I find something very truthful in everything she talks about. I posted this video before but was lead naturally to relisten to this interview with Laura today again and decided to share one more time. So what is the purpose of life? What does Oneness really mean? What changes is Earth currently going through? What can we do to thrive on collective level?

How can we connect on much deeper level with ourselves and others? How to initiate the shift inside of yourself? How to deal with sickness?

How to rewrite the script of your own life and empower yourself? How to stay internally balanced? Through embracing the divinity of the Earth and surrendering to the will of nature, the heart of truth and unconditional love can be found. If we dissolve the barriers that separate us from each other and the source, and activate our higher minds in the work we do to create change, our actions will create ascension and shift us into a magical, enlightened and liberated existence.

But at this times — those subjects are just a MUST to know in order to find yourself in the mad world we live in. These forces connect many dots that are coming into our awareness, now more than ever, as our solar system aligns with the Galactic plane in She is also a Whistleblower and has been speaking out about being recruited to go to a Colony on Mars that represented a time-line that she refused to go along with.

I world is in a duel dream and there is a war between good and evil. The Orion Empire is based on systems that have been conquered.

The Guiding light

The Galactic Federation are more the ones that are trying to pull all the strings and do all this. Sophia, She represents the Venus energy.

How do we connect with that? The Venus energy is our heart chakra. The heart chakra connects to the thymus gland which connects to the production of T cells which increases the immune system.

So, if we understand the Mayan calendar and the Venus transits, this is the focus going on behind the scenes. People are all getting more heart based. It is all about unity consciousness. This is lifting the planet out of this illness, out of this imbalance, this cancer that it is under and we are raising the immune system by connecting to the Venus energy which has hemmed in the patriarchal forces.

It has been thousands of years of a journey. It was not an easy road. Marduk slays Tiamat and that is kind of the beginning of the archonic system.

The demures is what the gnostics call it. It refuses to acknowledge that there is anything higher than it. The gnostics called it a veil over the planet. It refuses to acknowledge that there is anything higher than that. So, it only knows that controlling feminine is the way to be. The ego force is so powerful that it cannot imagine being in union or in balance.

Talking about unity and harmony, neither one of them can have harmony over the other. There are names for that; Yahweh, Jehovah, Enlil and other names. People know enough about this to know the Enki and Enlil energies and that whole duality part of the Annunaki which is where slave race, human occupation and mind control was implemented.

And the Enki connection to Inanna forces who through hypnosis helped society to find direction, to awaken that within. There are always grey areas. People can question what I am saying. It is just another perspective and it is based on a lot of research and a lot of intuition.

I use my physical self as a barometer the truth. I know I am getting close enough because it has been validated through voice prints.

Laura Eisenhower

There are two distinct types of archonic concepts. With Yahweh there are different belief systems about what the energy represents. It is meaning lies. Archonic systems are very much about service to self. Archons are imitators, not originators like the aeons. We are dealing with reptilians, we are dealing with the archonic system that functions on a lower consciousness; it is the ruler of the lower chakras.

There is the demonic, draconic or reptilian type of archon, cosmic parasites that will feed on any lower consciousness. They love to keep us entrapped, enslaved and they like to give us all sorts of goodies telling us that we are having fun and we are desensitized. We all have to be careful, because there are two extremes.

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One can just lose it because it is such a challenge at time or one can buy into it and say it is all about power, money and fame and they lose themselves. One is susceptible on both ends. Strength is extremely important regardless. Due to two distinct stages of their generation, the archons are invested with a depressive device, feeding on their own ranks.

They like to play on our desires, our hopes, our fears, our needs, our wants. The veil third chakra and below, they are trying to keep us trapped in it. The minute we hit the heart chakra everything else opens up to heaven and earth.

Because they are lower fourth dimensional energies they can feed on the lower heart chakra energies which is too much of a good thing when out of balance, excess. We all have those moments. It would be good to not judge ourselves.

We can step out of this anytime. It is about our soul work. They do have plans to seal things up and make it very difficult to ascend. I definitely feel in my being this is an urgency to really step up to the plate even though source energy will never turn its back on anybody.

Based on the system and the stronger controls they are trying to implement we need to really step up now because we are still in a good window period to break the chains.

This facilitated the Reptilians and the greys to take over planet earth through covert mind control like illuminate and secret governments are trying to do.

I laugh at them. This is all just energy that they are harvesting and using. They know the occult, they understand astrology and power games.

They might have all that information. They just need to be outsmarted, based on knowing that we are superior to it. They might have all that information but they are not in unity consciousness and that trumps it. It is a vibration that is so much higher. We are so much higher energetically then they are it is not even funny.

And they are so scared of us they use all these technologies to keep us lower than them but they are inferior to us. We need not fear them. Their forms are arrested in a premature stage of development. That the archon is the only god of the cosmos needless to say is a defining moment in gnostic ontology if not human evolution as well.

Ialdabaoth had a multitude of faces so he could put a face according to his desire. He shared them therefore he became lord over them. We are a global family. We should do that period. If we acted like that in our own families, it would not work.

It is not like anybody is asking for a lot here. Who needs demonic energy? It is basically feeding on us. It is a parasitic force. The reason it took hold of the earth so quickly was because of that leak. The rescue plan really got in there and has protected us ever since. That is what Gaia is made of. As much as they are trying to control and rule it, they are dealing with a conscious being that is not going to be controlled.

I was on the frontline of discovering what that energy was all about. I was connecting with these archetypes recognising that my chart was all Venus and Pluto and I got unbelievable conformation of how I connected to this particular energy.

Some call it past lives. I say it is universal energy that I tapped into and I made a commitment to be a vessel for it and make sure that it had full expression on earth so I could complete this work in a unified field with all of you.

It is weird to be in the family that I am in because they had such high expectations for me. The curtails of being in a presidential family made me turn down all sorts of opportunities. I was supposed to be in an international ball representing the United States with full military escort. This would have been my chance to come out and be in the wealthy world of success and fame.

I said I am sorry I am up in the mountains having fun. And there is a round of applause. It was just that they are locked into it.

We have to have compassion. Humanity is an intergalactic species and its seed is spread through a system of wormholes which permeates the cosmos. Most humanoids are not aware of the gods from whom they descended, they came from the 7 feet tall Nordics who came to these parts many years ago.

Earth humans have become shorter as the result of dramatic increase in the planets gravity since the end of Atlantis. Just like we have field guides in nature so we can get to understand things more and know more about their properties. My thoughts is the Nordics made a deal with the Reptilians and they started to make hybrids which allowed them to be easily possessed by the reptilian energies.

They are what we know as the Aryans. Based on testimonials, my research and being exposed to those energies as at a certain age I seemed to be pulled into that. The original mother goddess deities are including Queen Semiramis, Isis, Diana and others were fashioned as Ninkharsag.

This was another control force. The demiurge lower male energies on the planet, the patriarchal forces always sort to control us. But because we never die we keep coming back to deal with these archetypal dramas. The most important place to solve them is within ourselves.

We carry all this energy. The astrology, the planetary systems, the chakras, all these different archetypes. With Isis, Diana and the others there is a different story. The Ninkharsag that I came to understand is that that force got split.

The male energy wanted to turn everything toward behaviour modification and patriarchal control. She ended up splitting. And part of her became Ereshkigal in the underworld, her baby sister and the other part became Inanna and had to go through the Southern gates of hell to reclaim the motherhood which feels like hell, until you reclaim it. My book was based on this journey and I really connected to these archetypes knowing that what I was going through was in a sense moving beyond patriarchal forces, to reclaim the power that they have kept us from, that causes us to fear, for all of us.

There is a higher race that had me look through a view finder and show me the positive timeline and said hold onto the truth of your life or they will rip it away from you, annihilate you. Hold onto it and all should be well.

Women are equally responsible.

We have so many cycles and reincarnations to learn. The gift of the zodiac is the gift of the tree of good and evil so we can recognise the difference, so we can see the opposite of what we are all about and make a choice and really embody our truth and who we really are.

These are some names of feminine archetypes. We are all connected. There are many faces. They all had different characteristics and no they are not perfect, but it is about heart, it is about love, it is about major struggle, going through a lot in order to lift these veils and bring things into balance.

Hathor, I think she drank a lot! Inanna, I think she was a bitch some times, right? Magdalene, she cried all the time. Margaine, oh my god! Persephone victim consciousness, Ariadn the maze walker!

We are learning based on these myths, how to really reclaim the wholeness. And that is why the feminine goes into the underworld to find her wholeness again. When she does that there is no archonic force anymore. We must have compassion for the feminine because we are not just dealing with relationship dynamics we are dealing with heavy duty technologies that make it very challenging.

If we see ourselves on the feminine level similar to Gaia then look what has happened to her, she has HAARP technologies controlling her weather and creating natural disasters, oil spills, ozone holes, there has been such an immense mistreatment that the healing process is a very difficult process.

This is an initiation experience and we are all part of it. It is a gift. In the end when we graduate and initiate ourselves it is an incredible blessing to be given this opportunity to take it to the next level.

We have a major power within us to keep us aligned to refine the process. This is of course where duality begins. When we take inner responsibility, it is not so bad, we take the power back. We are not waiting for someone else. We are doing it from the inside out. This is a quote from Caitlyn Matthews.

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She is not just the earth she is also the lady of our principle creative spiritual life. When we awaken the divine feminine energy that is what we get.

Global Alchemy, Mythology and Exopolitical Astrology with Laura Eisenhower

It is connected to the earth and connected to abilities that everybody really longs for. We have been born into a culture that programmes us to forget that, through all these different images on the television and through media that we get so lost.

We get into broken relationships and desensitised as to how far off we are. Many of the Annunaki are from Sirius. They are known as the Nordics. The Nordics made a deal with the Reptilians, in Lyrae and the Draco star system and from there they fled to other star systems.

I feel they were a race that was infiltrated by archonic reptilians, but not all reptilians are bad. They seem to be the demons behind the patriarch behind the archetype of the new world order. This is talking about the creation of the demiurge and the ego based nature which also connects with the celestial body Mars and solar plexus which the Venus body is raising in consciousness to divine will at a global level.

Unity consciousness and connection to the source is the rescue mission. The minute we embody unity consciousness, we are in that path, in that aspect. I had this inkling one day instead of being pissed at Mars and all that stuff around it, I realised that this is a third chakra energy. Everybody has a Mars energy connected to the celestial body through astrology and through the chakras and this energy is an energy that needs enlightenment the most.

It needs the Venus energy to give it love to bring it to alignment so it is functioning not on will power or willfulness but divine will because will is power. The Mars energy and the Mars agenda is the misuse of power, and so is the illuminati. The Venus energy I believe if we can focus on that, within ourselves and on a global level, we can shift the Mars energy on a collective level into a higher vibration.

There are some that carry that higher vibration already. If we can collectively understand that the Mars agenda can be enlightened and shifted. We are dealing with the politics and the dynamics of the shadow government and we are not separating it from the esoteric world or the archetypal world.

It is all wrapped in that too. When I was recruited to Mars they were using words like Orion, Oron, Osiris, and they were calling me archetypal names. It all connects but that of course is what we are in.

The Reptilian hybrids is what resulted in what we now know as the Aryans. The purpose behind their bloodline is to keep their race pure.

This whole thing about the Nazi race being pure, it is really that they were possessed by the reptilian voices. Not all Annunaki are Reptilian. This is a part of the duality of the Annunaki race. They are the cause of a lot of the major conflict but Annunaki also incarnated the ancient ones that were a part of the rescue mission. It is really for everyone to decide because we connect to these archetypes in our own way.

We have all these archetypes within us what are we going to choose to do with them? The best thing we can do is find harmony because they all have their place. The problem is they are arranged in a very disturbed way right now.

Laura Eisenhower

Everything is a reflection of consciousness. Our imbalance as humanity is what we are reflecting, what we are seeing and what we are dealing with. Here is another Caitlyn Matthews quote: She comes, she is here.

This energy is returning. This is the regenerative creative power of the universe and it is connected to Gaia. The regenerative creative power of the universe is returning. It is connected to Gaia which will regenerate and bring all this energy down.

It is functioning the same way we are in terms of the laws of nature on a consciousness level. The earth is the naked soul of the mother. If one looks at nature in this planet, it is like our soul. We are living inside of a soul in a sense because we are made of fire, earth, air and water. When we do our astrology those are the things we are ruled by.

The alchemy is when the fifth element spirit comes in and shifts everything from the lower density energies that connect with the four elements into a higher frequency where we are held into beings that have those sorts of abilities and are held into all these aspects.

When we see nature we are seeing a soul. All these animals; we have spirit animals. The Native Americans are connected to animals.

We are seeing ourselves from the inside out. When we get in touch with nature, we get in touch with who we really are. The Annunaki messed with the tree of life and messed with our DNA they wanted us to be pretty stupid, so we are easy to control. Basically our belief systems were manipulated more than anything else. If one says oh ya I inherited heart disease or this and that, one has to look at the energy and not the symptom to say maybe one inherited a behaviour of stress, anxiety; rather than seeing everything based on physical evidence, really look at the energy behind it to understand how to restore the DNA.

And as much as they try and control and rule over Gaia they are dealing with a conscious being. When the time of Eve came about here we are dealing with that choice. It is very symbolic, very metaphoric and it really has to do with the fact that the tree of life has been altered.

I believe it has been altered because the tree of life used to have a root system. The energy that comes before the divine parent used to be the root system. It had roots, a trunk and branches. The kundalini energy from the root would go up. So for us to get back into the divine parent, back into our true awareness, we have to go through the dark minded soul, the underworld journey.

The journey I took was twenty years and seemed to fall into that world soul energy because it was so beyond me and I was taking on something far greater than my own soul process.

I went to the clairvoyant institute and they validated all of this and they said I was helping to clear inorganic entities from wormholes.

I decided to do this work which I continue to do.

It is a unified field where we manifest within our own race before we put our paths together to realise we have all been on a pretty similar journey to get to where we are today.

The tree of good and evil gives us a chance to restore it back to its original form because of the kundalini energy. Things like Elohim and what Michael Tellinger calls little g are not made of this energy.

That is a lower form of it that wants to keep us from that higher energy where we purify, where we heal where we really connect to source energy. And that is the whole story of before the cosmic egg cracked and when the aeons started to form, and the cosmic egg and the serpent; and the double helix; masculine and feminine.

The kundalini restores in a sense the tree of knowledge to understand what the snake represented, and to understand what the symbols represent we can see ourselves and our bodies as a living example.

Rather than saying the snake is Lucifer, or the snake was Adam and Eve. We are that snake. The snake is the kundalini, and the Adam and Eve energies are two different archetypes working on us. Through knowledge and through understanding ourselves and understanding truth and not feeding into the lies we are given a chance to initiate ourselves.

Our goal is to awaken all the different aspects of functioning as a whole. Right and left brain are merged together. Masculine and feminine are in harmony. Science and spirituality are working together. The hexagram connects to DNA which connects to the Mayan calendar which also connects to the Venus transit. Here is another quote from Caitlyn Matthews about Sophia.

I guess she is one of my favourite authors. We are working towards better integration of the sexes, and that cannot come about until the spiritual values are given justice.

The left and right half of the brain, the intellectual and intuitive side that is seen as masculine and feminine. She is both organic and chaotic, active and deceptive, sequential and simultaneous, defining, diffused, reconciling the dualistic factor and the polarised existence in her own person. When they are saying her it is somebody else.

They are saying us. This is what we are made of. This is the true mother energy. Even if our DNA was messed with, even if we are from other races, she planted her seed in the life of everybody and she is the true mother.

They are just sort of like a surrogate, they played a part. What I like to point out is if you took everything away from that person. He is holding this energy. When we form attachments our worth depends on it. He knows how co-create to dance with life to make things happen and his needs are always met.

This happened to me. I have no trust fund. I was on my own which could have been an opportunity to meet wealthy people. There is no trust fund. I lived out of a van and I lived in the desert for years and the wilderness for a couple of years they would point it out if I was under some sort of mind control or split personalities.

I can safely say that my family is not an illuminati family but they have been used and infiltrated to a certain extent. Eisenhower gave us a warning. So, my experience may be not what other people expect. I put myself in the wilderness to get away from DC energy and really see if I am sane and to test myself to put myself on my own boot camp.

What is it like to not have money? Can I manifest things? What is it like to be in the wilderness? I was trained as a wilderness expedition leader. I got great scores and people felt safe with me. You put me in civilization and everybody thinks I am a freak!

Shadow government sent people into my life. I created miracles, I did things that I just wish I could do right now but the point is we have access to all this energy. In the shift time, things are really shaken up and we are dealing with major changes. It is very important to hold the centre.

The universe will take care of you. Nature only knows how to heal. Source energy only knows how to love and take care of you. It is the mind control that is the challenge. It will through you off your path, it will separate you … They gave us all these attachments that we would not be able to function without.

And this is what they have been doing for the last thousands of years, showing us all these disasters that they are going to come along and heal and mend. There has been government control of our physical world and there has been religious control of our spiritual world.

And obviously nobody here buys into that. And even if we do, a lot of us have open hearts, we think the best of people. So it is a difficult thing to wake up and realise the disruptures and the people you thought you could trust are serving the dark side or are hiding secrets that are very disturbing. I think it is like a dysfunctional relationship.

Our planet is dealing with the same kind of thing. This is what the Gaia energy is going through. Why is she married to Nimrod? If anybody thought she wanted that here is a perfect picture that that is not a good relationship.

It is lower chakra energy and we might find in our lives, relationships that we have that we know embody those relationships and that is what the Demiures and the archonic system is based on accepting it is way darker as there are these big demonic entities that are not organic and exacerbate it as manipulations pull more and more souls into the web of deception.

For women, Sophia is an archetype, it is victim sounding but she is everyone who ever was raped, isolated, abandoned or exiled. Her potential is within all women. Her integrity is for justice in the world and herself. So, no matter how hard it gets, it is the Persephone archetype.

The Labyrinth is the path to get out of duality. It is the path of awakening and of reclaiming the motherhood and of kicking out the gatekeepers of patriarchy. It takes a while and there are many cycles. The Venus transit is how the Venus energy is played through these different cycles and kept this flow going and the shift time is a window period and the culmination of what that has all lead to and it is connected to the heart.

So, when we connect to the goddess energy we connect to the heart. We bring those energies into balance, and we really experience the shift time of the cosmos and that is a positive timeline. Everything else is a dangerous place to be because this is the one energy that has been targeted, it has been used in ritual.

Most of the rituals in the dark satanic churches of the illuminati have the divine feminine specifically targeted. They use her energy at Bohemian grove and have all these codes to use that energy against her will.

It is also part of the Sophia myth of her reclaiming her life because they are like vampires and they took her life, claiming to be the gods and they tried to sap her dry at various rituals. But now she is getting pissed and she is waking up and she is waking up within all of us.

This was a very difficult time for the divine feminine world. That is the unity consciousness. The one is in imbalance. One can carry that relationship in itself.

It is not external relationships, it is internal relationships. The Persephone Hades dynamic is just as much as inner as it is outer. The inner starts first and then it manifests to the outer. This was in a book. In truth she did suffer and become blind, but our father sensing her anguish said of being like him so that she might see and we would be as one again.

The divine feminine has been behind the scenes this whole time, unconditionally loving and going through whatever it takes to lift this veil to conquer the forces of patriarchy which manifest in the worst cases in humanity.

They feed on all the lower based things. We need to step up to the plate and realise we enable them. We need to recognise what it is to be aligned. It is not about transcendence and one of the speakers said that.

It is about transformation. It is about the higher and the lower working together. We need to bring that energy back in and that transformation, that enlightenment has the seeds of the soil.

The soil is the soul it is fertile it is creativity. Light and dark work really well together. But there are a lot of demonic energies and gate keepers in that place. I took a journey into the underworld to face all of that.

I said I give up. Take me to whatever is trying to control me and let me deal with it. It took me to two places. The first one was what some people call Dionysus, an archetypal name. He gave me an interview that he got twenty years previously.

He was into alchemy and he was into magic. He was definitely connecting to that archetype. Sure, if everybody connects to an archetype they think they are this and they are that.

It is universal energy that they are tapping into so that is a good sign as they are getting to the core prints of what we are made from. But this was very fascinating because he said I have had the interview for twenty years and she told me I would meet somebody, so I cast a spell, a really powerful spell that got out of control.

I said what year was that I was 7 years old then and that is when I felt an incredible power and energy on me. We lined it up that the time he did the ritual was the time that I began to be targeted by energies. When he first met me he said this interview belongs to you and I read it and of course I am sceptical about everything. I read it and it describes me perfectly.

Everything about me, my personality, my hair colour, my eye colour, everything. Immediately I got goose bumps and I thought I was going to throw up.

I wonder how did Eve keep herself alive? She kept herself alive with something called the philosophers stone which she inserted to keep her alive.

She could age with a person and that person would die before she would die she would put it back in and regenerate.

That sounds crazy, right? When I let go I said control energies I am sick of being controlled by you I want to know what this force is? I was in California, I went all the way to Marilyn and it lead me write to the man and he said I have this interview that belongs to you I have had it for twenty years.

And I read it. It talks about all her children and it talks about creation. It talks about Sophia and the miserable god of this realm, the demures, but I had to break the spell because it had a strong control on me. It took about a year and a half to get away from that energy. I have the interview it has never been published.

When I met up with him and all the forces pulled us together, I went into his home and there was a big library all about Sophia and he goes to a hidden cupboard and pulled it out. I had already written a book about this stuff. It was already very much me. She is kind of like shape shifting. She has fiery red hair.

Only her daughters can hold the orb. If the wrong person holds it — it turns back and kills them. We all have different aspects.

Because it is universal energy, anybody can tap into it but I had lost that Laura identity in that shell that I opened myself up to universal energy so that I could be a vessel for it.

Divine feminine energies are so important to the planet right now. She of course has many. The challenge of our time is to create a GODDESS theology and it also demonstrates the wrath of the sexual identity of the black goddess. Basically she has got a lot of faces.