Gemini horoscope February 2019

That Taurus is not afraid to raise voice when someone is too offensive or when you simply feel that you have an ideal opportunity to use your talent.

According to the horoscope February will reveal the fragility or strength of Gemini's relationships.

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It may soon turn out whether love is more silver or gold of your life. Did you know that in ancient Egypt silver was more valuable than gold? The Egyptians considered silver as bones and gold as skin of the gods. In February, Gemini will have the unique opportunity to clarify the role of love in life β€” whether the deep passion and strong bound is just a surface gold or a solid skeleton silver.

Horoscope also reveals that humour and the ability to understand even odd jokes is very important. Gemini, in February you will prove that you are a walking oasis of peace, and that you are able to laugh even to very sharp criticism. Cancer, February will not be boring at all.

Horoscope for February 2019 for Gemini

Your heart will shine like a light bulb and send energy to the whole world. If there will be a "best radio host" contest announced, then the winner will undoubtedly be someone born in the sign of Cancer.

The horoscope anticipates that Cancer will acquire the ability to relieve the pain of others. Furthermore, the horoscope assures Cancer that in February he or she will be able to overcome all problems that may be following your zodiac sign for many months. Where others stop, Cancer will still have enough power to go a step further.

In February Leo is able to develop the business talent and will be lucky in all kinds of markets. Whether you are interested in stocks, bonds, or just want to sell an antique candlestick from your grandmother at eBay, or if you are looking for a kitchen appliances at discount price β€” according to the horoscope, Leo's success is simply guaranteed.

But beware of flashy clothing. An eccentric scarf or a bizarre T-shirt is great if you want to be famous or looking for new acquaintance.

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But if Leo wants to relax, and it seems to be this case in February , then inspire yourself rather by chameleon or owl simply forget that the Leo is the king of all animals , because they can perfectly blend with the environment.

The February horoscope also underscores the ability to deftly handle words. Leo, you can flatter the customers, the superiors and the loved ones, and perfectly formulate ideas in addition.

Virgo, your February horoscope sounds similar to a big cannon shot. But, do not be afraid. The horoscope reveals that such loud bang is not a synonym for the army attack but it is simply a noisy start of applause or fanfare.

Horoscope Gemini February

The stars are favourable to your zodiac sign, so whatever you intend to do, you may succeed. Imagine that the big cannon shot is accompanying your unexpected victory.

February will become a fertile soil even to very modest people born in the sign of Virgo. Your actions will grow into nutritious cereals though the whole year. Virgo should be careful only with highly seductive fantasy. The vague difference between reality and fiction may, according to the horoscope, spoil some important decisions, mostly in investment or finance.

Libra, if you ever wanted to become a spy and a hero, you will surely appreciate February If you suspect that you are being carefully monitored by your mother-in-law, then you will finally be able to confirm or deny that presumption.

Similarly, if a beloved counterpart or even a superior at work crosses the allowed boundaries of your privacy, then it is time to set them up again. The February horoscope says that you will show to others clearly what they can and what they can't do.

At the same time, Libra should review all given promises but check also who owes you. The February horoscope also informs people born under Libra that you have a unique opportunity to organize your life newly professionally it would be called "restructuring".

According to the February horoscope, the exploration talent of Scorpio will be on the rise. It is true that America has already been discovered by Christopher Columbus and no other continent is likely to be waiting for you, but if you have more modest goals, you can be nicely surprised.

New thoughts will stimulate the bloodstream of Scorpio. Love and emotions may also awake the coming Spring much earlier. The horoscope admits that the sharp eye of Scorpio will very strictly evaluate the appearance of people and things you will encounter during the whole month.

But be cautious and do not criticize too much. Encourage all beautiful and smile when facing the ugly. HERE is Gemini love horoscope.

2019 Gemini Horoscope: Money, Career and Business

The eighth astrological house symbolizes transformations through growth and change and is also considered the house of shared financial resources. Here, Saturn affects any kind of financial support from another, like inheritances, alimony or even the gifts we receive.

Taxes and insurances may also become important issues. But now, after more than 12 months of transit, Geminis start to get their finances in order.

Diversifying their income sources is a very important step.

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But, once they start to earn more money, they have to remember another important rule: They still have to learn important lessons about saving money and about investing money. Venus also transits the house of joint funds and finances, for the first time in February and for the second time in November and December. And this is very good news, because, unlike Saturn, a planet of restrictions, Venus brings a more optimistic approach.

Especially that, after another month, Saturn retrograde is coming! Geminis have already been here, for another four months, last year.

So, they know that, having Saturn retrograde in the eight astrological house, they will have to work hard for their money. Forget, also, about winning the lottery! There is a risk for Geminis to financially depend on someone else, between April 30 th and August 11 th: Of course, this is not comfortable , financially dependence having hidden cost, starting with self-dignity and health affected by the stress.

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So, during this transit, Geminis must think about how to make some important steps towards financial freedom. As said above, this house symbolizes transformations through growth and change and is also considered the house of shared financial resources. Now, you already understood some lessons offered by Saturn and you already know some tips to make your money grow.

I offer you three inspirational quotes about investment:. I already explained above what it means, at its first transit, between February 3 rd and March 1 st. As we have seen, with Saturn transiting all year long one of the houses of money, things are complicated, for Geminis, in But there are also reasons for hope.