About Nakshatra:

Especially, till October you will be blessed with the grace of Jupiter and stay healthy. This year will be average for students because, as per horoscope , Rahu in 4th house might create some trouble for you.

But you will get the desired results till October because of the favourable support of Jupiter. At financial front, your expenditure is expected to remain high throughout the year but your income will be regular and you will not face financial crunches.

Your familial life will be blissful and you will have a very good mutual understanding with your life partner. Stars suggest that an auspicious occasion is likely to take place at your home.

Also, you may plan a small religious trip with your family during this period.

Taurus Horoscope 2018

You will progress enormously in business or job this year. Overall, time is good for new ventures. Serve your mother and shed naag and nagin of silver into the river.

The year seems very significant for natives of Taurus zodiac sign. During this period, you will work very hard in order to earn money and fulfill all your responsibilities. But all you need to be very patient and positive around this time. If we talk about your health, then you need to stay alert during this year.

There are possibilities of serious health issues because of dhaiya of Saturn. Be careful while driving or using machinery tools. For students, this year is going to be average. At economic front, challenges may come to your way but you will be able to save money with your efforts.

At familial front, you may get mixed results. So, according to Taurus predictions, be careful in your relationships and avoid using wrong words.

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It may create misunderstandings and rift between you, your partner and other family members. You may get the expected results in the end of the year.

If we talk about your career, this year will not be very smooth for you. Things may happen gradually but your hard work and efforts will surely fetch you fruitful results. Donating yellow cloth to a priest will be very beneficial for.

This year is expected to bring some really good changes to your life. During this period you will passionate about knowledge, awareness and self improvement. Also you may become very stubborn. But remember that your priority should be increasing your knowledge and skills. If we talk about your health, at times you may feel lazy due to the aspect of Saturn.

But aspect of Jupiter will help you to control over it. Hence, you will enjoy a good health around this time. Time is favorable for students, indicate planetary positions for Gemini.

However, you face some educational hurdles like lack of concentration but with your hard work and determination you will be able to achieve your goal. You may get mixed results in terms of finance. Though you will earn good money but unable to save more.

So, a better financial planning is needed this year.

Horoscope Predictions For All Star Signs

Also, time is good for your marital and love life as well. There will be peace and harmony in your domestic life. When it comes on work, you will do great and amaze all with your smart work.

Distributing sweets among the poor people will be good for you. This year you may get honour and respect at higher level. So, you need to be prepare for such situations. In money matters, you need to be very careful this year. However, you will get new sources of income but your over expenditure might be the reason of concern.

The Cancer forecast says that time is good for students, especially in higher education. This year can be little stressed for domestic life.

You family life is expected to remain disturbed during this period. However, things will settle down soon and you will get the expected results in the end of the year. At work front, this year seems good especially for the natives in job. Worshipping goddess Durga will be beneficial for you. This year your internal intelligence will remain good and it will be admired by everyone including your rivals.

But your external presentation needs a check. At times, you may face lack of confidence and disappointed. So, try to maintain a balance you will surely get expected expected results. This year is going to be very good from health perspectives. The astrology for Leo zodiac sign indicates that you will be very active and energetic throughout the year , but there are possibilities of stomach related issues which might be a matter of concern.

Time is favorable for students especially for those planning to go abroad for higher studies. Also, your income will increase and you will get new sources of income.

If we talk about your marital life, you will get full support of your partner. Overall, it will be blissful. But your love life is likely to be full of ups and downs. At work front, some changes are expected during this period. Chanting Shiv chalisa will be beneficial for you.

This year you may face lack of energy and imbalanced energy. So, you are advised to stay patient and make yourself prepared for everything. If we talk about your health, this year appears not to be a pleasant one due the aspect of Saturn.

According to astrological analysis for Virgo, some serious health related issues might trouble you during this time. Students may face some educational hurdles like lack of concentration and weak memory. There will be a good cash flow this year. At domestic front, you will get mixed results.

Also, this time is not appropriate for your love life. If we talk about your work, this duration will be very progressive but things might happen gradually making you impatient. But your hard work and efforts will definitely give you want exactly you wanted.

Offering water to Surya dev and helping poor people will be beneficial for you. Your good deeds will surely fetch you good results during year But try to stay away from negative thoughts and move ahead with a positive attitude. If we talk about your health, this year you will enjoy a good health but at times you may feel irritated and mentally depressed.

Astrologically speaking for Libra star sign, the time is favorable for students and they are expected to score good marks during this time. At financial front, this is going to be a mixed type of year. So, keep a check on your expenditure. Time is good for both married and love life but avoid unnecessary arguments and disputes. Also, this is an important year at work front.

But you have to put lots of effort to achieve success. There are possibilities of tiff with your colleague during this time. Chanting Bajrang Baan will be beneficial for you. This year you may have connections with distant places.

Also, you may be inclined towards religion and spiritualism. Healthwise, this is going to be a mixed type of year. Your food habits need a check during this time. Scorpio predictions indicate that problems related to stomach and mouth might trouble you.

At financial front, this year will not be so good for you. Challenges may come to your way and you have to work very hard to earn good money. It takes 28 days to move through the twelve zodiac signs , translating into two weeks of a waxing bright half Moon and two weeks of a waning dark half Moon.

The Moon is related to our intuition, intelligence and our natural emotions. Those natives born in the Dhanishta Nakshatra are courageous, rich and love music. The eight Vasus, the solar gods of energy and light. The richest, most beneficent.

Dhanishtha Nakshatra Common Name: Indian Mesquite, Vanni, Kejari. The native born in the Dhanishta Nakshatra will be an expert at his work.

Dhanishtha Nakshatra

He is very intelligent and has good general knowledge. He resents doing anything by thought, word or deed that may cause problems for others. It has been observed that he possesses a religious spirit. He does not like to stray too much from his sphere of activities. Also, he avoids arguments unless they become absolutely necessary.

This native is, however, vindictive, and has great reserves of patience, so that he will wait for ages and ages for the right time to get his pound of flesh back. It has been observed that the natives of this Nakshatra turn out to be scientists or historians. As they are very good at keeping a secret, they are well-suited for intelligence agencies, or the private secretaries of business tycoons.

He is way ahead of others in intelligence and oratory. So he can make a good lawyer too. He will make good progress after the age of He is likely to get engaged in a profession where he will have to trust others, but he must ensure that he does not do it blindly. As far as his family is concerned he will have the dominant hand.

His relatives may keep creating problems for him out of jealousy. He favours his siblings. He will inherit a lot of ancestral property. However, he may not get along too well with his in-laws. If he has any limitations, they will be made good by the stars of his spouse, who will be literally an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

The health of the native born in this Nakshatra will not be very good. He will not be very conscious of taking preventive care, but will swing into action only when some health problem aggravates.

He is prone to cough, cold and anemia. She is very ambitious in life and is also prone to blowing up her money unnecessarily. However, she is of a humble disposition. She has great compassion for the under-privileged.

She can tend to be dominant, but will have to curb this tendency in the best interest of her family.

Horoscope 2018: Predictions For All Star Signs

The female of the Dhanishta Nakshatra tends to have a little bit of a variety of talents. Some may want to go into the field of education, some into literature and yet others may want to pursue a career in sciences.

The female native of this Nakshatra will be an expert in running the domestic affairs. The female natives of the Dhanishta Nakshatra are very careless about their health, until a problem becomes very severe. They are generally prone to health problems such as anemia, uterus disturbances, cough and blood-related ailments.

This Nakshatra is governed by Mars.

The first half of this Nakshatra comes under the sign Makar, the other half comes under the sign Kumbha. Though both these signs are ruled by Saturn, their characteristics differ.

However, as a general rule, men born in this Nakshatra are thin and tall, while women look younger than they actually are. Both are intelligent and versatile and like to keep themselves occupied all the time.

Natives will see average results for their work in If you are dealing with the government, things will go in your favour.