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December 2018 Horoscope: Predictions for Taurus

You're likely to guide others in some manner. A key relationship can be motivating Others find your way of expressing yourself especially intriguing and charming.

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You are forever curious about people and their relationships, and you have an intuitive understanding of relationship dynamics. You are an idealistic person, even if you come across as savvy or possibly sarcastic. It never fails to surprise you when people fail to act with good intentions, even if you can predict it will happen in advance!

Somewhat of a worrier, you are often over-thinking matters.

January 15 Birthday Astrology

Although you are a bit on the dominant side, you can also be very considerate and peace-loving at heart. Once they find their personality's core and start expressing their inner truth with ease, all relationship issues will clear up too.

With their desire to be surrounded by something handmade, combined with their modern approach to the Capricorn world, they make great programmers, builders, or architects.

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  • On the other hand, this personality feels it is obligatory to explain themselves to the world. No matter if this happens through one-on-one meaningful conversations, writing, or battle against the entire system they live in, they will feel the need to express their opinions and their personal point of view, until they make others understand.

    The crystal that suits the need of January 15th born is Scheelite. It is the stone to help balance one's higher self with their inner self.

    January 15th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

    Its energy instills mental balance and aids reaching for answers to any question a person might have, while at the same time bringing energy to the body when they start to feel fatigued and run down. The perfect gift for a person born on January 15th is a book of short stories.

    Born On The 15th? (Numerology Of 15)

    When their sense for practicality is taken into consideration, it is impossible to choose poorly. An outsider with a powerful mind, this is someone brilliant, innovative and brave. It is always good to have them around for important brainstorming, and to teach us of new ways to resolve dilemmas in our lives. Too attached to their image of the world, we will sometimes see them fighting for the rights of those they endanger themselves.

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