine activities and interactions with others.

    A message for Pigs: Your hard work would give beneficial results. Divine Technique for Career Progress: During this month, you will give maximum attention to work. You will recollect the past mistakes in your projects and rectify them this time. You will get some new long-term projects. You should be polite to your clients and with your partners during this time.

    Your bold decisions in work will give you expected results. Refrain from showing an attitude if comments from the management annoy you.

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    You should focus on work which may probably keep you happy. You should maintain punctuality. Health will continue to be normal. Avoid discrepancies in work which might pressure you physically. Unnecessary mental stress may cause worry. Consume leafy vegetables for strength and energy. Divine Technique for Healthy Living: Your preparations will help you.

    You will secure expected marks in examinations.

    Monthly Astro Calendar February , Astrology Horoscope Calendar Online |

    Your teachers will appreciate your homework. Your parents would give freedom in choosing higher education. Your skills would be improved for future development. Divine Technique to Perform Well in Academics: Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign. Lord Vaidhyanatha Pooja Student: Goddess Saraswati Pooja Auspicious dates: