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If this involves an awkward topic, then the Virgo Moon suggests sticking to the facts and not attempting to bend the truth to make it more digestible.

You may wonder what someone's reaction will be, but if you go ahead you could find they're very receptive.

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Cafe Astrology horoscopes are at the top of the page as well as below:. This Week in Astrology. December Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn: While you're in your yearly period of repose and winding down in December, dear Capricorn, there is a strong emphasis on the world of communications, your daily life, learning, and connecting.

This can be a big idea month, and it's quite excellent for reaching out to others, although part of you wants nothing more than to withdraw and replenish your energy!

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Mars is working in harmony with your sign all of December, reinvigorating your motivation to pursue personal interests and studies and to enjoy more movement and interaction with your neighborhood. It's an excellent time to make mental AND social connections. Your communications, teachings, studies, ideas, and writing may be a little hasty at times, and there can be times when you feel mentally wired.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

However, you enjoy greater passion and motivation to get things done and to learn or produce. You may not often sit still, and you're inclined to want to initiate independent work and projects.

You learn best when you are teaching yourself or engaged in self-study until December 31st.

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Watch carefully for alienating others through harsh words, or speaking prematurely of matters that are better left alone for the time being, especially around the and when impulsiveness can be a problem. From the 21st forward, the Sun illuminates your sign, bringing you into the personal spotlight.

People are noticing you and wanting to be around you.

This is a time for shining on a personal level, so take advantage. Venus spends most of the month in your social sector, supporting you and blessing your friendships and relationships with networks or associates. The last week of the month is influenced by a Full Moon that occurs in your partnership sector on the 22nd.

Feelings are awakened and insistent. This can be a time for connecting with a significant other in wonderful ways or for awakening to emotions about a relationship.

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