Capricorn Facts

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All About Capricorn Rising Sign & Capricorn Ascendant In Astrology

Share this image Share link Copy link. You can redownload your image for free at any time, in any size. The sign of Capricorn takes the tenth 30 degrees of the zodiacal circle, and begins with the first day of winter.

This is a cardinal sign, meaning it marks the beginning of the season and the change it brings with it.

Its Origin and Meaning in Astrology

The constellation Capricornus marked the winter solstice in the Early Bronze Age, for the Sun was in it when winter began until BC. The tail itself symbolically represents the past, our debts and what we are dragging from our past.

Capricornus was listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolomy, but prior to this listing, it was one of the constellations oldest known to men, despite its faintness. It was represented as a hybrid of a goat and a fish since the Middle Bronze Age, with the first attested depictions dated around the 21st century BC.

It is interesting that the planet Neptune was discovered in the constellation Caprcornus, near Deneb Algedi, the brightest star in the tail of the goat, on September 23, The link between Capricorn and Pisces seems to be incredibly strong, especially when you consider the symbolism of the creatures and all the stories regarding Capricorn and Capricornus.

The myth of Capricorn is connected to Pan, the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music. He had goat legs and the musical instrument he played, the panpipes, telling a special love story of a woman who feared her courtier, running away from his compliments. Space, astrology, horoscope, astronomy, fantasy design.

Gree Capricorn zodiac symbol vector, round hand painted horoscope sign. Capricorn astrology zodiac sign circle clip art on white background.

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Silhouette isolated on white background. Night landscape with starry sky and silhouettes of spruce trees. Capricorn vector icon isolated on transparent background, Capricorn transparency logo concept.

Beautiful sexy girl in the image of the zodiac signs of Capricorn.

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Vector illustration with constellations and hand-drawn astronomical symbols. Shining stars in the night sky.

Capricorn icon of 3 types: Isolated vector sign symbol. Light symbol of sea goat to Capricorn of zodiac and horoscope concept, vector art and illustration.

Gold glitter Capricorn zodiac symbol vector, hand painted horoscope sign. Capricorn astrology zodiac sign circle gold clip art. Capricorn zodiac sign, part of zodiacal system watercolor vector illustration isolated on a white background.

Outline hand drawing coloring page for the adult coloring book.

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Line art design of Capricorn zodiac sign for design element and adult coloring book page. Black zodiac symbols vector set, collection of hand painted astrology signs. Caves, Queensland, Australia - December 27, Illustration of the astrological sign of Capricorn as a portrait beautiful girl with long hair.

The illustration on decorative grunge background in retro colors.

Capricorn (astrology)

Vintage sign of zodiac. Zodial sign horoscope cirlce on dark background. Gold blue Capricorn zodiac symbol vector, round hand painted horoscope sign. Capricorn astrology zodiac sign circle clip art gold and dark blue on white background.

Capricorn and zodiac signs. Abstract space dark sky blurred background with shiny bokeh, science background.

A Goat-Fish

Capricorn zodiac sign, horoscope symbol, vector illustration. Vintage engraving style symbols on a space background. A cup of cappuccino coffee with a zodiac sign pattern Capricorn Cinnamon on milk foam. Set of golden constellations.

Capricorn Symbol

Aquarius, virgo, capricorn, sagittarius, aries, gemini, scorpio, libra, leo, pisces, taurus, cancer. Zodiacal color icon, symbol. Zodiac sign in futuristic techology style on a starry sky. Capricorn line icon concept. Capricorn vector linear illustration, symbol, sign.

Set of cute cartoon zodiac cat. Vector illustration of twelve zodiacal symbols: