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What keeps you closed down and locked up?

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I urge you to ponder those questions, Pisces. Once you get useful answers, the next step will be to meditate on how you can undo the binds. Fantasize and brainstorm about the specific actions you can take to unlock and unclose yourself.

This project will be excellent preparation for the opportunities that the coming months will make available to you. I'm happy to announce that will be your personal Year of Liberation. The muse who whispered this clue in my ear did not elaborate further. But based on the astrological aspects, here are several possible interpretations. You will know the changes that the planets Jupiter and Saturn will bring to your sign during the new year.

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Horoscope of the week in progress. Horoscope of the month in progress. Our goal should be to get an intuitive read on the crazy-making miracle of life and adapt ourselves ingeniously to its ever-shifting patterns and rhythms.

Set aside everything I just said. An exception to the usual rule has arrived.

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Sometimes, when your personal power is extra flexible and robust—like now, for you—you may indeed be able to steer the river a bit. Recently I've been weirdly obsessed with wondering how to increase my levels of generosity and compassion.

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  • Not just because I know it's the right thing to do, but also because I know it will make me healthy and honest and unflappable. Do you have any sage advice?

    August 1–7

    I've noticed that many Sagittarians are feeling an unprecedented curiosity about how to enhance their lives by boosting the benevolence they express. Here's a tip from astrologer Chani Nicholas: I fight for a small world of humanity and tenderness.

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    • Time does not necessarily heal all wounds. If you wait around passively, hoping that the mere passage of months will magically fix your twists and smooth out your tweaks, you're shirking your responsibility.

      The truth is, you need to be fully engaged in the process. You've got to feel deeply and think hard about how to diminish your pain, and then take practical action when your wisdom shows you what will actually work.

      Daily Planetary Overview

      Now is an excellent time to upgrade your commitment to this sacred quest. The questions you've been asking aren't bad or wrong—but they're not exactly relevant or helpful, either. That's why the answers you've been receiving aren't of maximum use. Try these questions instead: A scuffle you've been waging turns out to be the wrong scuffle.

      It has distracted you from giving your full attention to a more winnable and worthwhile tussle. Don't waste energy feeling remorse about the energy you've wasted. In fact, be grateful for the training you've received. The skills you've been honing while wrestling with the misleading complication will serve you well when you switch your focus to the more important issue.

      So are you ready to shift gears? Start mobilizing your crusade to engage with the more winnable and worthwhile tussle. What was your last major amazement?