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Solar Eclipse January 2019 ~ Solar Flare

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Lunar Eclipse January 2019 ~ Imperial Swoop. Darkstar Astrology

January 27, Total. July 23, Annular. January 16, Total. July 12, Partial. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Solar eclipse of January On January 6 th Mars is conjunct Jupiter.

Solar eclipse of January 27, 2093

Mars conjunct Jupiter is one of the best aspects we can have, especially given that Mars is at home in Scorpio. Now is time to go for what you really want, for your most impossible dreams and desires.

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On January 8 th and 9 th we have a triple conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Pluto. Venus is halfway in her cycle right now, highlighting the themes of the synodic cycle that started on March 25 th and will end on October 25 th This conjunction is one of the highlights of the year — triple conjunctions are pretty rare, and this one is especially important because it involves one luminary, the Sun, one personal planet, Venus, and one interpersonal planet, Pluto.

The personal realm will intersect with the interpersonal plan, and this is when important events take place. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Mercury is finally out of the sign of its detriment and out of the retrograde shadow.

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  5. Mercury is ambitious and determined in Capricorn and during this transit he will be even more so because the cycle starts with a conjunction to Saturn.

    Use your mental energy to get things done. Something will have to go around these dates — Uranus will make sure you will get liberation from some old patterns of relating which do not longer serve you.

    Maybe you are too compromising, maybe in your desire to please others you sacrifice an important part of yourself. These squares to Uranus will show you what exactly needs to change.

    A few days later, at the time of the New Moon, you will have the chance to start anew. The New Moon will be the trademark of Saturn in Capricorn and will tell us know — without a doubt — what Saturn in Capricorn will be all about. The New Moon takes place around the same degrees where we will experience the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter alignment in two years from now, so pay extra attention to the messages that come to you around this date.

    The New Moon in Capricorn will shed light into what will keep you busy in the coming years. When you know what to expect you can get better prepared for the future. On January 17 th Venus enters Aquarius and on January 19 th Sun also enters Aquarius, balancing the elemental energy in the sky.

    If the first two weeks of January have been infused with Cardinal and Earth energy, the 2 nd half of January will be much more balanced, especially thanks to Venus and the Sun who move into Aquarius.

    Aquarius brings Air and Fixed energy, helping us get the clarity we need to focus on what is really important. On January 26 th Mars enters Sagittarius.

    Solar Eclipse January ~ Solar Flare by Darkstar Astrology

    Mars feels good in the fiery sign of Sagittarius — he is still as assertive and bold as in Aries and Leo, but in Sagittarius, Mars acts with the bigger picture in mind, and wants to align his personal will with the divine will. This is a good time to expand your horizons, to do strategy work, to mingle with people with a different outlook on life than yours, to travel to a far away destination.

    Having two Full Moons in opposition to the planet of love is very interesting, especially given that both the Moon and Venus are the two celestial bodies symbolizing the two facets of the feminine principle.

    Moon and Venus describe the two feminine archetypes: On the other side, together with the Sun, we have Venus, the planet of relating, of giving and receiving, of what we like and dislike. In a nuthshell, the Moon describes the relationship we have with ourselves, so we can get our primal needs met, whereas Venus describes our relationship with the outside world, so we can get our social needs met.

    The two feminine principles are now in opposition. While the Moon is very close to the Earth and therefore has an even stronger influence on us, Venus is at the farthest away point from the Earth right now, and is willing to sacrifice her needs in order to please the Sun.

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    Have a look at which houses in your natal chart you have Leo and Aquarius to get more clues about which area of your life represented by the Leo-Aquarius axis needs reconciliation. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The truth of your understanding of this orchestra in the sky is immediately felt.

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    Which would be the best day of celestial support to put through a job application? I live in Finland and the Cap New Moon is on the 17th. New Moon on my 26 Capricorn MC.