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Is that the real you other people see? Or is it a mask you wear to protect yourself from the big bad world? Show your true face today.

February 28 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Find ways to co-operate with people whose support you will need to make sure your work and business targets for the new year can be met. The planets warn you have become a bit too set in your ways and need to loosen up a bit, especially when dealing with people whose approach to life may be very different to your own.

It takes all sorts to make such a wonderful world. You know what makes you happy, so do that and nothing else. Like everyone else you go through periods when you feel out of touch with the spirit of the times, but that is definitely not the case now.

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On the contrary, you know exactly what is going on and what you should be doing to assist. Your mind seems to be working harder than ever at the moment but you need to recognize that your mind, just like your body, can be pushed too far. Give yourself space to breath today — mentally as well as physically.

Affairs of the heart, in particular, need your attention now — and true love costs nothing. At the very least make sure your plans are ready so you can hit the ground running.

Do you exist to make a difference, or do you merely exist? These are the sort of questions you will be asking yourself in and the answers are most likely to come when both Saturn and Pluto have moved past their retrograde phases in the final few months of the year.

Before then try not to take life quite so seriously. What happens around the time of the Solar Eclipse in mid-February will in some way remind you that love and laughter are the only things which last forever. TAURUS April 21 - May 21 Cosmic activity in your fellow Earth sign of Capricorn will inspire you to expand your horizons, physically, mentally and spiritually, over the coming 12 months.

Deep down you know that remaining where you are is no longer an option and although you may not be able to get away until upheavals planet Uranus occupies your sign from May to November you can start making plans right now. Make them big plans. Make them huge plans.

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If you can think it you can do it. And if you do it you must go all the way. Let your wanderlust guide you. Jupiter in the work area of your chart until early November will help you turn vague imaginings into solid realities and before you know it the big money will start rolling in.

Be generous with your success, especially around the time of the Solar Eclipse in July. CANCER June 22 - July 23 Partnership activities will be of major importance over the coming 12 months and the actions you take on a one-to-one level, both in your personal life and at work, will echo down the years. With Pluto and Saturn moving through your opposite sign you need to remember, at all times and in all situations, that causes have consequences.

The ends do NOT justify the means, not now, not ever.

If the means are good, the ends are good. If the means are bad, the ends are bad.

Astrological Forecasts for 12/28/2018

LEO July 24 - Aug. Uranus remains in the sympathetic sign of Aries until May and you must make use of its disruptive energies to reconfigure the basic elements of your existence.

Forget about half measures — go all the way.

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