Oleksii Kovalov

Oleksii Kovalov, L30 One Design LLC., Partner

How I’ve got involved in sailing and why I’ve become a partner of One Design LLC

I commenced as an amateur in my mature age, taking part in various races on cruise boats. I was usually accompanied by the same sea lovers who would set out on Mediterranean archipelagoes. However, racing cruise boats, even if they’re monotype yachts, doesn’t evoke such feelings which I had in my childhood playing soccer or skiing. At that moment, I thought about making a choice concerning some particular kind of sports that could meet the following requirements: the opportunity of career growth and the ability of achieving high sports results. And you certainly know that sailing allows to participate in the Olympic Games at any age. The third essential requirement is doing some technical sports in order to apply engineer skills and what can better develop vector thinking and activate imagination than steering a sailing boat. The fourth significant fact is that a sailboat can be a perfect place for making things by hand and this acquirement is especially needful for adjusting a yacht before racing. And the last feature which is worth mentioning is my appeal to team sports. In this regard, sailing has an advantage over the alternatives. Thus, 7 years past after my first sailing, I joined the amateur sports club, named ‘Kiev Racing Yacht Club’. There I found everything I was looking for - races, friends and a partner.

The matter is that the commodore of KRYC is Rodion Luka. Due to his hard work, abilities and merits, our racing club was founded and has been prospering since then. At our club, there are races with changing teams and skippers. Boats are in possession of the club, though there are crews with their own sailing vessels. Gradually my enthusiasm enhanced and at some moment, I realized that this made me happy. I have my own theory of happiness, it is nothing new but I’ve crystalized it in the following way: happiness stands on five pillars like the Earth in the opinion of our ancestors. These are: Health, Favorite Job, Family and Love, Friends and Favorable surrounding, Education and Creation. If a person gives the equal time to these pillars, he\she will gain happiness. When Rodion told me about his idea of constructing a new boat, I understood that it would become a manifestation of happiness. 

In case, you make your own corporate crew, you can hardly find a better place for team building. And racing as the member of the mono fleet at your leisure time gives an incredible feeling of freshness for the whole week. Everything said above concerns Favorite Job. 

As the second important intent, the boat was designed for the family, and romantic promenades will reveal the whole palette of love. Besides, you can sail at high speed giving children the opportunity to get involved in sailing. Moreover, the boat is easily transported and launched that has a positive impact upon family budget. In addition, to gather friends for promenades or trainings, to create teams – isn’t it the best pastime ever?  And, consequently, friends become an integral part of the world ‘L30’. Such a technical activity as sailing certainly implies Education and Creation. I haven’t mentioned about Health, though, it is an essential part of sailing. 

The boat embraced all five pillars giving each of them a part of happiness and as the result this happiness is passed over to you and you share it further. So, you become a vehicle for happiness. We have already become happy people and we want to share this wonderful feeling with all of you. Each of us who believe in the wind and sun, in that romance which makes us not to stand still but to take risks, to look for something new, to change our lives in accordance with our desires, experiencing the strongest feelings for sailing.

P.S. We propose a partnership in establishing racing clubs. Also you can invest money in the project ‘L30’. Investment conditions are being developed right now and this is, actually, my priority task in our project.