The Mahadasa lord Moon is debilitated and united with Mars in second house; and Mars also has its fourth aspect over Jupiter. Therefore, the astrology readings of Moon Mahadasa are not looking promising and strong enough for Narendra Modi Horoscope. He may not only loose his position; but also face helplessness to deal with his opponents, who are just waiting for the opportunity.

The Mahadasa of Moon is also looking dangerous for his personal security; and Narendra Modi is very likely to face security threats from anti-social elements. Narendra Modi has to be very careful in this regard right from start of Moon Mahadasa from August onwards.

The forthcoming Lok Sabha elections are scheduled in ; and during that time Antardasa of Rahu will be operational in Moon Mahadasa. The Mahadasa Lord Moon is under Maraka influence of strong Mars; and may not be able to deal independently during Rahu antardasa.

On the contrary, Narendra Modi may be facing strong challenges, security threats and instability in his political career during Moon Mahadasa starting from August And, I would like to reiterate that Narendra Modi should be very careful and cautious during Moon Mahadasa for overall aspects of his life.

Sir was just reading this post of yours. Any comments now on Mr. Modi becoming PM, when you said his probability of becoming PM is nil.

Modi has scorpio Lagna. Please correct and that explains evreything Thanks. The photocopy of that horoscope was also published in a magazine. The horoscope I have come across of Namo shows vruschik lagna and time of birth as 11am at Mehsana.

Sir, I really respect your views, I really like the stand you have taken. Though I am not THAT big knowledgeable person in astrology, your analysis has pretty clearly mentioned that NaMo always takes people by surprise.

I am really glad that you have not taken down this article despite the results being opposite of what you had predicted. This shows your honesty and dedication towards your work. Please write some astrology predictions whether Indo-Sino relations and Indo-Pak relations will get bitter in coming days?

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Will our Modi government find solutions to these issues? Regional conflicts, communal divide, increasing numbers of crimes; will these ever controlled or is the worse yet to come? Your prediction is wrong…might u have not analyse the power of Neech bhang raj yoga of moon.

Narendra Modi's Planetary Position

I have had the opportunity to get astrological guidance from Raj Shekarji. He has a sound knowledge in vedic astrology. One should understand that astrology is a deep understanding of all the shastras One has to be a student throughout in order to grasp its intensity. What is important is to search and research as to what went wrong in the prediction.

To say things which is disrespectful and harmful to a person is not the way one should communicate. As I have mentioned in my previous posts a person with 10th lord debilitated with no benefic aspect on the 10th house and 10th house unoccupied can never occupy such powerful positions.

This was the reason why I felt thula lagna was incorrect. Mercury in the 11th swakshtra with 10th lord lord indicates gains through communication and position.

Birth Chart: Narendra Modi (Virgo)

This is very interesting. The only aspect that I was concerned was the rahu bhukthi. Looks like in his case the powerful lagna did the the trick.

Sharmaji, Its sad to read your clarification. Mrinal has not written anything wrong to judge her sick job.

Yes, this is sad for me too to observe some people acting like judge without being asked for. Well done Mr Neel Astrology. You have made astrology your business. Shame on you and your prediction. It is clear now as Yoga Karaka and Bhagyesh Moon with Neechabhanga Rajayoga has elevated his position and there is no question of any danger to his health as Moon is not in the second house but in the Ascendant.

This is another disgruntled soul looking to quench their thirst of making personal comments. And, this is really an irony that in our society such people are wandering without any leash.

Am I the only astrologer whose prediction went wrong? But does that allow anyone of you to make such gross comments. Anyway, you keep doing your sick job and I will continue with mine. If you read a wrong book you will go wrong. It is vrishchika lagan with moon giving Neech bhanga Rajyog. You are an idiot in astrology.

Narendra Modi is going to be the next Prime minister of India. Stop fooling people with your incomplete knowledge. Very well Mr Vijay. Usually I avoid publishing such gross comments; but, will definitely be publishing yours.

I completely disagree with your opinion and am not worried at all. This was an honest analysis, which unfortunately went wrong.

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And, there are somany successful predictions in my lap to be happy and confident about my knowledge. Anyway, the sting of your adjective will always keep me motivated to improve and perform better in future.

Mr Raj, your predictions were correct as per the data you used. Appreciating your courage for not deleting the article when predictions went wrong.. Raj Shekhar Sharma seems to be a brave man, he has not changed his pages when modi became PM.

Modi is the fittest candidate for the Prime Minister of India. Deep study and naltical Amsa study are poor. Check it by occupying stars of every Planet. Dont be in a haste to predict false things. It is very interesting reading of Mr. Narendra Modi astro analysis, i just read today i am also novice in this study when i analyzed i have seen certain more information and wish to share.

First of all fiery nature of Mr. Modi is not just in Lagna alone i feel lagna is correct but but we must notice Lagna and Mars kuja share same star only pada is different means it has big effect on personality traits. Modi and failure because Mr. Already distruction of Congress Government in all fields specially started with FINANCE what ever taal claims and standings of Manmohan singh, Chidambaram, Montek singh ahluwalia all of them are running to cover themselves but they all will have grand death because of weak Astro position of the Congress candidate Mr.

India birth chart also favours this because of kala chakra effect. DOB 24th Feb , Mysore, Yes, as far as, the disposition of Jupiter and Venus is concerned; both planets are suitably placed and capable of promoting the horoscope for political success.

The only issue, which I feel, is the aspect of Rahu become debilitated in her Navamsha on Jupiter and the combust Mercury facing affliction from Mars also aspected by Rahu. And, the timing of elections is likely to have a strong say in the results as well as the horoscopes of her political opponents.

If the elections are held between Sept to Feb ; some good chances of success are there. Clean sweep by Jayalalitha ji is looking a bit doubtful though due to the transit union of Rahu with Saturn.

Very good article and great discussion.. From all the discussion, I concluded that Moon-Rahu period was not good for him and I think it is correct because he got only seats but considering his popularity, his development and his hardwork, He should have got more than seats, But as his dasha was not favourable so he got much less seats.

I would like to know what future holds him if we consider the above time of birth. They had studied the Vrishchika lagna chart — the birth time being provided by one S. Hegde — and had predicted that Modi would win the polls but would not complete his third term as chief minister.

The first part of the prediction came correct as Modi won the elections, but not the second part. Modi began his fourth term as CM after he won the elections in December This is the reason why i said saturn and venus in 10th is a rajayoga.

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Also, they are conjunct in the 10th house. If you take a careful look you will see that he became chief minister at the end of Venus Dasa and Saturn Bhukthi.

As soon as the mercury Bhukthi commenced he faced problems due to riots and that is because of Mercury being conjunct with Ketu. For Scorpio Ascendant Vrishchika Lagna , Saturn becomes the lord of third and fourth houses; and Venus becomes the lord of seventh and twelfth houses.

But at the same time, Venus becomes the Maraka planet for Vrichchika Lagna besides being the lord of twelfth house; and Saturn is also papi due to its lordship over third house. These will help you know future and take control This Astrology Cosmic Calendar for the upcoming week in the year will help you know about the daily life events and activities that will unfold GaneshaSpeaks explains the benefits of shivling.

Know the importance of shivling and worship Lord Shiva in the holy month of Shravan to bring happines France Vs Belgium Predictions.

As per Ganesha, France will win the ma Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Select Your Area of Concern. Write Your Question Career: Type your question here… Please Ask One specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered.

Lalit Modi Birth Chart | Lalit Modi Kundli | Horoscope by Date of Birth Sports, Champions League

Month 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Year Ask our Experts Now! A visionary Prime Minister as Narendra Modi has proved to be, the fact that he doesn't have to deal with the tedious coalition politics surely strengthened his hands.

Modi quickly consolidated his position with far-reaching reformist decisions like demonetisation and the introduction of GST. So far Narendra Modi has proved to be an extremely able leader and continues to go from strength to strength with every passing day.

Type your question here… Please Ask One specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered. Month 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Year Ask our Experts Now! Today, Narendra Modi's name doesn't require much of an introduction.

Of the humble beginnings, amazing charisma, great eloquence and an unbelievable ability that helped him rise to the pinnacle, Narendra Damodardas Modi, the reigning Indian Prime Minister is a living legend, whose stories and anecdotes, the future generations will quote. But, his way surely has not been easy. Nonetheless, he always seemed to have an edge over the others.

What is this starry quality he has? Did planetary alignments help this man's insatiable quest and extreme dedication for achieving the highest standards?

And now, what lies ahead for him? This combination symbolises that Mr.

Narendra Modi Will Forge National Unity, Predicts Ganesha

Modi is blessed with excellent capabilities. A strong 11th House gives a native the ability to have great ambitions, and also the ability to realise them. For a politician to have a successful career and an edge over his opponents, the planets like Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu ideally should be in good placements, along with a strong Mars.

The combination of these two planets forms a Chandra-Mangal Mahalakshmi Rajayoga.

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  • Lalit Modi's Planetary Position;
  • We can also attribute Mr. Modi's extraordinary communication and oratory skills to this. Rahu is placed in the 6th House Enemies and this placement acts tremendously in favour of Mr.

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