Thank you, Rinpoche and the blog team for sharing with us the story of an African American activist, Mr Paul Robeson who put everything that he owns on the line to fight for the equality of the blacks in America during his time.

It is very inspiring because of what he fought for, he was being discriminated against and his life, family and career was affected. His courage is the most admired part which is fearless despite the norm of the society back then which was against him.

There is a similarity between Rinpoche and Paul Roberson. Rinpoche sacrificed everything just to fight for the freedom of all Dorje Shugden practitioners to practise the religion that we want without discrimination.

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If Rinpoche had chosen to stop practising Dorje Shugden, Rinpoche would be much more famous, accepted and welcomed by everyone and anywhere else. In my opinion, Rinpoche is even more courageous than Paul Robeson because Rinpoche is disagreeing with an entire government which governs , Tibetan in exile with donations in millions each year.

On the other hand, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a powerful figure and a Nobel prize winner which add on to the difficulty of fighting for the religious rights of Dorje Shugden practitioners.

Rinpoche is setting an example of never to give up and keep trying no matter how minuscule the chance for us to win the fight.

I believe this is what Rinpoche wanted us to learn from this great man and to be inspired by his story.

Sofi Thursday, Dec Wonderful Cambodia Here is a country that had gone through so much in history and yet still as charming for travellers to visit. Discover Cambodia here before you plan your next holiday and you may just find yourself on a plane to the many wonderful sites in Cambodia that may capture your heart.

Paul Robeson inspires me to speak against injustice A man of courage who dared take on the government of America for equality. Despite meeting obstacles in his life, career and wellbeing, he had the courage to stand tall in his belief for the equality of his people.

Read more of this inspiring person who dared….. Earthlings A must watch to connect to that compassion in you. One who does not see wrong in what they are doing means that nothing will matter enough to move them.

We know that killing animals for food is wrong, even worse, killing them for fun which is totally unnecessary. That is really debasing and speaks so negatively of the killer.

Constantly killing and killing. You just have to hide so deep within and block out your natural state of compassion.

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  7. You see how some of the workers torture the animals so unnecessarily which showed their purposeful detachments from their emotions. To me that would the lowest job of all…. Samfoonheei Thursday, Dec Paul Robeson the son of a former slave turned preacher.

    He was a man of muilti-talent been a singer, a 20th-century actor, activist who blended athletics, artistry and humanitarianism into an inspiring legacy. He became famous both for his cultural accomplishments and for his political activism.

    Been a black man he has inspired many people due to his struggle for the rights of black Americans decades before the Civil Rights Movement. He continued to fight for justice and equality for the black people even though he was branded as a communist in America until the end of his life. I have made my choice. The Dorje Shugden controversy has a lot of similarity with the denied freedom to choose what the practitioner like to prayer.

    The Dorje Shugden practitioners are segregated all times, medical services denied, families torn apart and so forth. They have suffered badly under the Tibetan leardership for over decades since the ban on dorje Shugden. May H H Dalai Lama lift the ban soon and allow religious freedom.

    Thank you Rinpoche for this inspiring post. Everybody has wondered at one time or another why they exist. What is the purpose in life? Many people spending time searching for their purpose in life and come to many different conclusions. Is there even a purpose in life. Every of us have a different view and purpose.

    Some of us find that the meaning of life is to have a career, get married, and raise a family. Life is short we must spent our time wisely and do something with purpose and do it with determination then it is fruitful. To me every problem we have is an opportunity to discover more about our purpose, providing us with a joy and happiness.

    Reading the strange questions it could helps us to gain insight to know more and will trigger our minds to contemplate deeper. Thank you so much Rinpoche for sharing this article.

    Yee Yin Thursday, Dec This is due to the power of their meditations. He passed away 1, years ago, and yet his preserved body is still intact with healthy bones and his brain. This is really incredible. The scientists also cannot explain why is that so.

    Lin Mun Wednesday, Dec These are many good and natural remedy for migraine. Many people I know will just pop a pain killer as it is the fastest pain reliever.

    Since essential oil brings so many benefits, it is always good to bring along the oil and apply whenever necessary.

    Thank you Rinpoche for sharing this info. I am sure it can help a lot of people to be free from migraine. Sofi Wednesday, Dec Why Losing a Dog Can Be Harder than Losing a Relative or Friend A dog can be just like a child to us, giving us support and unconditional love no matter how we treat them.

    So please be kind to the dog and love them as your own child. More is likely to sit up and listen with consideration for a better cruelfree world https: Yee Yin Wednesday, Dec As we become more degenerated, our desires get stronger.

    The Heruka and Vajrayogini tantra use our desires as a tool to bring us to enlightenment, that is why Vajrayogini practice is so powerful.

    Zero - Official Trailer - Shah Rukh Khan - Aanand L Rai - Anushka - Katrina - 21 Dec 2018

    Many high lamas have visited this cave before. Read more interesting facts about the cave here: If you are living in a city and there is limited land, do you think you will still be able to grow your own vegetables?

    With The Growroom, it is now possible! The Growroom is designed for cities and with its size, 2. Learn more about The Growroom here: Thank you Rinpoche for sharing with us the story of Ms. She certainly did not have a very pleasant childhood. She was neglected and was mentally abused when the mother sent her to spy on the father.

    This is exactly what happened to Ms. Her parents did not give love and trust to her which resulted in her being anti-social and even suffering from mental illness.

    However, she did not let her mental illness stop her from becoming a successful person. She found her way to express her emotions and feelings without causing pain to other people.

    In fact, her way of expressing herself brings positive experiences to people. Yayoi Kusama is that insane. Most of the insane persons will not admit they are insane. Yayoi Kusama checked herself into a psychiatric hospital and continue to paint.

    I think she just does not trust people enough to have a normal interaction with people. Checking in to a psychiatric hospital she does not have to deal with people but only the nurses and doctors. She is one of those rare cases where her bad experience did not bring her down but make her successful in her field. Messages from Rinpoche Scroll down within the box to view more messages from Rinpoche.

    Click on the images to enlarge. Click on 'older messages' to view archived messages. Use 'prev' and 'next' links to navigate between pages Use this URL to link to this section directly: A Possible Solution for Tibetan Unity?

    From Europe Shugden Association: Pastor Loh Seng Piow, Beng Kooi I must thank my dharma blog team who are great assets to me, Kechara and growth of dharma in this wonderful region. Pukhang Khangtsen, Gaden Shartse Monastery.

    President, Tsem Rinpoche Foundation, Inc. My Childhood in Taiwan…Revisiting…. My Short Bio in pictures. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche Videos H. Hear the holy voice of Kyabje Zong Rinpoche giving advice on the practice of Dorje Shugden to those who had received the life-entrustment initiation. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche wanted to make sure those present received the maximum benefits from their practice, and that they kept their practice well.

    In Tibetan Buddhism, it is always said that whatever we practice must come from an enlightened source to be beneficial in our spiritual journey. As such in this video, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche shares with us the history and reincarnation lineage of Dorje Shugden to explain how great this Dharma protector is through the examples of his previous lives, showing us his powerful spiritual attainments.

    Featured Authors Tsem Rinpoche. Pastor Loh Seng Piow. Pastor Elena Khong Jean Ai. Must See Dear everyone Namgyalma Mewa 7 Birth Buddha: Tara Mewa 9 Birth Buddha: Manjushri Mewa 3 Birth Buddha: Vajrasattva Mewa 8 Birth Buddha: Shakyamuni Mewa 5 Birth Buddha: Shakyamuni Mewa 4 Birth Buddha: Vajrapani Mewa 2 Birth Buddha: The Mirror of the King White Mewa 4: The Mirror of Nagas Green Mewa 3: The Mirror of Medicine White Mewa 2: What an ego trip!

    LIFE QUOTES "I pity men who occupy themselves exclusively with the transitory in things and lose themselves in the study of what is perishable, since we are here for this very end-that we may make the perishable imperishable, which we can do only after we have learned how to approach both. Devotional Songs Sung by Mary Fewel Tulin, these mystical songs in praise of the guru originate from the Sikh tradition.


    Yet, they are applicable to all traditions for those who want to venerate their guru. Send me news and updates from TsemRinpoche. What Am I Writing Now. Should there be a separate autonomous Dorje Shugden state? The Unknown The Known and unknown are both feared, Known is being comfortable and stagnant, The unknown may be growth and opportunities, One shall never know if one fears the unknown more than the known.

    Who says the unknown would be worse than the known? But then again, the unknown is sometimes worse than the known.

    Birth Mewa

    In the end nothing is known unless we endeavour, So go pursue all the way with the unknown, because all unknown with familiarity becomes the known. Photos On The Go Click on the images to view the bigger version. And scroll down and click on "View All Photos" to view more images.

    His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche the compassionate vidyadhara and yogi. He always manifest wrathful energy on the outside, but on the inside he is filled with compassion.

    Please see more beautiful pictures of this huge golden outdoor Tsongkapa overlooking mountain ranges Xiaqiong Jakhyung Monastery, Qinghai, Tibet- Click here- https: The forward on the book authored by the erudite Panchen Sonam Drakpa is highly unusual but good.

    The background on this great master is even more interesting. We are able to paint both the face and body, using traditional Tibetan techniques and materials. Our team have learnt the techniques of traditional statue painting from the finest artists of India, Tibet and Nepal.

    Through months of intense training and practice, our talented artists have mastered the art of painting both peaceful and wrathful features. If we have eye problems, this is a good practice and it's simple- https: Many times in the morning my Oser girl will go sunbathe.

    She really enjoys it. Vintage stunning thangka of Lord Tsongkapa with many other enlightened beings. He did not have a good ending as Mongolia 'fell'.

    Read about him- https: Last Queen of Mongolia-Very interesting what happened to her and tragic too- https: The famous and powerful state oracle of Mongolia- Interesting and must read- https: In the middle of the metropolitan city of Bangkok near the upmarket shopping district is a chapel dedicated to Tara right in the centre of town.

    Cheeky and cute little He Wei is telling you to get a Dorje Shugden pamphlet now!!! The little girl is his brother's daughter.

    Her name is Tara. Many have had their wishes fulfilled. Very nice class going on in Kechara Forest Retreat-Malaysia. Learning Dharma is the key to overcoming our mind that is unsettled. This is in the main prayer hall of Gaden Monastery. Lobsang Gyatso and myself. He came to Gaden Monastery to visit me.

    While he was alive he lived in Taiwan. The most precious Buddha Shakyamuni of Tibet. All the crowns, earrings, necklaces and jewels were constructed and offered by Je Tsongkapa onto this Buddha years ago. This is how you can practice Tantric Buddhas without initiation or commitment- https: Many great lamas are pictured here together.

    I have met many of them and they are very learned and holy. Can't you go any faster!

    Latest Mumbai News Headlines, Mumbai Daily Local News: Mumbai Mirror Newspaper

    We are late for our puja! Pastor Seng Piow's beautiful Kalarupa statue has finally arrived. Animals are made to suffer so much. We should never add to their sufferings. We should never beat, abuse, use, kill or eat them.

    We should be loving with them or just leave them to live their lives. It will break your heart, but you need to see this- https: Find out what happened to this baby- https: A very sad true story Please sign to help end animal experimentation: My grandaunt Nirgidma whom I have never met but learning more about her now.

    She lived and died in France. Did you know we can grow vegetables under water contrary to need the bright sun, earth and on the surface? A very rare Buddha hardly seen. He is said to help us overcome laziness. When you are sleeping, do you get disturbed by supernatural entities or re-occurring dreams that are frightening?

    Do you sometimes feel a presence in the room with you when sleeping? I have something here that might help you as I have been asked many times about these occurrences. Foretelling the future in the Tibetan tradition- https: Videos On The Go Please click on the images to watch video.

    Chirping birds and other forest animals create a joyful melody at the Vajrayogini stupa in Kechara Forest Retreat Bentong, Malaysia. Trijang Rinpoche never gave up his devotion to Dorje Shugden no matter how much Tibetan government in exile pressured him to give up.

    He stayed loyal inspiring so many of us. Very rare video of His Holiness Panchen Rinpoche the 10th, the all knowing and compassionate one.

    I pay deep respects to this attained being who has taken many rebirths since the time of Lord Buddha to be of benefit to sentient beings tirelessly. This bigfoot researcher gives good reasonings on bigfoot. Here in this beautiful video is Geshe Kelsang Gyatso showing his centre to Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, then proceeding to sit down to receive teachings.

    For more information- https: Oser is the boss. Lama Yeshe was a brilliant teacher and I wanted to share this with everyone so his teachings can reach more people. Many tourists visit our store and this area. A Jill Redwood is a jack of all trades, Jill built her own house on her property and lives entirely off the grid with no mains power or town water, mobile reception or television.

    Her main expenses are animal feed and the rates on her property. Watch this incredible three minute video and be inspired to live differently. This is how Tibetans show homage and pay respect to a holy image. Heart Sutra sang by a monk for the modern crowd. Very interesting and beautiful. Submerging powerful mantra stones in water at Kechara Forest Retreat in Malaysia.

    My Oser girl and Dharma boy love the verandah where they can see the greens. If there were more schools like this, then our kids would grow up with more caring awareness and kind emotions towards our environment and the people around them.

    They would grow up knowing that chasing materialism is not going to bring any happiness. I hope very much more schools like this would materialise. I hope in my future life I can attend a school like this.

    My Oser girl and Dharma boy in their cosy little bedroom next to me sleeping away. It is incredible how smart Oser girl is. She can steal the treat away from Dharma boy and so casually. She is so smart. Kechara Forest Retreat Dogs. Dharma boy is tiny and trying to scare off big boy Johnny. Johnny is so patient and just ignores Dharma.

    Looking Ahead: What your stars foretell in 2018, based on your Zodiac sign

    They are both cute and both live in Kechara Forest Retreat-Malaysia. Super cute seal and so gentle. Must watch this video and realize we are all one.

    Incredible tribute and rendition. Everyone is blown away. It is nice to see sangha release animals into the wild. Gen Kunchok Palden and Chodrak contributed to releasing of frogs back into the wild.

    Compassion is the mainstay of all spirituality. It is challenging and fun where they use their nose, paws and all to dig and find the snacks in between. This dog play carpet is ordered online. You can see little Zopa baby who is a Kechara resident doggie looking for the snacks in this cute video. She is kept busy and entertained! She is wearing a Manjushri blessing pendant.

    Spontaneous trance in Tibet by powerful healing Protector Dorje Shugden of a monk who usually takes trance. This video is thought-provoking and very interesting. Such a beautiful and powerful message from a person who knows the meaning of life. What the meat industry figured out is that you don't need healthy animals to make a profit.

    Sick animals are more profitable That's the business model. How quickly they can be made to grow, how tightly they can be packed, how much or how little can they eat, how sick they can get without dying We live in a world in which it's conventional to treat an animal like a block of wood.

    This happens daily in slaughterhouse so you can get your pork and Bak ku teh. Scroll down and click on "View All Questions" to view archived questions. December 27, Yesterday's serving was a special one as we have someone special serving from our kitchen in Tengku Zatashah!

    The menu was the delicious looking "one pot rice" - with surplus vegetables were collected from Tesco Malaysia and AEON Retail Malaysia, croissant and biscuits from Munchy's , drinking water and coffee!

    Thanks to the creative thinking of improvising the menu based on our surplus collection. All the packing and serving of packets of food were all done within the hour under the guidance of forever helpful Tintin Eu, Jenny, Elaine and the rest of the team! Thank you for coming today Tengku!

    Giving is everyday thing. Our Christmas is celebrated meaningfully by delivering food pack to help those who really need help to put food on the table. At Kechara Soup Kitchen, we have plenty of these awesome angel volunteers.

    We getting more support from the public on our recycling cum charity at Ipoh. Yesterday Melaka team distributed surplus food directly to their door steps.

    Thank you to all of our volunteers and wish everyone a happy long weekend! Warm up exercise before the start of Taekwondo lesson.

    Monthly kind donation from Lih Jiun Tham. Thank you the great support to Kechara Food Bank. Do leave us a message at if you wish to contribute and help out the marginalised community. Thanks, Astro team for volunteering with us.

    They delivered monthly provisions to urban poor families. Nice to see people committed to attend our monthly Chinese Dorje Shugden puja. You must be willing to face the consequences of your choice and not change course in mid-stream.

    Travel stars predominate in June so you maybe on the road, checking out new business options or exploring fresh professional possibilities. You will ask yourself whether you can really afford to take a trip at this time. The other, easier option is that you stay put and the world comes to you.

    Even after then, relations and other people you live with, will seem curiously determined to misinterpret the most simple requests and proposals. Well, by April you should be ready to rouse yourself, seize control of the situation and impose your will in your gentle but uncompromising manner.

    In the meantime, please tackle practical issues and leave emotional complications to look after themselves. By September, even those of you in settled relationships will be having decidedly pleasant and refreshing encounters.

    Venus will bring brighter romantic prospects with a chance of dramatic change. You may live more than you have lived for twelve years! Macho Mars challenges you to stand up for yourself and make sure that from now on partners know that you mean business.

    October could bring unexpected storms. During December you will be looking for emotional support, although you might have to put your interests second, allowing partners to take the lead.

    It is an excellent business year, even though you may not be aware of the full implications of what is happening and it is still possible that you might miss the boat.

    After all, if you do not maximise your earnings and spot the right ways to save and spend, you cannot expect circumstances to do all the hard work for you.

    What you need to do is translate your hopes and desires into hard cash. At work, you will become all too aware that it is not a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket. You are simply going to have to change the nature of your ambitions and be more versatile. The broader your skills the more you will be in control of your own destiny.

    You will take life one day at a time, slowly in February, faster in March and positively in April. Questions which you thought would never be answered may finally be settled and people who seemed impossibly weird may turn out to be quite normal!

    The most positive way to deal with family affairs after September is to follow your hunches, act on the basis of intuition, allow free rein to your imagination and indulge your dreams. And give far more prominence to pure romance than has often been the case. Emotional planets will be sending other people to challenge you on all fronts, but do not fight back blindly; listen to what they have to say about you and try to remedy any shortcomings which you think might be true.

    Magnetic Mars puts you in top gear for joint business projects and you and a lover could be heading for a healthy profit. Developments will be especially lively after October. Your professional stars are well aspected early in the year. This is good news, but more important is the fact that it is a fine moment to discover your spiritual values and bring out your philanthropic side.

    It would not be surprising if you contemplated a complete change of professional direction around the middle of the year, perhaps as a result of a domestic shift. More significantly though, it is a time when your creative imagination is set to bloom so, even if you are staying put, do everything you can to make your work more colourful and, most importantly, personally fulfilling.

    The time for action is now but the best approach one day may not be the same as on the next. By June and July it will be clear that without extra funds there is no way that you can live the adventurous social life that is really so necessary. A younger relation could increasingly be a potent influence in your life, but one which needs to be watched with caution.

    You will be sorting out the fine details of your relationships, weighing up your work and finances, domestic desires, romantic dreams and physical passions and working out a reasonable balance. Even when your plans do not work out early in the year, you can look forward to a period, in the middle of the year, when all your prayers will be answered.

    From then, until the end of the year, friendly opportunities are going to be coming your way, and all that is required is that you handle them in such a way as to make them permanent, rather than simply passing strokes of pleasure and luck. March and June are the most hopeful months for financial improvements, while February and July favour advances in your career.

    Even though your interests will not be directly affected by these alignments, your general environment will be. During the latter part of September and the whole of October you will be coming to the aid of colleagues whose careers are in a mess.

    You should become more aware of this strain, especially as far as your domestic duties are concerned. Your family situation shows every indication of becoming more complex, while you may be growing more indecisive in the face of competing demands.

    Therefore, take a cautious line and put off important plans until preparations are complete, perhaps after April. And, by Autumn you will long for greater passion and deeper commitment from the people you live with. The more confident you are, the more romantic opportunities you will attract.

    There is no doubt that optimism breeds success which, in turn, boosts your confidence. Every area of your life looks set to benefit from social invitations, including your relationships, business concerns and career.

    Select your Sign

    The new moon in May initiates a phase in which there will be an emphasis on your family relationships rather than romantic affairs. There will be few feelings you will not be able to deal with and, if you do face opposition to your plans, the cause could be emotional rivalry or jealousy.

    August-September and November-December will restore your emotional confidence and goodwill. Mars will spur you on to new heights of effort and achievement during its long and erratic passage through your chart.

    The woes of the Mumbai Ranji team may have just got worse. The team is in adreadful situation in the Ranji points table. He might not be a household name yet, but cricketer Techi Doria is very famous in Nyopang village in Arunachal Pradesh for his amazing all-round abilities.

    He is equally famous pe Govt wants to criminalise abandonment of wives but only for Muslim men. The act is not an offence for other communities.

    A short compilation of the most disappointing moments in world sports. Home Bollywood City Cricket. News Sports sectionhomelist Entertainment. Amboli police build a mountain of khataaras.

    Ranveer Singh Sara Ali Khan starrer Simba is a masala entertainer that packs in laughs, drama, dishooms and a lot more. Despite police ban, Bhim Army chief to hold rally Ghosts of the past return to indict accident convict Our lofty ambitions in statue race Motor coach catches fire Good move.

    Lokare issues threat 12 things we'd like to see on big screen Remembering Sridevi Bigg Boss 12 Episode Highlights.